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How to Open PDF in PowerPoint? 4 Effective Ways

PDF documents are great for maintaining content quality across different devices and platforms. And, sometimes, you already created a PowerPoint presentation and need to present some information from your PDF. In this case, you must know how to open PDF in PowerPoint.

Since different users have different use cases, this guide article will cover 4 unique ways to open the information of a PDF in a PowerPoint presentation.

Way 1. How to Open PDF in PowerPoint Via Converting to PPT

Sometimes you need to get the whole content of your PDF document in a PowerPoint presentation. That’s where you need to convert your PDF documents in PPT format and then copy their contents to your presentation file for a more natural look.

UPDF is the best choice for this use case since it provides excellent conversion features that let you convert PDF to PowerPoint format. This conversion feature alone offers many features and benefits including format retention meaning that you won't have to reformat the whole thing again when you paste it in the PPT. Moreover, if you are working with multiple PDF docs and want them all in PPT format, you can use batch conversion feature for a much higher productivity.

The conversion features in UPDF premium but come at a very cheap price. You can buy the license here. It also have many other features. One of those is UPDF AI that is AI integration within UPDF. So, while you are working on PDF contents for creating a presentation, you can use it to explain, rewrite, review, write, and even to generate ideas for your content.

UPDF is a highly recommended choice, and you can learn more about what you can do with UPDF and what type of experience it offers in this technical review from Tech Advisor. Since UPDF can singlehandedly deal with lots of your use cases and requirements, you must download and give it a try.

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Step 1: Launch UPDF with its desktop icon by double clicking it and click "Open File" to select a PDF document from your offline storage. Once it opens click "Export PDF" and select "PowerPoint" and follow the on-screen steps to save converted PPT file.

Step 2: Locate the PPT file that you just converted from PDF and double click it to open in PowerPoint software. If you wanted the PPT to only have the data of whole PDF document then you are done here. However, if you want to selectively add contents of that PDF to another PPT then you can select contents from converted PPT file then use right click to open options and select "Copy" from there. Now you only need to go in other PPT file and paste the contents in desired location by pressing "Ctrl + V"

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Way 2. How to Open PDF in PowerPoint Via Converting Images

There can be a case where you want to add different pages of a PDF to different locations in a PPT file while maintaining the formatting and structure of PDF document. In such cases using UPDF convert feature again will be very helpful but this time we will convert all PDF pages to images so you can add those pages in original form in the PPT file. UPDF makes this a very quick and simple process so you must download it before trying the steps below:

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Step 1: Open UPDF in PC by using its desktop icon and press "Ctrl + O" on keyboard. It will open browse window where you can select and open desired PDF file. When PDF opens click "Export PDF" then click "Image" now select the image format you need (JPEG or PNG will be best) and follow on-screen steps to save PDF pages as images. If you don’t want to convert whole PDF you may select a range or custom pages in the pop-up window as well.

Step 2: Now go to PPT file that you are working on and add those images of PDF by using insert option. Click "Insert" > "Pictures" > "This Device" to get file explorer browse window pop up where you can select individual or multiple images to add to PPT.

Way 3. How to Open PDF in PowerPoint by Link?

Do you need to open your PDF in PPT presentation without disturbing the contents of PPT? There could also be a case where you need multiple PDF pages in PPT but want to open them separately from contents of PPT along with keeping their formatting and order as in original PDF. The best solution to such cases is creating a link for your PDF and adding that to PDF in text or hyperlink form.

Once again UPDF is your best choice for this use case since it brings you the UPDF Cloud feature where PDF files are uploaded for accessing them anywhere and it generates link for your PDF as well. You can open PDF in PPT file by adding its link through UPDF by using the following steps:

Step 1: Double click UPDF icon on PC to open it then click "File" > "Open" and select PDF that you need in presentation on PowerPoint. Click "Share this file with Others" then click "Create". UPDF will show you that it is generating link for you and instantly provide you with link to that PDF. You need to click "Copy" button next to link box for copying that link.

Step 2: Go to PowerPoint presentation that you are working on and press "Ctrl + V" to add that link in PDF but that may not look very attractive. An attractive way of adding link to PDF in PPT is by writing some relevant text and right clicking on it to open menu. There you can select "Link" option and paste the link in popup. Now link to your PDF will be hyperlinked to that text. In either of these ways you can open PDF by clicking that link but remember that internet connectivity is essential to fetch PDF online.

Download UPDF to effortlessly generate links for PDFs and access them anywhere anytime with internet access.

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Way 4. How to Open a PDF in PowerPoint for Free Via Screenshots

If you don’t need whole contents of PDF or whole contents of one PDF page then using screenshot feature on your PC will be the easiest option. Both Windows and MacOS come with default screenshot features so you will not need to use any third-party tools here. It also makes the process extremely simple and quick with only 2 steps to follow:

Step 1: Open UPDF with the desktop icon then click "Open File" for opening PDF in UPDF with the best clarity and built-in editing features if you need to edit PDF before adding it to PPT. Press "Windows + Shift + S" and take screenshot of page/area that you need in PPT and save the screenshot by clicking "Save" in Snip & Sketch window.

Step 2: Go to your PPT file that you are currently working on and go to insert tab. Click "Insert" > "Pictures" > "This Device" to browse for recently taken screenshot on your offline storage. Click on that screenshot and click "Open" now that screenshot will be added to your PPT file. Now you may resize and reposition the image or pick a design from built-in library suggestions on PDF to make it more attractive in PPT.

FAQS About Opening PDF in PowerPoint

Q1. How to Open PDF in PowerPoint Presentation Mode?

The best way to open PDF in PPT file in presentation mode is by adding a link to it. Open UPDF and click "Share this file with Others" > "Create" > "Copy" and then hyperlink that link in PPT file by selecting some text and pressing "Ctrl + K". Now whenever that link is clicked the PDF will open.

Q2. How to Open a PDF in PowerPoint on Mac?

Open your PDF in UPDF on Mac and click "Export PDF" > "PowerPoint" and save PPT file. Now you can open that file in PowerPoint on Mac like other PowerPoint files.

Q3. How Do I Open a PDF Presentation in Slides?

When working on Google Slides you can use UPDF to convert PDF to PPT by clicking "Export PDF" > "PowerPoint". After you get PPT file on your PC you will go to Google Slides and create a blank presentation. Now click "File" > "Open" then select the PPT and click "Upload". If you are working on another Google Slides presentation, you may copy contents to it after uploading.

Final Words

Opening PDF in PPT can be helpful in so many cases but with everyone having different requirements for opening it you must follow the right way. We shared our top 4 methods to open PDF in PowerPoint using UPDF which will meet all your needs. Download UPDF on your PC and start adding any PDF information in presentations to make them more factual.

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