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WWDC 2024 - How To Watch and What To Expect

The Apple World-Wide Developers Conference, WWDC2024, is coming up later in June. It's an online event that's free to attend, and it's where developers get their first information about upcoming Apple technology.

Let's take a look at what to expect at this year's Apple WWDC. Stick around to find out about this year's keynote, and about expected developments for Apple in generative AI.

This year's conference runs from June 10th to June 14th, and if Apple executive Greg Joswiak's Tweet is anything to go by, you can expect some big AI news: "Mark your calendars for #WWDC24, June 10-14. It's going to be Absolutely Incredible!"

Part 1: What Is WWDC?

WWDC is an annual event where Apple unveils upcoming software updates and features for their operating systems and devices. The main target audience is developers building apps and games for Apple platforms. However, there's also plenty of interest for regular tech users.

At the developer's conference, we learn what to expect from new software updates, and also get the first peek at any new devices to be released. Although, this year there haven't been any rumors about new hardware releases so far.

The new features and developments announced at WWDC often filter quickly down to general users, translating to improvements in how you use your Apple devices. What you see at WWDC will be coming down the pipeline shortly for everyone.

This is where you'll learn about everything from minor tweaks to completely new functionalities.

It's free to attend WWDC 2024 virtually. The keynote and other sessions are available either through the Apple Developer app or straight from the Apple website. It's a great way to stay current when it comes to the latest tech advancements.

In addition to the online conference, there's a small in-person event at Apple Park on keynote day (June 10th) for selected developers and students who are chosen via a lottery process.

Some in-person attendees will be the winners of this year's Swift Student Challenge, an annual event that allows student developers to demonstrate their coding ability and creativity.

Part 2: What To Expect From WWDC 2024

So, how can you get involved with Apple WWDC 2024, and what should you be looking out for?

WWDC 2024 key dates and times

This year's conference runs from June 10th to 14th.

Although it's a 4-day event, it's the opening day that generates most interest. Known as 'keynote day', this is when Apple will make its biggest, most important announcements.

The keynote event starts at 10:00 PDT on Monday, 10th June.

Keynote start time for other time zones:

Location Time ZoneTime
New York CityEDT13:00 Mon
LondonBST18:00 Mon
TokyoJST04:00 Tue
SydneyAEST23:00 Tue
BeijingCST01:00 Tue

WWDC 2024 Tickets

Tickets for the live event at Apple Park are no longer available for this year. However, you don't need a ticket to join the main, online event. That includes watching the keynote presentation, which is where you can expect the main announcements to be made.

Here's the page with details of how to attend WWDC online. You can also just visit the Apple Developer YouTube channel where they'll stream the events as they happen.

WWDC 2024 Keynote Day

This year's keynote day is June 10th.

This is the opening address, and arguably the highlight of the conference. It's where Apple showcases the most important new features and updates for the coming year. The 2024 keynote is expected to feature iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, tvOS 18, watchOS 11, and visionOS 2.

Apple AI?

Apple hasn't been a big name in AI up until now, but many people expect that to change with WWDC 2024. Generative AI, with the ability to create text, code, and even realistic images, is rumored to be a key area of focus.

MacRumors lists "iOS 18 with AI focus" in its Expected Announcements section. It suggests that we'll see AI-assisted writing in Pages, as well as AI code writing for developers. MacRumors also suggests there will be AI improvements to Siri, search, and Apple Music.

Other AI options

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If you've skipped straight to the end, we've got you covered.

WWDC 2024 is Apple's World-Wide Developers Conference where they'll release news about software updates and maybe new hardware releases. It runs from June 10th to 14th and will be streamed on Apple's Developer channel.

There's not long to go now until WWDC 2024. Hopefully, this article has given a little taste of what to expect from the developer's conference. We're excited to see Apple's new advances when it comes to AI, and to see what improvements they're planning across the board.

Whatever happens, UPDF remains the best solution when it comes to all your PDF needs on iOS, Mac, and beyond.

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