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Learn the 10 Best Time Management Skills to Increase Your Productivity

Managing time for your all-important tasks is essential to stay productive and efficient. After all, it allows you to complete your assigned tasks on time with proper time management. Meanwhile, if you want to enhance your time management skills in the workplace, this article is a great helping hand.

After going through the article, you'll find 10 effective time management skills, and you'll also learn about the UPDF productivity-enhancing tool. You can download it now.

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Part 1: What is Time Management?

What is time management? Time management is a process in which you plan how much time you need to allocate to complete specific tasks efficiently. Henceforth, you are required to create schedules, lists, and all other planning stuff that will help you manage your time successfully. This way, you can stay optimal at work and ultimately achieve your goals in an organized manner.

Part 2: Why is Time Management Important?

Staying productive at work is a great way to accomplish your goals smartly and efficiently. Meanwhile, time management plays a crucial role in that. Here's why time management is important:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: When you're effectively managing your time related to assigned tasks and projects, you will more likely complete them in the given time and meet deadlines. This way, you will not waste time or resources.
  • No Rushes and Stress: With effective time management, your tasks and projects will be completed on a priority basis and within deadlines. So, you don't have to indulge in the last hour's rushes that cause stress.
  • Improved Decision-Making: You will ultimately have more time to make the right decisions when you manage time for all your to-do tasks. This is why time management is essential for achieving desired results.
  • Personal Growth: Using time management, you will learn how to deal with life's challenges with the right and timely decisions. This also allows you to achieve personal goals that are previously stuck because of time issues.

Part 3: 10 Time Management Skills

Time management is essential for achieving goals and objectives. To improve time management skills, follow these tips:

1. Start Working on Tasks ASAP

When assigned a project, start working on it as early as possible rather than wasting time and leaving it till the last moment. This tip is among good time management skills because it allows you to collect necessary resources and conduct project research in a specific time.

So, when you have collected related data before starting your project, it will make it easier for you to proceed. Ultimately, the quality of your work will also improve because of the dedication and effort added.

2. Schedule your Projects into Milestones

You might have received a project that is too big and would require a lot of time. You don't have to be worried because it will shatter your confidence. Take this opportunity as a challenge by dividing your project into smaller milestones.

Make sure to schedule to-do tasks with relevant deadlines and start working on completing them in the allotted time. This strategy is an essential task management tool for enhancing time management skills in the workplace.

3. Utilize Useful Tools

  • Time Management Tools

It's best to assess your performance, speed, and efficiency as part of your time management skills. Thus, use time-tracking software to determine how much time you take to complete a project. You will also find the statistics on your productive hours and hours where you are inactive. This way, you can improve yourself by overcoming inefficiencies.

  • Document Management Tools

Document management tools are the best solution for enhancing your workflow productivity with proper time management.

For this purpose, you can use UPDF - the best PDF editor, which allows you to edit, annotate, convert, organize, protect, sign, and flatten PDF files. Henceforth, it's a complete tool for enhancing time management and organizational skills.

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UPDF also offers free-to-use 3 daily planners. Moreover, you can use these daily planners to list your schedules and to-do tasks in an organized way with proper timelines. By following the respective scheduled tasks, your daily workflows would streamline efficiently.

4. Cancel Unnecessary Meetings

If your team has scheduled a meeting to discuss the details of a project, but the project manager is unavailable at that time, then cancel the meeting. There can also be a reason why you should cancel the meeting if the client has not provided all the information about the product he wants.

These types of unnecessary meetings will only waste your time. That is why it is better to cancel them on time and communicate when all the details and the decision maker are present.

5. Avoid Multitasking

While you're working on one project, don't divert your focus by starting on another task side-by-side. After all, this will affect your overall time management skills while handling 2 tasks simultaneously.

It's possible that you made a proper plan with the necessary timeline to tackle your first project's deadline. But with the second task, planning and time management would be affected. This means you may have to reorganize your plan, which will take time and may also reduce work quality.

