UPDF Releases New and Enhanced Features and Freemium to Premium Model Across All Platforms

UPDF for Windows v1.2.0 is released

Climbing to New Heights of Productivity - UPDF V1.2.0 Released for Windows

Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. brings new changes to its already great apps and software with a complete package to enhance your productivity with most PDF tools and enhancement in a single software/app. Read more to know about all the changes.

UPDF has yet again delighted its customers with all new features coming to its software, giving users a single place to enhance their productivity. This new direction is especially true for users who work primarily with publishing PDFs and need a single tool to work with all their workflows. The app software is not just unique and productive but free with premium models for office and company users.

Adding and Editing Texts, Converting to Most Document Types and So Much More

The previous version was an essential UPDF software that only allowed PDF reading and annotating. All that has changed in UPDF for Windows V1.2.0 now as the latest changes provide users with the following productive tools and enhancements:

  • UPDF now supports adding texts while working on your PDF
  • You can edit text on any of your PDF files
  • Adding blank pages for crucial technical PDF documents has never been easier
  • No more hassle in using online tools to split PDF files
  • UPDF now allows you to insert complete PDF files to your current PDF Pages
  • Supports easily converting your files into other document types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Easily and interchangeably converting from PDF to PDF/A
  • Support all platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Buy once on one platform, start using anywhere, anytime, and on any device

Pricing Models of UPDF

Freemium - This model allows you only to save the change in a single file per day and convert up to 5 files. You can open and read all the files you want.

Subscription Plan - This is the best value plan for aspiring businesses as it offers quarterly and yearly payment plans. $14.99/Quarter, making it only $4.99/month while US$29.99/Year, which makes a month only $2.49. this plan gives you unlimited access on all platforms and unlimited document processing for you and your company with no ads, no limit to file size, and, best of all, free updates and upgrades.

Perpetual License - For $49.99, you get everything the Subscription plan offers but without free upgrades in the subscription period and no significant upgrade.

Pricing Models of UPDF

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About Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd.

While there are a lot of Premium PDF document editing and collaboration tools in the market, their hefty price tags are often outside the reach of regular professionals. Superace is committed to providing the best tools and services under one roof at affordable and user-friendly prices. Their developers and software engineers worked for over ten years to where they are now, the best fitting experience for making this fantastic PDF management tool.

Superace believes in striving to be the best and world-class leaders in providing complete control to professionals with the best customer support services. Its mission is to enhance the productivity of professionals with their tools while presenting in a fun way. This approach has made the software easy on the eyes but extremely powerful under the hood.

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