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How to Boost Sales Productivity with the Help of UPDF

To grow your company side-by-side with the evolving world, you have to increase sales productivity. Doing so will help you generate more revenue, so you can pay your employees a handsome salary. The more the workers are satisfied with you, the more they will work hard to flourish your business. UPDF proves to be a helping hand in increasing the productivity of sales.

Part 1: What is Sales Productivity

The most common mistake business starters make while initiating a business is that they don't have a well-organized plan for improving product sales. Yes, you can increase your product sales by hiring more salespersons, but that sale doesn't positively impact your business. To understand this, you have to learn what sales productivity is and how it helps in flourishing the business.

Sales productivity shows how effectively and efficiently the sales team generates revenues for the business. In other words, it depicts how much profit is generated in connection with effort, time, and resources utilized during the sales process. It majorly depends on the number of salespersons, their performance, and working hours.

Sales productivity increases when the company sells more products in a limited time using limited resources. Suppose one company is selling 10 products in 5 days by spending $100 while the other is selling the same 10 products in 2 days by utilizing $50. Which company wins the game? Of course, the second one has higher sales productivity.

Before starting a business, it is always wise to thoroughly study sales productivity metrics. These generally include time spent on manual data entry, the number of sales productivity tools used during sales, or time spent producing new content. The more you control these metrics, the more you can profit.

Part 2: How Can You Measure Sales Productivity by Metrics

Sales productivity metrics are of three types, namely "Sales Efficiency," "Sales Effectiveness," and "Sales Performance." In the following, we have tried to sum up the best examples of each metric to vast your knowledge about them:

Sales EfficiencySales EffectivenessSales Performance
Number of calls/hourRate of upsell/cross-sellThe score of customer satisfaction.
The cost spent per sale.Size of the average deal.Total revenue.
Length of the sales cycle.The retention rate of customers.Market revenue.

1. Sales Efficiency

It indicates how efficiently sales representatives are utilizing the resources to generate revenue. The resources could be time, personnel, or money. However, the most valuable resource is time because it is completely non-renewable. If the sales team spent more time on low-value activities, sales productivity would ultimately decrease.

2. Sales Effectiveness

This metric measures how well sales representatives are performing their tasks to get the best possible outcomes for sales. A company can increase the effectiveness of the sales team by organizing seminars that would help them learn effective communication skills. Salespersons who know how to grab the customer work very well in generating revenues.

3. Sales Performance

If you want to check the overall success rate of the sales team, look at the sales performance metric. It is the combination of sales efficiency and effectiveness showing how well the sales team has performed a task within a specific period. Top business companies always have an eagle eye on this parameter.

Part 3: How to Improve Sales Performance by Using UPDF

UPDF is the best solution for PDF-linked problems, which are a significant hindrance in generating high sales. This tool powerfully edits, annotates, converts, OCR, and organizes PDF files, thus ultimately decreasing the time spent creating the content.

Moreover, the tool's interface is intuitive, due to which sales representatives can work at blazing fast speed. To learn how to improve sales performance using UPDF, read the following points:

1. Make Sales Workflow Digital

You have to take care of each minute if you are focusing on boosting your sales productivity. Many companies lag in achieving the sales target in a limited time because they waste valuable time manually writing the content of handwritten files on digital documents.

With the OCR technology of UPDF, every scanned document can be made searchable and editable within just minutes. Follow the steps to learn how you can use this feature of UPDF:

sales productivity
  1. Scan the handwritten note or document and open it on UPDF.
  2. Access the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon and select the "Searchable PDF" document type.
  3. Choose the output layout format by dropping the dropdown menu of "Layout."
  4. You can also adjust "Document Language," "Image Resolution," and "Page Range."
  5. Afterward, click the "Perform OCR" button to make the document editable and searchable.

2. Modify Text in PDF Contract Fast

Sometimes while signing the sales contracts, the opposite party disagrees on certain terms and conditions. This consumes valuable time because you have to make a new agreement from scratch. Moreover, paper usage also occurs a lot in making agreements which in turn consumes the money resource.

To mitigate such hurdles, UPDF can be used to make digital agreements that can be changed at any time per requirement. The following steps are provided to help you edit the PDF contracts:

how to improve sales performance
  1. Open a sales contract. Launch UPDF on your device and then drag the contract. Now, drop the contract on the "Open File" tab available at the top of the tool.
  2. Access the "Edit PDF" tool present at the left toolbar to enable editing.
  3. Edit the text of the contract. Select the text you want to modify, and then by double-clicking, you can write, remove, or customize the text.
  4. A toolbar also appears around the text, from where you can change text color, style, font size, and much more.

3. Sign PDF Documents with Electronic Signature to Faster the Sales Process

Electronic signatures are an effective way of signing documents quickly. It saves a lot of sales team time because now they don't have to print out the form to sign on it. Apart from time, it also saves the cost that is spent on printers. An e-sign can be added to the documents within a few seconds and sent to any client.

Stop stressing about how to improve sales productivity because UPDF also provides the facility of adding e-signatures to PDF files. Steps for adding e-signature to the document are provided in the following:

sales efficiency metrics
  • Launch UPDF on your device and go to the "Open File" option. Select the document and then press the "Open" button.
  • Now, access the "Comment" icon present in the left corner of the tool panel.
  • Click the "Signature" icon and press the "Create Signature" button.
  • A new window will pop up where you can choose the method of adding a signature.
  • Create your signature of desired thickness or color and place it anywhere on the document.

4. Collaboration Easily with Clients

A good collaboration with clients helps you save time, increase productivity and boost sales. If you have an excellent means that can maintain the collaboration, the cycle times will reduce, and the conservation rates will increase. All these things affect a lot of sales performance.

Through UPDF, you can easily collaborate with clients by sharing documents via a single link. Moreover, an annotation feature is also available, which can be used to add comments, stamps, and shapes documents. Read the following instructions to learn how you can annotate a PDF and share the document:

1: Annotate the Document

Open the document in the UPDF and enable the "Comment" mode. In the tool navigation toolbar, multiple features of annotation will appear. If you want to add a custom stamp, go to the "Stamp" icon and tap the "Custom" section. Now, press the "Create" button and then use templates to create your stamp. Once down, hit the create button to save it and place it in your document.

how to improve sales productivity

2: Share the Document via the Link

To share the documents, access the "Share this file with others" feature and tap the "Copy Link" option. You can also adjust the expiration time of the link and allow or disallow the copy, download, and print permission. Now share this link with your client. With just a single tap, the client can access the shared file.

increase sales productivity

5. Protect Confidential Contracts or Documents

To gain the client's trust, it is always better to protect confidential documents so that no third party can intervene in the dealing. While sending documents from one device to another, there is a high chance that some hackers can steal sensitive information. It is always wise to add the password to the PDF document before sharing.

This innovative tool helps you add the password to sensitive contracts so no third party can open, print or copy the document. If you want to add a password, follow the below-given steps:

1: Add the Document Open Password

After opening the contract on UPDF, access the "Protect Using Password" icon present at the right tool panel. Next, choose the "Document Open" feature and add the file opening password. After adding the password, select the "Apply" button.

2: Add the Permission Password

To restrict editing and printing, click the "Permissions" section. Add the password and then tap the "Apply" button. Now, hit the "Save" button to save the password for your document.

sales productivity tools

The Bottom Line

As explained, UPDF is the best tool to increase sales productivity because it provides advanced features that can safes time and money. Now sales team can focus more on the content without stressing out about the file's formatting. Changes in terms and conditions can be made in the pre-existing contracts within seconds. So, try out UPDF today to generate more revenue using limited resources.