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Batch Insert on Mac

UPDF now gives you the ability to add a PDF file on multiple PDFs with its Batch Insert feature with defined locations.

Launch UPDF and continue to the "Batch Insert" option from the homepage.

batch insert icon

1. Add Files

As a new window opens, you can click on "Add Files" to import the PDFs on which you want to insert the specific PDF.

You can consider using different options for adding PDF files on the platform. It includes

  • Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop all the PDF files from your Mac onto UPDF to execute the process.

  • Add Files By Browsing

Click the "Add Files" option and continue to select "Add Files…" from the drop-down menu. Continue to add files by browsing them from the device.

  • Add Open Files

You can select the "Add Open Files…" option from the drop-down menu to import files that are already open on a tab in UPDF.

  • Add Folders

This option gives you the ability to add a complete folder of PDF documents with ease. Select "Add Folders" and continue to browse from your Mac.

add files to batch insert on mac

2. Select a Source File

As you add the files, navigate to the right panel to insert the file in the "Insert File" tab to select a source file. This will be the file that will be batch inserted into all the imported PDFs.

select a source file

3. Select the Position for Insertion and Apply

Browse the file by clicking on the "three-dots" icon that appears adjacent to it. Once you add the PDF, set the "Location" where you wish to insert it on pre-imported PDF documents.

You can select the option of "At the front," "At the back," or specify a page with the "After page" option.

select the position of insertion

Once you are done with the settings, continue to select "Apply" and define the location of the PDF document in the window that opens.

apply insert a pdf to multiple pdfs

4. Remove Files from List

If you seek to clear a specific document from the list, lead to the specific file and tap on the "three-dots" icon alongside it. Select "Remove File" from the options to delete it from the list.

remove the file from list

You can also tap on the "Clear List" option and confirm the prompt to delete all files from the list.

delete all files from list

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