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Top 10 Chat with PDF Tools with AI Technology

With the advancement in technology, AI algorithms now allow you to analyze the text written in documents. No matter if you want to summarize lengthy PDF content or explain difficult terms, there are AI tools available in the market that can help you do so effortlessly. Moreover, now you can even chat with PDF content to get an in-depth understanding of the context without reading the document.

In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best tools that offer the chat feature and enable users to manage PDFs well. Read this article till the end and get to know the best tools via a comparison table.

Part 1. Can I Chat with My PDF File?

Due to rapid advancements in AI technology, it has now become easier to talk with PDF. One can achieve this by choosing a top-grade tool that offers a chat feature and supports the PDF format. However, this will assist users and make their work much easier. For example, if you are dealing with contracts, finding the related clause can invest much of your time as you need to read each page.

In contrast, if you ask the chat PDF tool about "What are the termination conditions," it will extract content from that specific page to highlight related points for you. In another case, when dealing with resumes, you can ask the tool, "What are the skills of this candidate?" it will provide related results. So, using these tools can help you handle work much better.

Part 2. Top 10 Tools to Chat with PDF Smartly with AI

As we have discussed a bit about how these tools work, you might be thinking about which PDF tools are best to use. For that purpose, we have highlighted a few tools below that offer the best chat PDF features. Keep a check on these tools and see what each of these has to offer.


One of the best and industry-leading tools, the UPDF AI serves the user's needs in the best way possible. This tool has built-in AI features to provide better PDF comprehension to users. With the chat feature in this tool, you can now ask questions related to your PDFs, and this tool will generate the results within seconds. Users simply need to upload the PDF files and start asking questions.

Moreover, you also have the feature to summarize, explain, or translate your PDFs. This tool supports almost all the languages in the world to cater to user's needs efficiently. The "Summarize" feature can easily condense even a 100-page PDF into a short summary. Furthermore, the "Explain" feature helps you with technical terms and defines it in a better way. The AI translate feature will convert your PDFs into required languages smoothly.

2. ClarifyPDF

ClarifyPDF is an AI-powered tool that helps its users perform different editing functions on their PDF files. It helps to summarize PDFs, extract information, and much more. Moreover, this tool also has an AI chat feature that allows you to ask around 50 summarization and clarification questions in the paid subscription. The AI chat with PDF feature in this tool is unique and entirely different from ChatGPT.

Moreover, you also get to access your Q&A for a year after paying for a subscription. Also, when you upload the PDF file to chat, you get a secret link to access your files. Also, keep a check on the upload size for PDFs, as users aren't allowed to upload more than 30MB of files.

3. LightPDF AI

LightPDF AI helps users easily chat with PDF documents to get answers to their queries or a summary of the document quickly. This innovative AI tool has several interesting features that allow you to extract information from your files by asking questions about it. In addition, the chatbot allows you to interact in 20 languages and has three modes for answers, covering "balanced," "precise," and "creative" styles.

There is also a word limit for the answers, where non-VIP users can get answers of up to 500 words, whereas premium users can get 800 and 1000 words answers. You can also share, like, dislike, or regenerate your PDFs.

4. Documind Chat

AI tools have made a huge impact in a lot of different industries, including education and different business fields. That is why now, with the help of talk with PDF AI tools like Documind Chat, it has become easier to handle lengthy documents with endless information. Using this tool, users can now ask questions related to PDFs in over 95 languages. You can then even share the created chatbot with your team members.

As a result, you can easily upload bulk documents on this tool, which can be summarized with the help of its AI chat feature. While using the AI chat feature, you can also ask questions from the AI related to the documents to get quick answers. Uploading multiple PDFs also lets you chat with all the documents at the same time.

5. PDFgear

If you are looking for intellectual chat PDFs to assist you in managing and analyzing long-form documents, PDFgear can be a good fit for you. It has a chatbot in its desktop version that allows you to comprehend information from PDFs, essays, and textbooks in a few simple steps. The best part of this ask PDF chatbot is that it automatically keeps track of your business workflow.

This way, you can easily access the workflow from where you have left it to speed up your work. In addition, you can also recover the last message from your chat history. There is also an option to export your chat or copy it to the clipboard. Users can even head to the required pages directly once they get the answer to their PDFs. There are also some command examples that you can directly ask.


If you are a person who deals with legal agreements or financial reports, in such a scenario, can be very helpful for you to add life to your documents. Using this tool, users can type their questions without exceeding the 1000-character limit. There is an option of a prompt library that gives you some built-in questions to ask based on your PDF.

Moreover, along with asking questions, you can even explore various options such as rotation, page scaling, and a page view. You can also print your PDFs directly using, allowing you to share them as a web link so that users can easily access it.

7. AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF is an online AI-powered tool available as a Chrome extension, which you can easily add to your browser. With the help of this tool, you can upload 2500 pages per document to perform different editing features on it. Furthermore, you can easily ask up to 50 daily questions related to your uploaded documents.

Doing this can help you in understanding the documents in a summarized form. Users can type their questions of no more than 2000 characters limit and ask from this chatbot. There is also an option to export chat as a PDF or share it with other users.


WPS AI is helping multiple businesses and individuals empower their productive journey with its various features. It allows its users to translate, generate lyrics, write a blog, and perform a list of different features on their documents to make them look more presentable.

While using this ask PDF tool, a lot of your time can be saved in summarizing lengthy documents with the help of an AI chatbot. It has built-in templates which can be used to get desired results from the chatbot. In addition, this tool also has an OCR feature that helps to extract and summarize content from documents instantly.

