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Go Paperless: Transform Your Lifestyle for a Greener Tomorrow

The shortage of trees has led to serious issues like global warming and climate change. Due to this, our surroundings and environment constantly face the consequences like an increase in temperature and pollution. To play our parts individually and collectively, we should take necessary measures as responsible citizens. One of the significant measures that you can take to protect the environment is to go paperless. In this article, we will shed light on how to go paperless to protect the trees.

Part 1: What Does it Mean to Go Paperless?

To go paperless indicates that to prefer a new means of working without the usage of paper. Common areas where paper is widely used are invoices, tax returns, agreements, contracts, proposals, and other academic purposes. If we aim to shift towards digital means and technology to handle this workflow, we can save the wastage of paper.

If a government, corporate industries, and private agencies make a policy to go paperless, it can make a massive difference for our environment in terms of controlling pollution. Consequently, trees in our forests and other surroundings would be preserved that can play a key element in focusing on issues like climate change. This can be a great initiative to preserve our ecosystem and prevent issues like air pollution, global warming, etc.

Part 2: Why is it Important to Go Paperless?

Paperless businesses can bring a massive change to the environment. In this part, we will address a few key benefits of going paperless that you should know.

1. Great Efficiency

Paperless work can increase your efficiency in many ways. You can save your documents on your computer and can make quick edits or modifications anytime you want. You can edit, create, and make copies of the same document quickly with a single click. Moreover, you can add extra elements to your saved documents, such as images, backgrounds, charts, and graphs, flawlessly.

2. Provides Safety

Our confidential or any secret information can be easily stolen or copied through paper documentation. It can be displaced or lost and offers no backup. On the other hand, paperless files that are saved on our systems provide various options for data security. You can protect the files through a password and can also recover them in case of accidental deletion.

3. Cost-Effective

Consuming paper for daily work can be expensive, especially in the era of inflation. You can protect yourself from the cost of buying paper by shifting towards digital means. You can create and edit multiple documents on your computer and devices free of cost.

4. Better Organization

Our technology-driven systems and devices provide an excellent opportunity to organize documents and files. You can make separate folders to save your files, preferably. Moreover, you can get rid of unwanted files with a single click without the wastage of paper.

5. Instant Access

Just with a few clicks, you can read and access your documents anytime and anywhere. Also, you can share and export the files to other platforms within seconds. You don't need transportation or any conveyance to hand over the files physically. Within seconds, you can transfer the data safely and effortlessly.

6. Improved Customer Experience

By putting your business across a paperless system, you will influence a cost-effective, swift, and progressive environment that essentially improves the speed of completing the tasks of your clients. A paperless system directly contributes to a successful customer experience.

Part 3: How to Go Paperless at Work?

There are several ways to go paperless for office and academic work. In this section, we will shed light on multiple ways how to go paperless at work through which you can reduce your paper consumption.

Use File Viewer and Editor

Editing and reading files on paper restrict the user in many ways. You need to take printouts, and then you can add comments and notes with your pen. It's time-consuming and does not meet the professional requirements. For this, you should use a file editor and viewer like UPDF to view, edit, annotate, and highlight the work on your files.

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It can save your time and effort with a few clicks, and you can craft a document with the help of advanced features. You can change the font, style, and size of the text anytime you want without putting any effort. Moreover, you can read the documents in multiple page layouts and modes to enhance your focus while reading the file.

Here are some features of UPDF-

  • Read PDF documents in four different modes such as one or two page scrolling, and one or two page view.
  • Edit the text, images, and links in PDF effortlessly.
  • Annotate PDF and add comments to PDF.
  • Organize PDF pages easily, like extracting, replacing, rotating, splitting, and deleting pages in PDF.
  • Using password to protect PDF.
  • Share PDF files via links, QR code, and email.
  • Convert PDF to 14 popular formats like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, CSV, image, Text, etc.

Prefer Electronic or Digital Signatures

Signing documents also consumes unnecessary paper along with the hassle of being physically present there. That's why people are shifting towards digital signatures now to quickly sign important documents, contracts, appointment letters, and proposals instantly.

To create customized flawless electronic signatures, you can explore tools like UPDF and DocuSign; which contain many related options. Furthermore, electronic signatures do not need your physical presence, so you can quickly sign the file with a single click even if you are busy somewhere else. This can save the paper and also the hassle involved in between.

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Store Data on Cloud Storages

Office and academic work require sending or sharing files with other individuals for various purposes. For this, you would need extra paper to print the same file multiple times to deliver it to other people. If your file is lengthy and includes descriptive content, more printing paper would be required. To avoid this hectic task, you can navigate to the cloud storage platforms like UPDF, Google Drive, Dropbox Box, and OneDrive.

These cloud storage platforms can store large file sizes instantly. Also, you can save your files there and can share the link with other people instantly. By doing so, various people can read or download your shared file simultaneously without needing paper.

Manage Client and Employee Finances

Working with finances and accounts requires a lot of paperwork daily. Also, while giving salaries to the employees, you would require payment slips for verification. This procedure not only consumes paper but is also a complicated task to manage finances. To manage your workflow related to the finance of your clients and employees, you should try finance management software like Wave.

Wave app can help you manage finances related to your work in an organized manner. You can keep all the records and make schedules to fulfill the tasks before the due time. Moreover, this software lets you quickly check the record of your accounts and finance. It will not only help you tackle your work efficiently but can also save the wastage of paper.

Offer Digital Services

For any work, customer service is the top-most priority to run a successful firm. You can initiate digital services for your customers, such as engaging them in online activities and providing them incentives. By offering digital services to your clients or customers, you can build strong relationships without requiring paperwork.

Also, you can use this opportunity to get instant feedback from online surveys to improve your performance. With the help of Hootsuite, you can manage all your social networks in one place. Paperless businesses can help you grow in the digital forum with effective strategies and techniques. Thus, take this opportunity and flourish your work while protecting the environment.

Market your Brand Online

Prevent yourself from spending on expensive pamphlets and market your brand on online platforms. Through online websites and social media platforms, you can reach out to your audience more effectively. You can create the website of your business and can share it with other people through a link to promote your brand. Moreover, you can create Google Ads to engage the audience with your work and deliver your message flawlessly.


Have you ever thought of going paperless for your work? This idea is beneficial in saving the destructing environment and can help you manage the work in a structured order. This article has provided descriptive details regarding how to go paperless office conveniently. You can explore the recommended digital apps and platforms to ease your workflow along with playing your part to save the ecosystem.

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