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  • What is UPDF?

    UPDF is a complete PDF solution to meet all your PDF requirements across Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It is a versatile tool with features such as editing, annotations, converting, and page organizing, and more exciting features will be added with each new version.
  • Is UPDF free?

    Yes, UPDF for Windows and Mac has a free version as well as premium plans. To use the free version, users need to sign up for an account and log in. Please note that there are limitations to the free version.
    1.OCR can only be experienced, cannot save and copy the content.
    2.The free version will add watermarks automatically when saving the file.
    3.Conversion is limited up to twice a day.
    4.Batch processing can only handle two files.
    5.Only one template can be added on watermark, header and footer, and background separately.
    6.The UPDF Cloud trial version includes 1GB of storage space with a limit of 10MB for a single file. (Upgrade to Yearly UPDF Pro to get 10GB storage space with 2GB max per file for uploading. Upgrade to Perpetual UPDF Pro to get permanent 2GB storage space with 2GB max per file for uploading.)
  • How do I download and install UPDF?

  • What are the differences between the UPDF for Mac website and the App Store version?

    Two major differences exist in both directions taken for downloading UPDF on your Mac. Firstly, the website version provides the dedicated OCR feature on the tool, while the App Store version does not have this function available. Another difference in both versions is the quick and frequent upgradation of the website version, which makes it a superior option. (Note: Currently, the Mac with Intel chip version doesn't release the OCR feature yet.)
  • What language does UPDF work in?

    UPDF is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Dutch, and Korean.
  • What system does UPDF support?

    UPDF is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android currently.
    (Please note that the mobile app features are different from the desktop features. Check the tech spec page to learn more.)
  • How to set UPDF as your default PDF viewer on Windows?

    Right-click a PDF document and click on "Properties". After clicking on "Properties", you can see the "Open With" column, and now click on "Change". Now you can see the UPDF option, click it and then click on "OK". This will help you set UPDF as the default PDF viewer on Windows.
  • How to set UPDF as your default PDF viewer on macOS?

    Control-click a PDF file and select "Get Info" from the drop-down menu. In the "Get Info" window, click the "Open with" drop-down box, and select UPDF to open by default in the drop-down menu. Click "All Changes" below to take effect. macOS will ask for confirmation of this action and select "Continue".
  • Is UPDF 64-bit or 32-bit compliant?

    UPDF is 64-bit compliant.
  • Do I need to be online to use UPDF?

    No, UPDF is a secure offline utility that protects document and user privacy.
    Please note that you need keep your device connected to the Internet while registering and activating UPDF, as well as to get live updates, product usage assistance, etc.
  • How safe is UPDF? Will my files be stored?

    Unlike online tools, UPDF is a desktop software for Mac and Windows, so you don't need to upload any file to the Internet. Your files are safe on your local storage.
  • How can I learn to use the new features in UPDF?

    You can consult the UPDF User Guide for Windows, UPDF User Guide for Mac, UPDF User Guide for iOS, or UPDF User Guide for Android, but all the features are highly intuitive so you can jump right in and start using the product.
  • How to contact UPDF support team?

    The UPDF customer service team is on call during business hours on Monday to Friday. You can contact us via email () and we'll get back to you within 24 hours during business days. You can also follow:
  • My company is interested in purchasing UPDF in volume. How do I get started?

    Please contact our dedicated sales team through email: .
My Account
  • How do I create a UPDF account?

    The process of creating a UPDF account is pretty straightforward. and provide your email address to create the account. We will email your login code, which you can use to log in to your account. If you don't want to use the code repeatedly in the future, you can set a password for your account.
  • How to edit my personal info of my UPDF acccount?

