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Batch Insert on Windows

Find the option of adding a specific PDF file in a collection of PDF documents with the help of a single function on UPDF.

1. Find the Batch Insert Option

Download UPDF via the below button. Launch it by double-clicking on the desktop icon. Open UPDF and look for the "Batch" option on the home screen of the PDF tool.

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batch option in updf

Choose the "Insert" option.

2. Add Multiple PDF Files

Once you find yourselves in a new window, look for the "Add Files" button, which will help you add all the files to which you wish to add a PDF document. There are different options that appear upon selecting the aforementioned button on the screen:

  • Adding a Specific File from File Explorer

If you select "Add Files…" from the drop-down menu, you will have to browse a file to add it to the platform.

  • Adding Opened Files

If some files are currently open on UPDF and you wish to add them in the Batch Insert section, use the "Add Open Files…" button to continue.

  • Add Complete Folders

For adding a collection of documents, it is best to use the "Add Folders…" if the files are present in a single folder.

add files to batch insert

Note: if you are using the free trial version, you can only insert one PDF into two PDF files at one time. If you have bulk PDF files, you can upgrade to UPDF Pro at affordable price to unlock all limitations.

3. Add the File to Be Inserted

Continue to the right panel to find the "Insert File" section. Browse and add the PDF document that you have to insert on all imported PDFs.

Proceed to set the "Location" where the PDF needs to be inserted. You can select any option out of "At the front," "At the end," and "After page," where you have to specify the page number.

add files to be inserted

4. Batch Insert the PDF to Multiple PDFs

Continue to the "Apply" button on the bottom-right of the screen if you want to conclude the process. Browse the location and continue to save the new PDF document.

apply batch insert pdf to multiple pdfs

5. Removing a File from the List

If you intend to remove a PDF file from the list, navigate the cursor to the particular file and select the "three-dots" icon. Look for the "Remove File" option in the drop-down menu and continue.

remove special file from list

To open the file in its location, you can select the "Show in Folder" option in the same menu. If you want to know the details of the PDF, select the "File Setting" option for more information.

To clear out the complete list of PDFs, use the "Clear List" button on the top.

clear list icon

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