9. Foxit AI

Foxit is one of the leading PDF service providers that assist its users with 3D support to help them create, fill, and sign forms in a few simple steps. Furthermore, this tool has ChatGPT integrated, allowing users to ask PDF-related questions from the AI chatbot. With the help of a chatbot, it is easier for students and researchers to summarize long PDFs.

Moreover, it also enables you to compare two versions of a document so you can identify the differences that can be improved in future documents. Besides this, you can also request signatures and perform eSign using this PDF editor for multiple businesses.

10. ChatPDF

For students and researchers, ChatPDF is one of the best tools that is helping them worldwide to finalize their study-related documents. While using this tool, users can easily upload PDFs of around 2,000 pages with a file size of 32 MB in its premium version. However, in the free version, users can only upload 2 PDFs per day, based on which they can ask questions from the AI chatbot.

With the support of multiple languages, this AI lets you upload PDFs in one language and ask your query in another. With the help of this feature, users can enhance their learning process by getting answers to their questions in a very short time.

Part 3. Detailed Comparison Among the Top 10 Chat with PDF Tools

After we have explained the top 10 chat with PDF tools in detail, you might still be wondering which offers the best services. So, to make the decision easier for you, head to the comparison table below and find out which tool is best to use:

ToolsFree Version LimitationsPremium PricingAI Result Accuracy RatingAI FeaturesAI Interact with PDF Document
UPDF3 PDF files, 10 MB size, 100 questions,100 pages/PDFUS$9/month
US$59 per year
4.9/5Summarize, Explain, Translate, Ask PDF, ChatbotHigh
ChatPDF120 pages/PDF10 MB size2 PDFs/day20 questions/dayPlus:US$15.99/month4.8/5ChatbotModerate
Foxit AICannot create PDFs, no export option, unable to eSignPro:US$149/year4.8/5Chatbot, Summarize, Re-write, RedactModerate
WPS AIDoesn't offer cloud storage, shows ads, limits device usagePremium:US$29.99/year
4.6/5OCR Reinvented, Summarize, ChatbotMedium
AskYourPDFMax 15 MB file, 100 pages/PDF, 50 questions/day,3 conversions/dayPremium:US$4.99/month
PDF.aiNo API access, Chrome extension not available, replies to short lengthsPremium:US$15/month
4.5/5Chatbot, SummarizeMedium
PDFgearShows watermarks, limit access to featuresFree4.4/5Chatbot, Editor, CopilotSatisfactory
DocumindNo early access to new features, cannot share bot, limited messagesStarter:US$5/month
LightPDF AIChat with multiple files is not allowed, cannot extract information, and results accuracy is lowWeekly:US$13.99
Buy 3 Get 3:US$149.99
4.1/5Chatbot, Summarize, Create NotesLow
ClarifyPDFNo Q&A sharing, cannot upload PDFs, limited access to featuresPersonal:US$0.99/per PDF4.0/5Summarize, Extract InfoLow

Based on the table defined above, we can reach a conclusion that UPDF is the best tool with various AI features, such as Ask PDF. Using this tool, users will never feel any complexity as UPDF offers a very user-friendly interface. Moreover, this tool even interacts with your PDF documents, such as you can add the AI results as comments into your PDFs. Now, read more benefits of using UPDF AI below:

  • UPDF AI is designed to provide consistent and accurate results to avoid false information.
  • Generates results within seconds due to its blazing-fast speed.
  • You can use this tool for multiple chat features and answers to various queries.
  • Compared to other AI tools with chatbots, UPDF is much more budget friendly.
  • Offers enhanced productivity with improved UI design and better interaction with PDFs.

Part 4. How to Chat with PDF Step-by-Step with UPDF AI

Getting familiar with the best AI chat PDF tool can be a big relief as this saves your time and effort. So, after we have explained all about UPDF AI in detail, you might have a query about how to chat with PDF using UPDF AI. Head to the following steps and learn to use this tool in easy steps:

Step 1: Install UPDF and Open Desired PDF

Before starting, get this tool from the "Free Download" button below and install it on your system. Afterward, access this tool, and as you enter its main interface, hit the "Open File" option and import the PDF. Within seconds, you will see your PDF document uploaded.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2: Enter UPDF AI Mode and Explore Ask PDF

Now, move your cursor to the bottom right corner and press the "UPDF AI" button. As the "UPDF AI" menu opens, make sure you are in the "Ask PDF" tab and hit the "Get Started" button.

Step 3: Ask Questions Related to Uploaded PDF

Following the previous step, you will need to wait a few seconds until UPDF AI automatically summarizes your PDF and suggests some questions you may ask about the PDF document.

Now you can enter your question in the "Ask something" chat box and send it to the chatbot. You can ask any questions based on the PDF document and UPDF AI will analyze them and give you the answer immediately.

Next, ask the related questions from UPDF AI, and it will answer you promptly. For instance, you upload a product catalog in PDF format and ask UPDF AI to show you all the products under $500. Moreover, upload medical reports and ask about my blood test results, and it will answer you promptly.

For another instance, if you want to analyze an invoice, you can ask questions like:

  • What is the bank number?
  • What's the due date of the invoice
  • What is the subtotal of the invoice?

Final Words

Interacting with your PDFs via AI is quite easy due to advanced AI technology and AI tool upgradation on a daily basis. Chat with PDF is the most innovative category, and many tools have already integrated it as a built-in feature. We have explained 10 such tools that offer this feature in this guide. However, we have also made a comparison chart to assist you in an even better way.

Based on all the details discussed in this guide, we recommend UPDF AI as the top-level tool. Due to its wide range of AI capabilities and accurate results, this tool never mismatches any information. The best thing is that you can easily download this tool on all the major platforms via its official website. Moreover, to avail all of its features, purchase a premium plan at a very cost-effective rate.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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