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Remarkable Milestone: UPDF Wins 7 Noteworthy Awards from G2

We are so proud and excited to announce that UPDF wins 7 awards from G2! UPDF's hard work, dedication, and innovation in the PDF software industry gets confirmed and these awards mean that our customers are happy with our product, support, and customer service, and we're happy to hear it!

G2 is a website that allows you to read trusted reviews and ratings from real people on their favorite software for managing their business, and UPDF is thrilled that we've been recognized as top performers in the software industry. The trust that we've built as a company between our product and our users means everything because we are always striving to bring our customers the best possible user experience.

So what kinds of awards have UPDF won, and what do they mean? Read the next section to find out (and make sure to read to the end for a surprise gift just for our readers)!

And if you still do not have UPDF, we recommend you to click the below button to test it on your own now.

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What Awards UPDF Gets from G2?

UPDF has won an incredible 7 awards from G2. But what is each award that we've won, and what makes it special to both UPDF and our customers? You can read more about each award below and why we received that award from G2.

Best Support Spring 2024: UPDF replies instantly to all inquiries and helps customers solve their problems quickly, resulting in many positive reviews regarding our customer support services.

UPDF wins awards from G2 Best Support Spring 2024

Best Support Small Business: UPDF won this award for providing excellent support to small business customers. Small businesses have unique needs and requirements for their software, and UPDF is proud to provide above-and-beyond support for our small business customers.

UPDF wins awards from G2 Best Support Small Business

Easiest to Do Business With Spring 2024: Purchasing, downloading and using UPDF is simple and customers are pleased with the business process. UPDF provides an easy and hassle-free business experience.

UPDF wins awards from G2 Easiest to Do Business With Spring 2024

Easiest to Do Business With Small Business: Small business customers are consistently pleased with conducting business with UPDF.

UPDF wins awards from G2 Easiest to Do Business With Small Business

High Performer (EMEA): UPDF excels as a leader in the PDF software field in the Europe, Middle East, and African market regions. The next step is world domination!

UPDF wins awards from G2 High Performer (EMEA)

High Performer Spring 2024: UPDF consistently receives high scores in customer satisfaction and feedback and is an excellent performer in the software marketplace.

UPDF wins awards from G2 High Performer Spring 2024

High Performer Small Business: UPDF is an industry leader in PDF software among small business owners, helping them to complete all of the PDF tasks required to run their business.

UPDF wins awards from G2 High Performer Small Business

What Customers Like About UPDF (From G2)?

Customers are consistently pleased with UPDF's excellent product, features, and customer service. Here are some of the things that customers on G2 love about UPDF:

  • Competitive pricing. And UPDF always give big discount to customers. Now, it has a big sale, you can upgrade it now by clicking the below picture.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Impressive AI tools
  • Reliable software that never crashes
  • A good variety of PDF editing tools
  • Easy to use
  • File conversion function

And there's so much more! Check out all of the positive reviews of UPDF on G2 to learn all of the reasons our customers love us.

What Customers Do Not Like About UPDF (From G2)?

Of course, no software is perfect, but UPDF is always trying to improve! Here are some things that customers dislike about UPDF:

  • Limited predefined stamps
  • Can't copy elements from one PDF to another
  • No dark mode on Windows and Android version

But we're already tackling these problems! UPDF has seen these problems that customers don't like, and we're working to quickly fix everything mentioned above. UPDF responds to every review posted on G2 to ensure that customers have their voices heard and know that we're working diligently to fix any issues.

We Need Your Voice (With Free Gift)

UPDF is always improving and aiming higher with our software, but we need your help! We are giving away 1 month of free UPDF AI as a gift after customers review UPDF on G2, Trustpilot, Google Play, and the App Store. Follow the steps below to write a review and redeem your free gift.

Step 1 - Download UPDF and Write a Review

Click the button below to download UPDF and start your free trial, or click the download button at the top of the UPDF website. Try out all of UPDF's amazing features, including the editing tools, annotation tools, form preparation features, and AI functions. After you've explored all of UPDF's features, write an honest review of UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Then, you can post your review on any of the following websites:

Locate the button that allows you to leave a review. For example, here is the review button on G2. Follow up the pop window and write your review.

Step 2 - Screenshot Your Reviews

After you have left a review on each of the four websites above, you need to wait to check if your reviews appear in the review page. It may take 2-3 days. Once it appears, you can take a screenshot of all your UPDF reviews. Make sure the screenshot includes your name or screenname, and the review content. You can then contact UPDF's support team to get 1 month free UPDF AI license at [email protected], and email all of the screenshots.

Step 3 - Receive Free Month of UPDF

Our support team will check out your reviews and send the 1-month UPDF AI license within 7 working days.

If you want to learn more about all of UPDF's incredible features, you can watch this video tutorial.

Ready to see why UPDF is an award-winning software? Click the button below to download UPDF and start your free trial today!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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