6. Be Confident in Saying 'No'

A majority feel reluctant to say no within a workplace. Meanwhile, it's the best time management skill for employees. The fact is, additional work can add a lot of extra responsibilities with a lot of planning needed on time management. So, when you commit to more projects than you can handle in a specific time, you may lose quality and miss deadlines.

7. Identify Productivity Patterns

Every individual has certain productivity patterns within a day. For example, some people feel more active in the early hours of the day, while others feel active after lunch. You need to identify at which time of the day you feel more proactive. This way, you can divide and schedule your tasks accordingly.

For example, you may schedule easy tasks in your least productive hours and challenging tasks in more productive hours. For good time management skills, this is an ideal strategy.

8. Organized Working Space

It's essential to have an organized workspace where you can focus more on work. Thus, all the important stuff or material you require for your project must always be available to you. Moreover, you don't have to search for them and waste time looking for these essentials. This way, you will experience improved time management skills.

9. Get Break Intervals

No need to work constantly for many hours because it can ultimately stress your back and overload your mind. To maintain productivity at work, make sure to set break schedules within specific time intervals. This way, you will start feeling fresh both mentally and physically.

Once your body is relaxed again, you will feel more proactive and will start giving your 100% in the project tasks. Ultimately, the quality of work will also improve comprehensively. After all, getting short breaks is among the practical time management skills for employees.

10. Avoid Digital Distractions

To ensure progressive time management skills, avoid digital distractions like social media, email, phone calls, etc. Consequently, your performance will improve with an enhanced focus on work. For this purpose, you can turn off your smartphone and close your mail inbox unless you're using the company's official mail to stay connected. You can schedule small breaks where you can enjoy all your digital entertainment.

Part 4: Time Management Example

Although there are hundreds of real-life examples of time management skills examples, let's discuss one of them:


A software company is approached by a textile business looking to develop an online e-commerce website for selling its clothing products. The deal is finalized, and both parties are agreed to proceed. The due delivery is set for 2 weeks from the start.

Here's how the software company will proceed with the execution, dividing the project into smaller tasks within 2 weeks.

Week 1

  • Monday – Tuesday: Project planning is done where the project's timeframes, resources, and stages are defined.
  • Wednesday: Project analysis by the project manager in appropriate terms and necessary approaches.
  • Thursday – Friday: Designing of project UI/UX as per customer requirements.

Week 2

  • Monday – Wednesday: Custom software development begins using coding standards while following UI/UX.
  • Thursday: Project testing is done by the software quality assurance team to finalize the project.
  • Friday: The project is delivered and deployed into the workflows of the textile business.

Part 5: FAQs on Time Management Skills

1. What are the 4 types of time management skills?

The 4 Ds include Do, Defer, Delegate, and Delete. Do involves taking action on those projects which are urgent and have to be prioritized. Defer means delaying projects not needed on an urgent basis to the later parts. Delegate involves providing specific tasks to those employees that are either skilled in them or have more time to complete them. Delete includes dropping those tasks that are unnecessary or unwanted.

2. What are the time management skills for employees?

Time management skills are a set of abilities that allows you to plan, organize and manage your projects while meeting all necessary deadlines. For achieving goals and staying productive, time management is essential. The time management skills for employees include focusing on one task at a time, taking short breaks, avoiding social media platforms, and creating proper planners on UPDF for completing tasks.

3. What are the time management skills in the workplace?

In workplaces, employees have to be productive in their workflows, and therefore time management is crucial for them. Meanwhile, employees can ensure timely deliveries of assigned projects by following certain time management skills, such as by dividing the project into milestones.

4. What are the time management skills for students?

Time management is crucial for students to be successful in academic endeavors. After all, when they are given maximum time to study, they will score and perform well academically. If you want to improve your time management skills as a student, we recommend you use the 3 free daily planners of UPDF to maintain your schedule.


Managing time in your daily workflows is necessary to stay productive as well as proactive. After all, time management skills allow you to be efficient enough to handle project deadlines conveniently. Meanwhile, in this article, you discovered the 10 best tips for enhancing your time management capabilities. Moreover, you learned about UPDF, which provides powerful editing tools to allow you smartly organize your daily tasks.

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