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PDF Expert Free vs Paid: Features, Costs, And Performance Assessment

PDF Expert is a premium PDF editing and viewing tool that you can use on your Apple devices. Despite being a premium tool, it has a free version that comes at the cost of some restrictions. Those restrictions don't matter a lot for some users, while for some, those can change the whole experience. So, when you use this tool, conducting the "PDF Expert Free vs Paid" comparison is essential.

There is no point in paying for the premium features if you don’t need them. Similarly, sticking with the free version may ruin your experience if you need to use the restricted features. Here we have comprehensively compared both versions of PDF Expert so that you can select the right one.

pdf expert mac free vs paid: What is PDF Expert

Part 1. PDF Expert Mac Free Vs Paid: Key Differences in Features

PDF Expert is known for the features it brings, but most of its features are restricted to its free version. Those are available when you purchase the paid version of PDF Expert. To get a better idea about the features you can get in the Free version and in the Paid version of PDF Expert, look at the table below.

FeaturesPDF Expert FreePDF Expert Paid
Basic PDF reading and viewing
Annotations and highlighting
Filling PDF forms
Editing PDF document text
Merging and combining PDF documents
Built-in OCRPDF Expert free does not come with a built-in OCR feature.PDF Expert Paid allows you to convert images or scans to editable text in PDF.

There are some other features, but all of those are limited to the paid version. The comparison table above shows how PDF Expert offers a limited experience for free users.  If you want the experience of paid features from PDF Expert for free, you can avail of the "7-Day free trial". It unlocks all the features so you can check Whether it is a reliable match for your PDF editing requirements.


If you want to experience more advanced features of PDF editing, reading, converting, and chatting with your PDF, then UPDF is the most ideal choice. It features all the capabilities of a perfect PDF editor. You can start to try this PDF Expert alternative by clicking the download button below.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How Much Does PDF Expert Cost?

Regarding the PDF Expert Premium plans, there are 2 main options: a yearly subscription and a lifetime license. The experience and benefits vary with both, and below are the details you need to know about these subscription plans:

PlansYearly SubscriptionLifetime Subscription
Price$6.67/month, billed annually at $79.99$139.99/perpetual
UpdatesWith the yearly subscription, you get all the updates, meaning you will never miss out on any latest features.A lifetime subscription does not cover the latest updates, so you miss out on any newly released features after you get the license.
Platform supportThis subscription provides a complete experience on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.A lifetime subscription option is only available for Mac, and you don’t get the premium iPhone and iPad versions with this plan.
FeaturesIt comes with all the free and premium features unlocked.It comes with all the free and premium features unlocked within the specific version you purchased.

The advantage of both plans is the "30-day money-back" guarantee, providing peace of mind. If you still have reservations, opting for the weekly free trial is recommended.

For a more cost-effective PDF editor integrated with AI, UPDF is the optimal choice. Its pricing starts at $25.99 per year, available at a discounted rate during our big sale.

Part 3. Is It Worth Upgrading to the PDF Expert Paid Version?

If you are currently using the free version of PDF Expert or your weekly free trial is about to end, you might wonder if upgrading to the paid version would be worth it. The simple answer for all such thoughts is no, and there are many reasons backing it, including:

  • The features you get are not worth the price you pay for. There are many cheaper options available on the market.
  • PDF Expert does not bring any special features not available in other tools. Most of its features are available for free in other tools.
  • Suppose you have a "Windows PC or Android smartphone/tablet" with other devices from Apple Ecosystem. In that case, the paid plan will be useless on other devices, and you will have a restricted experience.
  • Even getting a lifetime subscription to this tool is not worth it since you miss out on important updates and the latest features, and you don't get the iPhone or iPad version included in the license.

So, it would be much better to explore other tools rather than purchasing the overly expensive paid version of PDF Expert.

Part 4. What is Better than PDF Expert?

Since upgrading to PDF Expert paid version is not the best choice, you might be exploding for options better than it. UPDF is a PDF editor and viewer tool that solves all the problems with PDF Expert. Not only that, it brings a lot of extra features that will offer you a much better usability experience.

Download UPDF for a enjoyable PDF editing experience!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


Comparing these two tools is essential to see what value UPDF offers in a better way, and below is the comprehensive comparison table:

 UPDF FreeUPDF PaidPDF Expert FreePDF Expert Paid
PDF Editing
PDF Annotating
PDF Converting
AI (Summarize, Translate, Rewrite, Explain, Chat)
OCR PDFAllows previewing
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidMac, iOSMac, iOS
Pricing and PlansFree$29.99/year;
$139.99/perpetual (can only use on Mac)

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The table clearly shows how UPDF offers much better value than PDF Expert. So, if you are looking for a reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly option that doesn't break the bank, then purchase UPDF. You can use it for free, and for an even better experience, purchase the premium version at extremely cheap prices - UPDF Pro and its AI add-on feature are now on big sales.

Final Words

Knowing which one to pick between the Free and Paid versions of PDF Expert can help you decide quickly. Hopefully, this PDF Expert free vs paid comparison is helpful enough for you, and now you can decide which version to choose depending on how it meets your requirements. You will enjoy a much better experience by getting all the necessary features.

The best part is that you will not spend on something you don’t need. At a glance, the free version only brings the basic features good enough for reading PDF documents and taking notes by highlighting or filling out forms. So, if you have any additional requirements from the tool, then going for the paid version is essential.

And if you want to find an excellent PDF Expert alternative, we highly recommend you to try UPDF as it is cheaper with the same features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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