UPDF Enterprise Plan is Released for Enhanced Team Management

UPDF is back with another pragmatic release of an Enterprise Plan for companies seeking effective document and license management within their employees. This enterprise management is a game-changer in the professional community for those facing issues in managing their employee's authorizations.

Update your UPDF for Windows to the latest v1.5.3 to experience the dedicated option of Enterprise authorization, which will allow you to log in with your Enterprise account and enjoy the exclusive benefits of this plan in UPDF.

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What are the Benefits of the UPDF Enterprise Plan?

The release of the UPDF Enterprise Plan has multiple benefits for individuals and companies. People confused about finding a proper enterprise management system can count on UPDF's system for effective results. Following are some highlights of the benefits offered by UPDF in their Enterprise Plan:

  • Enterprise Management Dashboard: With a composite dashboard at the disposal of the leaders, they can manage the licenses, members, and statuses with ease. It also gives control over the virtual assets of the company.
  • Flexibility in Licenses Management: Rather than lurking around for designating duties, the existence of an Enterprise system gives flexible control for the management of licenses and the authorization status of every user who is part of the process. Assigning duties gets much simpler and more basic with the Enterprise Plan of UPDF.
  • Quantity of Users to Welcome: UPDF has not put any limitation on the number of users that can take part in or join the Enterprise Plan of the company. You can add as many members as you want; however, the number of authorized users depends entirely on the number of licenses you've bought. The licenses you bought will be the number of online users set for simultaneous use of the platform.
  • Limitations of Number of Devices: Being part of the Enterprise Plan, you can effectively utilize the service of UPDF on three different devices, which comprise one desktop and two smartphones. This gives you diversity and control on your platform and document management, eventually benefiting the productivity of the work.

How to Manage Licenses with Enterprise Management Dashboard

If you intend to manage the licenses of your employees under the umbrella of a single enterprise plan, it can be activated easily. For that, you have to create a company with the Enterprise Plan. The steps directed below will help you out if you are seeking to use UPDF Enterprise Plan for managing your company:

Step 1. Create a Company

Run your UPDF on Windows, and in the login area, there is an option to "Create a Company" and click on it.

enterprise plan is released

On accessing the respective page for initiating enterprise management, you will be directed to select a name, "Industry Name," and "Number of Employees" working for the company.

Provide an email address that would act as the administrator to the entire Enterprise system of the company. After inviting the employees of the company to join the Enterprise Plan, the process of creating a company on the platform gets completed.

create a company

Step 2: Go to the Enterprise Management Dashboard

  • Company Overview

Once the user enters the dashboard, they can review the company details and enterprise status in the "Company Overview" tab. Here, they can observe the number of members and licenses within the dashboard and perform multiple functions, such as the "Redeem" code used to activate the enterprise plan. They can utilize the "Buy Licenses" button and access the member and company details with the available buttons.

enterprise management dashboard
  • Member Management

You can then redirect to the "Member Management" section, where the database displays the list of all members within the company. Here, you can add new members, remove old ones, authorize the specific among them, and take away the authorization with the available buttons.

member management of updf enterprise
  • Company Settings

In the "Company Settings" tab from the panel on the left, find the details of the company provided for the enterprise account and you can change the details as per your requirements.

company settings of updf enterprise

How to Get UPDF Enterprise Plan

To purchase the Enterprise Plan for your company, lead into the "Enterprise Plan" purchase page and select the number of users that will be part of the plan in the "Number of Users" tab. Provide the details of the payment method used to purchase the Enterprise plan. You can also pay through PayPal, which will act as the other payment source.

purchase enterprise plan
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