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Is It Possible to Insert a PDF into Google Docs for Accessibility?

If you want to collaborate with your team, accessing PDF data on Google Docs seems like a good idea. However, when intending to upload the PDF to Google Docs for these purposes, you can encounter a limitation as Google Docs lacks the functionality to facilitate this action.

To serve this purpose, they need to consider some other methods for accessibility purposes. This article will teach you how to insert PDFs into Google Docs with different methods.

Part 1: Why Can't I Upload PDFs to Google Docs?

No, uploading PDFs directly to Google Docs for collaboration is not supported due to the absence of such a feature. Nevertheless, there are alternative approaches to improve accessibility. One method involves creating a link to the PDF file and embedding it within Google Docs. Another option is to convert the PDF into a Word document, enabling the content to be searchable when accessed in Google Docs.

Also, you can convert the PDF into an Image and then open it on Google Docs for collaboration purposes. Details of these other ways to put PDFs into Google Docs have been discussed later in the article.

Part 2: How to Insert a PDF in Google Docs via Link?

Users want to upload the PDF to Google Docs to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. However, they can't upload it as Google Docs does not offer such a feature to them. Generating the link of a PDF file to put in Google Docs can serve this purpose. To create the PDF link for inserting it into Google Docs, UPDF is the best tool option.

This tool also has a convert feature to convert the PDF into other formats such as HTML, CSV, and Excel. With this feature, PDFs can be converted into another format without any formatting loss. Moreover, the share with other features of this tool allows you to create the link for inserting in Google Docs. The step guide on how to insert a PDF into Google Docs via a link has been given below:

Step 1: Download the UPDF and Add the PDF File

Begin the process by downloading the UPDF in your system by clicking the "Free Download" button below. After this, launch the tool to get access and explore its advanced features. Next, click "Open File" and import the desired PDF file to check the content of the document. Click the "Share this File with Others" icon on the right-side panel to access the floating window.

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Step 2: Generate the Link to the PDF file

Now, hit the "Create" button on this window to generate the link to the opened PDF file. Afterward, when the link to the PDF file is generated, copy it.

Step 3: Open Google Docs and Insert the Link of the PDF File

After copying the link, access the new document in Google Docs and click the "Insert" tab. From this dropdown menu, select the "Link" option to access another window.

Step 4: Paste the Link to Insert the PDF into Google Docs

Following this, paste the copied link of the PDF file into a specified area of the new screen. Next, hit the "Apply" option to insert the PDF link into Google Docs.

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Part 3: How to Add PDF to Google Docs via Converting PDF to Word?

Another method to add PDF to Google Docs is converting PDF to Word. Using this approach, you can leverage UPDF's conversion feature to carry out the transformation. Furthermore, the resulting Word format file is editable, allowing modifications to the content. Now, let's explore the steps on how to put a PDF into Google Docs via converting PDF to Word:

Step 1: Launch the PDF Converter to Import Required File

Get access to this PDF converting tool by hitting the "Free Download" button below to download and install it. After launching the tool in your system, click the "Open File" option from the main interface to import the required PDF file.

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Step 2: Convert PDF to Word Document With this PDF Converter

Upon importing the PDF, hit "Export PDF" on the right-side panel to open a side window. Then, choose the "Word" option from the side menu to access the PDF to Word conversion settings.

Step 3: Adjust the Setting to Convert PDF to Word Document

From the UPDF conversion settings, select the language of the document from the "Document Language" option. Also, choose the custom page range for this conversion process from the "Page Ranges" option. Finally, click the "Export" button to convert the PDF to a Word document.

Step 4: Access the Word Document to Open the Word File

After converting PDF to Word file format, open and access Google Docs. Now, hit the "File" tab from the main interface to open the dropdown menu. Afterward, choose the "Open" option and access the "Open a File" window.

Step 5: Upload the Word File in Google Docs

Then, click the "Upload" tab on the Open a File window and hit "Browse" to add a Word File. By doing so, you will be able to add the PDF content to Google Docs.

Part 4: How to Insert PDF File in Google Docs via Converting PDF to Image?

In addition to the method mentioned above, another approach to inserting PDF files into Google Docs is converting PDFs into images. You can do this conversion with the help of the convert feature of UPDF. A comprehensive guide of steps on how to insert a PDF into Google Docs via converting PDF to Image is given below for your convenience:

Step 1: Install and Launch the PDF Converting Tool to Add the Document

To use the convert feature for converting PDF to image, you need this PDF converting tool on your system. So, click the "Free Download" button below to download this tool. After that, install and launch this PDF converter to access the convert feature. Click the "Open File" option on the main window to add the PDF file that you want to convert.

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Step 2: Convert PDF to Image with Convert Feature of UPDF

Then, click the "Export PDF" icon on the right side of the new UPDF window. After this, select the "Image" option from the Export PDF menu, among other options that open the conversion settings.

Step 3: Adjust the Image Conversion Settings on UPDF

Next, choose the desired format of the image from the "Output Format" option. Additionally, from the "Page Ranges" option on the settings window, select the desired page range for converting PDF into an Image. Finally, hit the "Export" button to complete this PDF-to-image conversion.

Step 4: Open the Google Docs to Insert Image

Now, open the document on Google Docs and hit the "Insert" tab to open the dropdown menu. Later, hover over the "Image" option that opens another dropdown list, and select the "Upload from Computer" option. In the end, upload the image to add the PDF to Google Docs by converting the PDF to the image.

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Part 5: Best Alternative to Replace Google Docs

There is no built-in feature in Google Docs to insert the PDF document for storing and sharing. Also, Google Docs can't process PDFs to make data accessible. It depends on the internet connection for proper working, so an unstable network can affect your working on Google Docs. Therefore, the best alternative is UPDF to process PDF files with numerous features. You also do not need an internet connection to use UPDF to read and process PDFs.

Other Key Features

  1. Edit PDF: Users can edit the PDF file content, such as text and Images, with this feature of the tool. In addition to that, this feature allows users to add links and attachments to the PDF file easily.
  2. Annotate PDF: You can make the PDF document engaging with the annotate feature of UPDF. Moreover, it offers sticky notes and highlight and underline text options to mark up the PDF document.
  3. Convert PDF: This tool feature allows you to convert PDF into editable formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, with this feature, you can convert PDFs at a faster rate and with zero formatting loss.
  4. UPDF AI: Students can understand the PDF file content better with the UPDF AI feature. They can get the explanation, summary, and translation of the content in PDF through this feature of the tool.
  5. Organize PDF: With the organization feature of UPDF, you can replace, rotate, and delete PDF pages. Additionally, this feature allows people to crop, split, and extract PDF pages for the organization of documents as required.

Try to explore these features of UPDF for PDF processing by downloading it. To get advanced functionality, we recommend upgrading to UPDF to the Pro version to enjoy all edits without worrying about the watermark.

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In simple words, you cannot upload the PDF file to Google Docs for fulfilling your accessibility purpose. However, there are some other effective methods that help in adding PDF content to Google Docs. One of the methods is creating the PDF link through UPDF to add it to Google Docs. Also, you can convert the PDF into Word or image file formats to insert the PDF into Google Docs.

Moreover, Google Docs can't process PDFs, so UPDF is the best alternative to serve the user's purposes. Download UPDF by clicking the "Free Download" button below for easy PDF conversion. In addition, you can also get a detailed review of this conversion tool by clicking on this How-To Geek link.

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