    • First, your account.
    • Second, click the avatar on the top-right corner. It will lead you to the account center.
    • Third, You can change your avatar, name, email, and password in the account center.
  • I forgot my password

    If you forgot your password, you could sent to your email. After entering the account center, locate the "Change Password" option. Verify your account identity and create a new password.
  • I forgot my account

    If you are a premium user and have forgotten your account, contact us at [email protected], and our support will help you resolve your problem on an immediate basis. If you are a free user and have forgotten your account, you can create a new UPDF account.
  • I want to change my email

    Please login to your account through the UPDF website or app to visit the account center. There is an option called "Linked Accounts Manage" which is below "Email", and select the button. Then choose the "Change" choice so that you can change email afterwards by inputting the correct verification code sent to the original email.
  • How can I change or reset my password?

    Access the and scroll down to locate the "Change Password" option. Enter the code to verify your account identity and create a new strong password..
  • Can I link another email to my account?

    Yes, you can link 2 other email addresses including Google and apple ID to the UPDF account. Login to your account, click the "Linked Accounts Manage" option, and link your account. After link accomplishment, you can log into the UPDF account through 3 different email addresses.
  • How do I activate UPDF after signing up?

    To activate UPDF premium features, upgrade it to the Pro version. After the purchase, log in and activate your UPDF to take advantage of all premium features.
  • I don't receive the code while signing up

    Check out the spam folder if you did not receive the code in your inbox. Regardless, the mail server will have rejected our mail if it is still not discovered. You will have to whitelist [email protected] by following this guide. If it still does not work, contact our support team at [email protected].
  • How to redeem UPDF?

    Log into your account here, and find the "Redeem" option under the Subscriptions Card. Enter your code, and click "Redeem". Then you can unlock UPDF across all the platforms.
  • Does UPDF for Windows version have OCR feature?

    Yes, UPDF for Windows provides a dedicated OCR feature that helps you to convert your documents into searchable and editable PDFs.
  • What's the difference between the App Store version and the official website version of UPDF for Mac?

    The Mac App Store version doesn't include OCR functionality. Accessing the OCR tool depends on the type of chip your device uses:

    • Users with Apple Chips can uninstall the App Store version and download UPDF from our website to access OCR.
    • Users with Intel Chips won't have OCR, even with the website version.

    All other features remain consistent across both versions.

  • How can I turn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs?

    Yes, you should consider using the OCR feature offered by UPDF for turning scanned documents into editable PDFs. It provides two options for using the OCR technology, where it converts the document into a "Searchable PDF" or "Image-only PDF." Check the detailed instructions on how to OCR PDFs.
  • What languages are supported by the OCR tool of UPDF?

    UPDF provides a total of 38 languages in its OCR tool which includes, Belarusian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Dutch (Belgian), English, Finnish, French, German, German (Luxembourg), German (New Spelling), Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Japanese (Modern), Korean, Korean (Hangul), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Russian (Old Spelling), Russian with Stress Marks, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen (Cyrillic), Turkmen (Latin), Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.
    Along with that, it also provides 4 bilingual options of Chinese Simplified and English, Chinese Traditional and English, Japanese and English, and Korean and English in its OCR tool.
  • What can I do if I want to apply the OCR on a PDF document with multiple languages?

    If your PDF document is bilingual and you want to make it editable and searchable, then you can select more than one language in the OCR tool of UPDF. UPDF also offers 4 bilingual languages, which are Chinese Simplified and English, Chinese Traditional and English, Japanese and English, and Korean. However, please note that if you select more than 3 languages in the OCR tool of UPDF, then the process of the OCR recognition might become slower.
  • Can I view multiple PDFs?

    You can open multiple PDFs and view them in their own tabs. This tabbed view allows you to quickly toggle between two or more PDF files.
  • How can I edit the existing text in PDF?

    Click Edit PDF in the left toolbar to go into editing mode, then click any line or paragraph to begin editing the text.
  • Can I add or edit images in PDF?

    Yes. Please click the "Edit PDF" option on the left toolbar to enter the editing mode. Use the "Image" icon to bring a new image into the PDF file. To edit the image, double-click on it, and you'll see a content-aware toolbar with various image editing options.
  • What markup tools can I use to annotate PDF?

