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Top 6 PDF Measuring Tools to Accurately Calculate Distance in 2024

Art students and architects may need to determine the dimensions of the objects present in the PDF file. Especially when they convert a CAD file into a PDF document, these professionals need a suitable PDF measuring tool to annotate different measurements on the file. If you're one of these architects looking to display dimension data in PDF form, we have some of the best PDF ruler tools for you.

In this article, we will help you add measurements to your PDF documents. While doing so, we will also try to familiarize you with some of the best PDF measurement software available in the market.

Top 6 PDF Measuring Tools to Calculate Distance in PDF

Now, we all know about the importance of PDF measuring tools for measuring the dimensions of objects. Most of the artists now use digital platforms to make their designs. Afterward, they can convert these designs into PDF format to add measurements to them. Let's analyze the features of all the best measuring tools available in the market to choose the best one for your needs.   

1. Adobe Acrobat Measure Tool (Windows and Mac) 

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most trusted PDF managers in the world, allowing you to handle all PDF-related tasks with ease. It also has a measuring tool to help art students measure the dimensions of their artworks present in PDF format. Moreover, you can also change the scaling ratio of the measurements on the drawings.

All you need to do is access the "Measure" tool from the "See All Tools" window to add measurements to your PDF. Afterward, you can select the "Measuring Tool" option to choose measurement types and snap types from the newly appeared menu. These measurement types in the Adobe Acrobat measure tool will help you determine the distance, parameter, and area of the objects in the PDF.

2. Cisdem (Windows and Mac)

Cisdem is one of the best PDF measuring tools on Windows and Mac devices, helping users deal with PDF-related problems without issues. It provides you with a measuring tool to work with digital drawing in a better manner. Additionally, users have the option to customize the scale of measurement units. With the help of this PDF measuring software, you can measure the distance, rectangle area, and arc in the PDF drawings.

You just have to add the PDF on this tool and access the "Measurement" tool in the "Comment" tab. Afterward, you can select one from distance, parameter, and area measurement options to apply the function. Once you add the scale for your measurements, click anywhere in the PDF to start adding the measurement to the document.

3. SwifDoo PDF (Windows)

SwifDoo PDF provides an excellent toolset to handle every PDF-related issue, including adding the measurements to the designs. The PDF measuring scale of this tool allows users to measure the dimensions within a few clicks. Anyone can estimate the distance, area, and parameters of the objects present in the PDF using this tool. Furthermore, you can also change the color of the added measurement scale with its annotation feature.

To measure dimensions in a PDF document, you first need to upload that document to SwifDoo PDF measurement software. Then, proceed to click on the "Annotate" tab to start adding measurement scales to the PDF. Afterward, hit the "Measure" drop-down icon to choose the desired tool according to your needs. Finally, start adding the dimensions to your designs using this tool.

4. Preview (Mac)

Preview is an in-built PDF tool available on Mac devices, allowing you to handle PDF in an efficient manner. It is a free PDF measuring tool that helps users add dimensions to their PDFs. Moreover, anyone can measure distance using this tool by simply drawing the measuring unit you like. You can choose a measurement unit and see the dimensions of the media box using this tool.

If you want to take advantage of the PDF measuring tool, simply open the PDF document in the Preview app. Afterward, you can access the "Tool" tab and proceed to click on the "Show Inspector" feature. Following this, drag your mouse cursor to measure the dimensions in your PDF.

5. FoxyUtils (Online)

FoxyUtils has a collection of simple-to-use online tools to manage PDF documents with just a few clicks. Users can make use of this online best free PDF measuring software to conveniently measure the objects and images in the PDF. In addition, you can set the scaling settings to optimize the measurements added to the document. With the help of the "Measure PDF" feature, anyone can add dimensions to their PDF document.

All you have to do is first calibrate the document scaling with a known measurement unit. Proceed to enter the "Measure" tab and click on the "Distance" feature to begin the process. Now, drag the cursor and release the button to add length measurements. Moreover, you can use the "Areas" feature to calculate the selection area.

6. PDF Expert (Mac, iOS)

PDF Expert is a go-to PDF tool for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, helping them annotate and edit files effectively. This PDF measurement software can automatically detect the scaling of your drawing to help you measure the dimension of the design. The measurement process is as easy as adding a line in the PDF document. You can leave the rest of the job to this PDF tool for distance and area measurement.

To measure distance with the help of this tool, first, you need to upload a PDF document. Once the document is uploaded, select the "Measure" tab and then click on the "Calibrate" tool to let the tool add scaling. Afterward, you can choose the "Distance" or "Area" options to measure these parameters with the help of this PDF tool.

Comparison Chart of the 6 PDF Measuring Tools

After going through all the features of these tools, you now have a clear idea about their work. All this information will help you choose the best PDF measuring tool for your needs. If you still haven't picked the most appropriate tool for you, analyze this comparison table to facilitate the selection.

