Conquering the PDF Mobile Experience- UPDF for Android V1.0 Released

You might be wondering whether there is a PDF software that you can easily access anytime and anywhere you go. Well, with just your Android mobile devices, UPDF is now available for downloading on Google Play App Storewhich is made available for you to have for free through just the palm of your hands. Make use of the wonderful surprises that awaits you with the feature-pack solution that is primarily assured to conquer every existing platform there is. At first, you had the version for your Mac and Windows version, and now, Superace Software Technology made sure to also keep your Android devices ahead of the game with the UPDF for Android.

In the following months, the UPDF is set to be the default choice of every PDF user there is, especially for those who prefer to work with PDF files with just their multiple devices like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. Along with this promising objective, the UPDF is sure to achieve that goal so with this list of smart things you can do with just your fingers:

updf for android release

The UPDF is the prime choice for a quality PDF reader on Android since you will be provided with great convenience as you open and view PDF files. With enough research on what makes the best preference for a reading experience, the UPDF reading scheme perfects the way PDF files should be read in the best way. View PDF on Android with the maximum ease using the UPDF.

A PDF reader that also handles file management? You heard it right for the UPDF is also an excellent file manager on Android. File management is done easily with this software as you will be able to copy & paste files, move, delete, print, share, send, compress, email, and save to favorites your PDF files that are found on your Android devices.

Speaking of a real-smart application, the UPDF is embellished with the appropriate statistics that provide you with enough information about every file you wish to view on your Android device. With this integrated feature, you can check the information of the file such as its name, size, author, etc which are most details that you may find relevant for future purposes.

updf android release

The next feature may leave you in awe for it is a unique feature that you can rarely find on PDF reader on Android which is the Split Screen Mode, and the UPDF surely comes with that mode. Like they promised in the first place for the best reading experience for PDF files, UPDF by Superace provides a state-of-the-art enhancement for Android users to have through its split-screen mode as they use the software.

As mentioned, the UPDF is primarily introduced to be a worthy choice for a cross-platform solution you may have to access on multiple devices. While you may be looking for more features to have with the UPDF for Android, you can always access them for free with your Desktops.

These features include editing both texts and images of the PDF files. What’s made it better is that you do not need to have the expertise to edit PDF properly for the UPDF lets you edit easily as if you have already mastered it. You can also do smart annotation since every important text found on your file should be taken note of. These annotations can be done in multiple ways such as highlighting, underlining, and striking out the necessary sections you want to save. You can also utilize shapes and text boxes to make inserting faster and easier. This annotation tool is also available for your iOS devices.

The UPDF values your preference on how you do your work with PDF files thus, you can have complete control over the page settings. This includes handy page management that you can set up to organize how the pages are displayed. Additionally, you can rotate, reorganize, extract, insert and even replace pages in PDF. Although these are keen functions that the UPDF for Windows can do, expect that you can also have them for free on your mobile Android devices soon. A better version for the UPDF for Android is yet for you to use in the following months and using it now is a good way to start the great experience. Last but not the least, while the UPDF is a cross-platform solution for everyone, it is also guaranteed to be a reliable and cost-less application in which every bit of tool available is for everyone to have for free.

To edit text and images in PDF without paying any amount is the primary goal and the UPDF software pretty much has done it. You do not need to fantasize about the best choice of PDF software that is 100% free, while also having the most elegant user-interface design because it has incorporated it all in a single smart ace platform. There is no denying already that the better choice you opt to download on your Android device is the UPDF, free, fast, and safe software to guarantee a surreal experience in working with PDF files.

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