    UPDF for Mac provides a range of annotation tools such as text markups (Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Squiggly Line), Sticky Notes, Text Comments, Text Boxes, Pen Drawings, Shapes, Stamps, Stickers, Signatures, and more. UPDF for Windows supports Highlight, Strikethrough, Underline, Sticky Notes, Text Comments, Text Boxes, Shapes, and more.
  • What to do if I want to rearrange pages in PDF?

    Click the Organize Page tab on the left toolbar to enter the Page Management mode, then select the thumbnail of a page and move it to a new position within the document.
  • What new features have been added recently?

    UPDF will be regularly updated with features and will eventually be a full-fledged PDF document management utility. You can visit UPDF what's new page to check the latest release.
  • How can I activate UPDF after purchasing?

    To activate UPDF, you need to log into your UPDF account and all the features will be unlocked automatically. You can use your account to unlock UPDF on all the platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android).
  • Can I unlock UPDF on all platforms with my account?

    Yes. With one purchase of a Subscription Plan or a Perpetual License, UPDF allows you to unlock UPDF features on all platforms with the same account.
  • How many devices can I use for one account?

    If you buy one license code, you can use UPDF on 4 devices: 2 desktops (1 Windows + 1 Mac, or 2 Windows or 2 Macs) and 2 mobile devices (1 iOS +1 Android, or 2 iOS, or 2 Android). Reinstalling when you replace a new device is allowed.
  • What are the limitations of the free version?

    UPDF provides a free version. To use the free version, all you need to do is to sign up for an account. No credit card is required and we won't charge any fees for the free version. However, there are some limitations to the free version. With the free version, watermarks will be added automatically when saving the file, and you can convert files twice a day for free. You will also have 1GB of free UPDF Cloud storage space in the free version. With a file size limitation of 10MB per file.
  • Can I upgrade to future major versions if I purchase a Perpetual License?

    Yes, you can upgrade to future major versions of UPDF, but we may or may not charge an upgrade fee depending on the situation as we reserve the right to charge upgrade fees for future major versions.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. All of our subscription plans will automatically renew, but you can cancel the subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, please log in to your UPDF account on updf.com, click on your profile picture to enter UPDF Account Center and find the "Cancel Subscription" button. Click on it and follow the steps to cancel your subscription. (If you purchase UPDF from the Mac App Store, please follow the instructions here.)
  • What happens to my files in UPDF Cloud on canceling my subscription?

    When the subscription expires, nothing happens to the files within the cloud. You can access your files, and they are not deleted or removed from your account. If you exceed the storage quota after the subscription cancels, UPDF Cloud won't allow you to sync your files.
Enterprise Plan
  • Do the Enterprise and Individual Plans provide the same features to users?

    Yes, both plans primarily offer the same feature set to the user to manage their PDF files. However, the Enterprise Plan brings more flexibility in configuring, tracking, and managing the licenses within the company.
  • Does the Enterprise Plan include future major upgrades or only minor updates?

    Enterprise Plan comes with a lifetime license and one-year free technical support for the account. Major upgrades and minor updates are supported during a one-year period of technical support. But, if the technical support period ends, you can only get hold of the major upgrades if you renew the technical support service fee for your Enterprise Plan. Otherwise, you only have minor updates.
  • How many devices can I use in an enterprise account?

    For user belonging to an enterprise account, they can enjoy the services of UPDF on three different devices at the same time, which include 1 desktop and 2 mobile devices.
  • Do enterprise accounts have access to cloud storage to sync all the documents on all devices?

    Yes, the enterprise account has access to cloud storage for synchronizing all documents across all devices. For users who create documents on UPDF, they can access the documents on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS if they upload them to UPDF Cloud.
  • How much cloud storage memory can the Enterprise account have?

    On purchasing the Enterprise Plan, the users are awarded 20GB of cloud storage memory for a year which supports 2GB max per file. Those who need this cloud storage memory after a year, they'll have to renew their cloud storage plan. If the cloud storage service is not renewed, the Enterprise account will only have 1GB of cloud storage with 1MB Max per file limitation.

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