PDF Measuring ToolProsConsPricing
Adobe AcrobatOne of the Oldest PDF Tools
Can Also Compare Old and New PDF Files
Pricing Plans are Not Affordable
Cannot Try Features Without Buying a Package 
Acrobat Pro: US$29.99 per month
Acrobat Standard: US$22.99 per month
CisdemSupports Batch Processing Feature for PDF Editing
View and Edit PDF Metadata 
Offers Limited PDF Editing Features
Most Advance Features Absent from Windows
Cisdem PDFMaster: US$59.99 per year
SwifDoo PDFSimple-to-Use Interface
Affordable Pricing
No Freemium Version Available
Slow Processing Speeds
Quarterly Plan: US$16 per month Perpetual Plan: US$103.2
PreviewFree-to-Use app
Diverse Annotation Features
Only Available on MacBooks
No PDF Editing Features
FoxyUtilsAccessible Through Any Web Browser
Free Online Tool
Cannot Work Without Internet
Slow Processing
Monthly: US$5.99
Annual: US$35.88
Lifetime: US$99
PDF ExpertAutomatic Scaling
Yearly Plan also Supports iPhone and iPad
Not Available on Windows
High Pricing Plan
Yearly Plan: US$79.99
Lifetime Plan: US$139.99

Once you go through all the comparison points discussed in this table, you will be able to choose the best PDF measuring software for you. You have to keep the pricing plans and functionality of these tools in mind before making the choice.

The Best PDF Editor You Should Check to Handle Other PDF-Related Issues

UPDF is an AI-powered PDF editor that can help you tackle any PDF-related issue without any hassle. Even though it hasn't introduced the PDF measuring tool yet, the developers are working day and night to launch all such features to cater to every need of users. Download it now to enjoy all its features immediately.

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With its regular updates, UPDF is adding new features with the passing of time to always stay ahead of its competitors. You can make use of the following PDF management features of this tool to optimize your PDF handling:

1. Annotation Features to Personalize Documents

UPDF allows you to add signatures, stamps, and stickers to the documents within a few clicks. In addition to that, users can also carry out essential markup functions, like adding sticky notes and comments, using this PDF annotator. You also have the option to highlight, strikethrough, and underline content for better personalization of the PDFs.

2. OCR Conversion

Users can even recognize and edit content present in the scanned PDFs with the OCR feature. You can take advantage of this tool to extract text written in any language from PDF documents. Moreover, UPDF also allows you to retain the layout of the PDFs while converting them.

Using this OCR conversion feature, you can also extract data from the printed tables and charts to save the time needed to do so manually.

3. Edit PDF File for Customization

UPDF also has the feature to let users add, remove, or change the content written in the PDF documents. You can also rotate and flip the images present in the PDF using this AI-powered PDF editor. Moreover, users also have the option to add or remove links from documents using this editing feature.

4. Organize PDF Pages

You can also take advantage of this tool to insert or replace pages in PDF files. Users are also allowed to extract individual PDF pages or split the whole file to ease the process of sharing. In addition, this tool can even change the orientation of pages to organize them in a better manner.

When we're discussing these PDF page organization features, UPDF also has the "Crop Pages" feature to help you remove extra content from the PDFs.

5. AI Features of UPDF

You can also make use of the UPDF AI features to boost the comprehension of the PDF text. Anyone can utilize the "Chat" mode to command AI to perform various tasks for PDF understanding. You can prompt UPDF AI to summarize and translate PDF text present in different languages. Moreover, using the "Ask PDF" function, users can get answers to every PDF understanding issue. If you upgrade UPDF together with the AI add-on, you can get an exclusive discount. Get it now.

FAQs on PDF Measuring Tools

Q1. Is there a PDF measuring tool?

Yes, there are many PDF measurement software available in the market to cater to users' needs. Some of these PDF ruler tools are available offline, while others are online. A few of these tools are only restricted to Mac users, affecting their customer base. However, Adobe Acrobat is one tool that is available on both Windows and Mac to help users add dimensions to their documents.

Q2. What is the free PDF measuring tool?

Preview is a free PDF measuring tool available for Mac users for convenient PDF handling. MacBook users can take advantage of this built-in tool to measure the distance, area, and parameter of the objects present in the PDF. In addition to that, Windows users can take advantage of FoxyUtils online to add dimensions to the documents free of cost.

Q3. What is the best PDF measurement tool?

Adobe Acrobat measure tool has the best features to calculate the dimensions of the object in the PDF. With its feature-packed user interface, even beginners can make use of this PDF measuring tool to measure the distance and area of the images in the document. You get a range of options to choose from while measuring the dimensions with the help of Adobe Acrobat.


All the PDF measuring tools introduced in this article are good enough to carry out measurement operations. However, most of them lack other PDF editing features to handle documents in routine life. UPDF is the best PDF editor for such a situation with its cost-effective and multi-functional feature to manage PDFs. Download UPDF now to take advantage of this tool to edit, annotate, or convert PDF documents in an effective manner.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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