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How to Save a PDF on Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android

Knowing how to save a PDF properly is important if you need to modify PDF files. All your efforts in modifying a PDF document through editing, organizing, or annotating can be wasted if the changes aren't saved. Although you might expect any changes to a PDF file to be saved automatically, that is not the case with PDF editors.

By reading this article to the end, you can learn how to save changes to a PDF on different platforms. We'll also recommend the best PDF editor for you to use.

Part 1: Save PDF vs. Save as PDF

Using a PDF editor to edit your documents, you might have come across options of "Save PDF" and "Save as PDF," to save your PDF files. They might seem like similar options, but there is an important distinction between both options. The "Save PDF" option saves the change of a PDF to the original file located at the original location. When using "Save as PDF," you can save modification as a new file with a new name and location.

When looking for a PDF editor to modify your PDFs, UPDF is the best choice. You can easily edit your PDF files using this tool's wide range of features. It also provides both "Save PDF" and "Save as PDF" when you need to save a PDF file. The tool is available on all platforms, and you can use it to edit and save your PDFs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition, you can access most premium features for free, including PDF editing, annotating, converting, and more - click the button below to start your trial.

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Part 2: How to Save PDF on Windows and Mac (3 Ways Available)

If you are editing your PDF files on Windows or Mac with UPDF, there are multiple ways in which PDF files can be saved. Below are the steps to save your PDF file after modifications:

Step 1: Modify Your PDF File in UPDF on Windows/Mac

Open UPDF on your Windows or Mac and use "Open File" to open your PDF file. You can modify your PDF document using the tools on the left sidebar. These tools allow you to edit, annotate, crop, watermark, organize, etc. to your PDF files.

Step 2: Save Your Modified PDF File on Windows/Mac

Once you are done with modifications in your PDF file, you can use any of the three ways given below to save changes in your PDF.

  • The First Way to Save PDF (Save as Other):

Select "Save as Other" from the right sidebar, and you will see different options for saving your PDF. You can choose either "Save" or "Save as" to save the changes in your PDF document.

  • The Second Way to Save PDF (File > Save):

Your modified PDF file can also be saved by using the "File" menu. Click the "File" tab from the top left corner and select "Save" or "Save as" to save your PDF file.

  • The Third Way to Save PDF (Shortcut key):

Windows and Mac also allow you to use shortcut keys to save your document. To use "Save," you can use the "CTRL + S" key on Windows and the "Command + S" key on Mac. For "Save as," the keys are "CTRL + Shift + S" for Windows and "Command + Shift + S" for Mac.

It is simple to save PDF and save as PDF with UPDF. You can click the button below to try it yourself.

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Part 3: How to Save PDF on iPhone or iPad

UPDF is also available for iOS devices if you are wondering how to save a PDF on an iPhone. Below are the steps for saving PDF files on iOS devices:

Step 1: Edit Your PDF File on iPhone/iPad using UPDF

When using UPDF on iPhone or iPad, you can open a file by pressing the "+" icon and selecting your PDF file. You can easily edit PDFs on your iPhone with the help of annotating and editing tools. It also allows you to create new PDFs and organize them according to your needs.

Step 2: Save Your Edited PDF on iPhone/iPad

After you are done with modifications in your PDF file, tap "Done," and it will save all the changes in your PDF document.

Step 3: Using Save As on iPhone/iPad

If you want to save the changes to your PDF file in a new PDF, you can use the "Duplicate" option by pressing the "Three-Dots" below your file name. It will create a copy of your PDF where you can make all the changes, and your original PDF will remain intact.

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Part 4: How to Save PDF on Android Phone

Android phones are the most common smartphone used worldwide, so knowing how to save PDFs on Android phones is important. These are the steps you need to save PDFs on Android devices with UPDF:

Step 1: Annotate Your PDF on Android with UPDF

Make sure you have installed UPDF on your Android devices.

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Then, use "All PDF" to open your PDF file. You can annotate PDF on Android using annotations like highlights, comments, sticky notes, stamps, etc. Organizing your PDF by inserting, removing, or rotating pages is possible.

Step 2: Save the Annotated PDF Document on the Android

With all the modifications completed, press the "Three-Dot" icon from the top right corner. You can select either "Save" or "Save as" to save all the modifications in the document.

Part 5. FAQs on Saving PDF

If you have any questions regarding how to save a PDF, we have answered the FAQs on saving PDFs below:

1. How do I save an existing PDF File?

You will need to use a PDF editor to save changes to an existing PDF file. UPDF is the best PDF editor that allows you to easily modify your PDF to add required changes and save it.

2. Why can't I save a PDF File?

Multiple reasons can be behind your inability to save a modified PDF file. It can have something to do with document permission settings or other issues. You can try to save the changes using the "Save as" option and save your PDF file in a new location and new name. If you can still not save your PDF, visit this article to find a detailed solution for the can't save PDF problem.

3. Does a PDF automatically save?

No, it does not save automatically. Automatic saving when modifying a PDF file be troublesome as you won't be able to undo the wrong modifications. That's why you need a great PDF editor like UPDF to help you modify and save your PDFs properly.


When dealing with PDF files, the need to modify them is inevitable. That's why choosing a PDF editor that can help you easily modify your PDF files and save all the changes is very important. UPDF is a tool recommended by many industry experts due to its user-friendly interface and processes for modifying and saving PDF files.

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