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How to Save Twitter Thread to PDF? (3 Best Ways)

There are multiple scenarios when you need to save Twitter thread to PDF. A few examples include using them as a reference for your document, compiling multiple threads in one file to support an idea, or you want to save threats to keep a permanent record. No matter what's the motivation behind saving threats in PDF form, this article will teach you 3 most effective ways to do that.

Part 1. Save the Twitter Thread as PDF on Windows and Mac Using UPDF

The most convenient way of converting Twitter Threads into a PDF document is by using UPDF. You can take screenshots of threads and UPDF will effortlessly convert them to a PDF and you can add them to old or new PDF documents. Hence, UPDF is the perfect choice for all use cases where you need a Twitter thread in a PDF document, and you can try that by downloading UPDF for your device.

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On Mac:

After you download UPDF on Mac you can use the screenshot option for directly getting Twitter threads in your PDFs. UPDF on Mac is compatible with the macOS built-in screenshot features and you don't need any other third-party tool or additional steps to take screenshots then save them to PDF. Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how you can use UPDF to save threads as PDFs.

Step 1: Click the UPDF icon on Mac and launch UPDF. Click "File" > "Create" and select the type of screenshot you want. Selection capture lets you take a screenshot of selective areas on the screen, window capture will capture the whole window that you want, and screen capture takes a screenshot of everything that's on your screen.

Step 2: Use the cursor to take screenshot according to the option you selected and once you take the screenshot it will be automatically converetd to a PDF document. All there is left for you is to save the PDF.

On Windows:

The screenshot features on Windows OS are a little different from macOS so you need to use the built-in screenshot tool "Snip & Sketch" to take the screenshot then save it and use UPDF to convert it to PDF or add it to your PDF document. Here are the steps to follow for saving threads from Twitter as a PDF.

Step 1: Open the Twitter thread that you want to save as PDF on your Windows PC. Press "Windows + Shift + S" to take screenshot of the whole page or selectively take screenshot of the thread only. Now save that screenshot as an image to your device. In general, it will be saved in the picture folder of your computer by default.

Step 2: Launch UPDF by double-clicking its desktop icon and click "File" > "Create" > "PDF from Image" Now you can pick that screenshot from the popup file explorer window and as you click "Open" UPDF will automatically convert that image to a PDF document.

Step 3: Click "Save as Other" > "Save" and a PDF document with the screenshot of that Twitter thread will be saved on your device. You may need to follow along with the file-saving steps in the popup file explorer window.

Apart from converting images of Twitter threads to PDF, UPDF can be used for many other purposes since it is packed with lots of amazing features. If it is a long thread, you can summarize it with UPDF AI. You can edit images of Twitter threads by using UPDF OCR feature.

With UPDF you can also annotate Twitter Threads. UPDF is the only tool you will need for all your use cases around a PDF document so download it to try and unlock premium features by purchasing UPDF Pro. To know all features of UPDF, you can read the UPDF review article from Howtogeek.

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Part 2. Save Twitter Thread as PDF Online Free Via Printing in Browser

Another method to save any Twitter thread on your PC as a PDF is by using the printing feature in browsers. This method works on all devices and browsers but comes with some drawbacks as well. For example, you cannot print as PDF while getting the theme you applied to Twitter on your browser.

Moreover, this method prints the whole page which means you may be getting a lot of useless information in your PDF documents. Another drawback of this method is that you must create different PDF files for different threads unless they are all on the same page.

The good point about this method is that you don't need to access any third-party tool or application, so it is great for security and privacy reasons. Here is the step-by-step guide on how online printing on a browser can help you save threads from Twitter as PDF:

Step 1: You will launch your browser and sign in with Twitter to get the thread that you wish to save. Once the thread is on your screen you will left-click anywhere and from the options click Print.

Step 2: Your browser will now open the printing interface. Ensure that the printer is set to "Microsoft Print as PDF" from the dropdown menu otherwise you will get a hard copy of that print through your printer. Afterwards, you can click "Print" and the browser will download that page containing thread as a PDF on your PC.

Part 3. Convert Twitter Thread to PDF Online Free Via Thread Reader App

Let's say that you want to save some thread from Twitter as PDF, but you don't want to reveal your identity. Additionally, you only want the content from that thread instead of the whole page and useless content. In such a scenario it will be a great option to use the Thread Reader App. It is a bot that lets you save threads as PDF when you reply to them on Twitter with mentioning its handle.

However, that can create privacy issues so we will stick to the other method where you access the web app of Thread Reader and paste the link to that thread. This way, your identity will not be shown on Twitter and you can save the content that you need. Before you begin with the steps you need to ensure that you sign up with Thread Reader app for free and then follow these steps:

Step 1: You need to start by getting the link to tweet that you want to save as PDF. You can get the link by using the share option on Twitter mobile or desktop app. Alternatively, you can log in to Twitter on your browser, open that thread and copy the link from your browser's URL bar. Then you may go to Thread Reader web app on the browser and paste thread link there then click "Find Unroll"

Step 2: Now Thread Reader app will show you the whole thread whose link you pasted and there will be a share button on top, you can add a bookmark to that thread, and there is a button "Save as PDF" that you can click to begin the download. If you aren't logged in to Thread Reader yet, it will ask you to login first then it will begin downloading the PDF.

Final Thoughts

Saving a Twitter thread to PDF can be helpful in so many scenarios. The best part about it is that even if the owner deletes that thread, you can keep your copy unlike accessing it online where the thread becomes inaccessible to public after the owner deletes it. The best method for saving threads in PDF form is by using UPDF since you get a lot of editing and other features here. So, if you are working on PDF threads, downloading UPDF is a must, and you must purchase the UPDF Pro as well to unlock all the premium locked features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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