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Top 5 PDFDrive Alternatives (Detailed Comparison)

PDFDrive is a search engine dedicated to PDF documents, and you can find PDFs related to different fields of life here. It has millions of documents available. Sometimes you may face issues like being unable to find the required document, downloading issues, content quality issues, and more.

The solution to all these problems is finding a PDFDrive alternative.

In this article, we will explore its top 5 alternatives and discuss how they make the better options by bringing better features.

Part 1. 5 Best Sites Like PDFDrive

Here are our top 5 picks for sites like PDFDrive that may help you in finding the desired documents.

1. Z-Library - No.1 PDFDrive.com Alternative

Z-Library is the best alternative to PDFDrive since it provides a wide collection of eBooks and articles from various fields of life. It is one of the largest online libraries available, with around 100 million files, including eBooks and articles.

It supports formats like PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. There are some issues with it which include copyright issues for the files it provides. That is the reason why it has faced some legal actions where the authorities removed a lot of its files in the past.

Z-Library Over PDFDrive:

Here are the top 5 qualities where Z-Library provides a better experience than PDFDrive.

  1. It offers a broader range of documents, including rare publications and academic articles.
  2. Categorizing and filtering features provide a better and more organized experience.
  3. User account features with personal library management and bookmarking options.
  4. It is not limited to PDF only since it provides other formats like EPUB and MOBI.
  5. Better text formatting and clearer content quality in comparison to PDFDrive.

2. PDFCoffee

PDFCoffee is an online platform that focuses on file-sharing and viewing. It supports PDF documents and allows users to upload in common formats like MS Word and PowerPoint documents.

According to the website, it has an unlimited volume of files since any user can upload documents here.

Along with its great functionality, it has a performance problem. The website faces downtime and delays in downloading, usually due to high traffic volume.

PDFCoffee Over PDFDrive:

PDFCoffee works as a better option over PDFDrive for the following reasons.

  1. PDFCoffee is optimized for faster download and upload speeds.
  2. It offers a better user experience with less intrusive ads and a clear interface.
  3. Users can directly access the download link without needing to register with PDFCoffee.
  4. PDFCoffee provides better privacy for the contents uploaded on it.
  5. Document quality and, more importantly, source verification are more reliable here.
  6. Users can preview PDF content before downloading it.

3. OceanOfPDF

OceanOfPDF is an online platform where you can find a variety of eBooks and articles, including both fiction and non-fiction content. It has a wide array of literary works supported in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.

It also has nearly 90 million files uploaded to it and offers a wide range of content. The main problems that this platform usually faces are copyright infringement issues and shut down by legal authorities.

OceanOfPDF Over PDFDrive:

OceanOfPDF is better than PDFDrive with the following features.

  1. It specializes in high-quality fiction and contemporary literature eBooks.
  2. A User-friendly interface makes navigation and discovering books easier.
  3. OceanOfPDF is regularly updated with the latest resources, releases, and bestsellers.
  4. Users can download books in multiple formats, including PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.
  5. There are no pop-up ads or redirected links so that users can enjoy direct downloads.
  6. Every resource available here is detailed with reviews and descriptions.

4. D-PDF

D-PDF facilitates searching and downloading of PDF documents across the web regardless of user device and platform. While it does not specify the exact number of files available, the website claims to have millions of files available for its users.

Moreover, it focuses on PDF documents and provides amazing filtering options to easily find the desired resource. There are no major operational problems, making it a reliable option. However, the lack of supported formats is a downside for some users.

D-PDF Over PDFDrive:

Here are some of the best qualities that you will like about D-PDF over PDFDrive.

  1. Every file available here comes with a cover photo for easier identification of correct content.
  2. The powerful backend makes searching PDFs very quick, where it only takes a few milliseconds for a search.
  3. D-PDF consistently updates and grows its archive of resources.
  4. It offers smart recommendations according to your interests and recent file searches.
  5. It keeps files that are withdrawn from the web so users can access the content they need.
  6. Consistent searching web crawlers ensure the availability of the latest documents.

5. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a digital library/database for finding digital documents online. It has documents, papers, books, and magazines from a variety of fields, making it a one-of-a-kind platform.

It supports different formats, including PDF and EPUB, and there is a collection of millions (approx. 50 million +). The major problems with this platform are copyright issues since it distributes content without proper authorization.

Library Genesis Over PDFDrive:

Library Genesis makes a much better option than PDFDrive due to the following qualities it offers:

  1. Its extensive library is based on research-based and academic documents.
  2. Scholarly articles and books that are otherwise rare and hard to find are easily available here.
  3. It features multiple mirrors for downloading documents as a backup option for downtime.
  4. Direct download links work without requiring any registration.
  5. Features multiple documents including EPUB, PDF, DJVU, etc.
  6. It provides extensive metadata for documents that helps with efficient finding.

Part 2. The Best PDF Reader You Should Have

Once you have found and downloaded your desired PDF document from PDFDrive or its alternatives, you will need a PDF reader software to open and read its contents.

UPDF can be your perfect pick for this use case since it works on Macs, Windows computers, Android devices, and iOS devices as well.

UPDF offers you a complete PDF reading experience with features like navigating between pages, zooming in and out on PDF for better viewing, and slideshow features for PDF as well.

Being a complete PDF tool, UPDF also provides PDF annotation features that can help you markup your PDF and take notes on it. Moreover, the UPDF AI feature is perfect for summarizing the contents of PDFs quickly.

It helps explain difficult terms when reading PDFs, and you can translate PDFs directly into your desired language from any foreign language. Download UPDF on your devices to explore its features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Click the desktop icon of UPDF to open its application on your computer, then click "Open File." Now, you can select and open a PDF document from your files.

Step 2: As your PDF document opens, you can click "Reader" to access reading features. Zooming, page navigation, and slideshow buttons are available on top. You may read the PDF and use any of the available options from the top in UPDF UI for a better reading experience.

Apart from helping you read PDFs, UPDF comes with a lot of other useful features, which include:

  • Edit PDF documents' existing text, images, and links and add new ones.
  • Batch Process PDF for more productivity by working on documents in bulk.
  • UPDF OCR makes images and scanned PDFs editable, where you can edit all their contents, including images and text.
  • UPDF Cloud syncs your PDFs across devices with your account. It also provides a dedicated online cloud-based storage for managing PDF documents.
  • Convert PDF files to popular document formats like Word, PPT, HTML, Excel, TXT, Image, and more. It also works the other way around.
  • Compress PDF files to reduce their size without affecting the content quality of documents.
  • Protect PDFs from unauthorized access and editing by adding file opening and permission passwords with strong encryption.
  • Fill and Sign your PDF forms, edit existing form elements and create PDF forms from scratch.
  • Organize PDF documents using merging and splitting features. Extract, delete, insert, and replace pages in PDF documents.

Learn more about UPDF capabilities by reading the How-To Geek UPDF review. You can also watch the video tutorial for a better understanding of benefiting from its multiple features.


Sometimes, you are unable to find the desired document on PDFDrive, and sometimes, you face different errors when adding a document from PDFDrive. The best solution is finding a PDFDrive alternative, and we listed our top 5 picks in this article to help you find the best documents.

Each of these alternatives comes with its perks and demerits, so you must select one that meets your requirements in the best way. After you download your desired PDF document, you will need a feature-rich PDF reader software, and UPDF is all that you need. Since it is available across all platforms, you can download it on your devices for a seamless PDF reading experience with many additional features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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