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How to use UPDF AI for Android

UPDF Android now offers AI features, allowing users to effortlessly summarize, explain, translate, and write content of PDF. Owing to its Ask PDF feature, users can ask multiple questions from PDF or enter the Chat mode to experience human-like conversations with the AI chatbot.

UPDF AI for Android offers the following two comprehensive modes:

  • Ask PDF Mode
  • AI Chat Mode

Please note that UPDF AI is compatible with UPDF versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. After purchasing and receiving authorization for AI features, you can access UPDF AI on both Windows and Mac computers, as well as on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. To learn more about UPDF AI features for Android, click on this article to visit the detailed guide for proper utilization of AI prompts.


Big news! The web version of UPDF AI has been officially released. For anyone using or contemplating the web version of UPDF AI, this article provides comprehensive guidance.

Accessing the UPDF AI Features

Here is how you can access UPDF AI features:

Way 1: Select your desired text in PDF and tap UPDF AI on the mini toolbar.

UPDF AI entry

Way 2: Tap the Search icon on the top menu bar and tap the multi-colored UPDF AI icon. Here, you can select Ask PDF or UPDF AI mode.

UPDF AI entry two on Android

Ask PDF Mode

This feature makes your PDF speak up, answering whatever questions you ask. It supports summarizing, translating, or explaining the PDF content.

1. Summarize PDF

You can use Ask PDF to summarize your specific paragraphs. Here is how you can do so:

  • Access Ask PDF mode via the above-mentioned guide and hit Start.
  • Your AI Assistant will auto-analyze the file content and generate a comprehensive summary.
  • Alternatively, just select the desired text and copy it. Type in the chat box: "summarize this: [paste the copied paragraphs]" and tap the arrow icon.
Summarize text with UPDF AI android

2. Translate PDF

Whether you want to translate a word, sentence, paragraph, or complete content into your desired language, the Translate PDF feature of this mode has got your back. Its supported languages include Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, German, and many more. Here is how you can get the translated content:

  • Copy the text that you want to translate by selecting it.
  • In the Ask PDF mode, type "translate in Chinese [paste the copied text here]" and tap the arrow icon.
  • UPDF AI will generate translated content for you to help you better understand the written content.
Translate text with UPDF AI Android
  • You can also obtain translated version by selecting text in the PDF and choosing to Translate from the given UPDF AI features in quick toolbar.

3. Explain PDF

Do your PDFs include difficult wording or corporate jargon? Ask PDF mode will help you delve into the concepts and develop optimal understanding via the Explain PDF feature. Here is how it works:

  • Select the part of the content that you want to get the explanation of and copy it.
  • Go to the Ask PDF mode via the search icon guide and type: "explain: [paste the copied text here]." Tap the arrow icon in the chat box to proceed.
  • UPDF AI will swiftly explain entered content thoroughly, easing you into understanding different terms.
Explain PDF content with UPDF AI Android

AI Chat Mode

This mode isn't limited to PDF content only. You can ask it whatever you want beyond the PDF content. Hop on below to learn about the multiple features it supports:

1. Summarize

You can use Chat mode to summarize content of any length. Just follow the guides below to get started:

  • Select and copy the content you want to summarize, not necessarily PDF.
  • Access Chat mode from the Search icon and choose Summarize from the drop-down arrow menu featured on the left side of the chat box.
  • Paste your content and tap on the arrow icon to get a summarized version in a matter of a few seconds or minutes, depending on the length of your added content.
Summarize text with UPDF AI chat

2. Translate

Like the Ask PDF mode, Chat Mode allows translating content into multiple languages, like French, Korean, Japanese, English, etc. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Copy your desired content from the source.
  • Select Translate from the drop-down menu on the bottom left corner.
  • Select your desired language, paste the content, and hit the arrow icon.
  • After a while, you will have your content translated with ultimate accuracy.
Translate with UPDF AI chat

3. Explain

If you are stuck with some difficult words or content featuring complex concepts, there's no need to worry. UPDF AI Chat Mode is here to help you out! Follow the steps below to understand how:

  • Select and copy the desired complex term or paragraph that you want to get an explanation of.
  • Navigate to the Chat mode and select Explain from the drop-down menu featured on the bottom left corner.
  • Paste the copied content and hit the arrow icon on the right of the chat box.
  • UPDF AI will generate a detailed explanation for you in a few seconds.
Explain with UPDF AI android

4. Human-Like Conversation

This mode can also be used for human-like conversations. You can consider it your mentor or teacher who has ample knowledge to give appropriate answers to any of your queries. For instance, if you are researching water sterilization and get stuck with "Why do we use chlorine for water disinfection?" Just type this query in the chat box and get your answer generated!

Chat with UPDF AI Android

5. Writing + Rewriting

Besides processing provided content in multiple ways, UPDF AI's Chat mode can also help you generate new ideas for content. Access the Chat Mode and ensure you have selected Prompt from the drop-down menu. Now, type in anything that you want to write on. For instance, "How-to guide for promoting your product". You will get the most appropriate answer from your AI assistant.

Write with UPDF AI Android

Moreover, you can also ask it to rewrite content for you. Copy the content you want to rewrite in different words when keeping the meaning the same and type this command in the chat box: "rewrite this: [paste the copied content]." To get the rewritten version, hit the arrow icon.

6. Check

Have you written content for your blog or client and want it to be error-free? You can use this Chat mode to remove spelling errors, typos, or Grammar mistakes. Copy your desired content and type the following command in the chat box:

"Spell check: [paste the copied content]"

Tap on the arrow icon to generate the error-free version. You can also use the same prompt format for checking grammar errors or getting assistance in any other form. For instance, just ask it to make your content sound more professional or engaging and get the desired version within seconds.

Check spelling
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