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RenewedPDF Reading Experience Ever

Embrace an enhanced reading experience with our AI-powered PDF reader. Dive into books with faster, easier, and deeper comprehension.

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Read Faster Than Ever, AI-Accelerated

Accelerate your reading pace by grasping a book summary using UPDF AI, and accessing all-inclusive reading tools, bookmarks, thumbnails, search, etc.

Read Deeper, Gain Valuable Insights

Unlock a world of knowledge by effortlessly looking up word definitions, explaining complex terms, and translating foreign languages with UPDF AI.

Read with Pleasure, All Tools in One App

One App, Limitless Possibilities. Markup, edit, change the background of PDF eBooks, and more within a single platform.

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AI Summarize PDF

UPDF AI can be your Intelligent PDF assistant to extract key insights and let you engage with your PDF.

PDF Bookmarks

Navigate pages through the bookmarks swiftly.

Search in PDF

Find specific words and phrases in the PDF eBooks.

Go Back and Forth

Quickly return to a specific page with one-click.

AI Explain PDF

Elucidate complex terms from the book with UPDF AI instantly.

Lookup Definition

Look up the definition and meaning of words in PDF while you are reading.

AI Translate PDF

Translate foreign books with AI for a broader range of reading opportunities.

Annotate PDF

Create dynamic annotations as you engage with the book.

Edit PDF

Correct typos, edit images, and make the eBook perfect!

Various Display Modes

Multiple display modes to personalize your reading experiences.

Change PDF Background

Relieve eye strain by changing the background color of the PDF document.

Read PDF on the Go

Immerse yourself in knowledge, wherever you are, with the UPDF mobile app at your disposal.

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Key features of UPDF



Summarize, translate, and chat with PDF.

edit pdf

Edit PDF

index functions edit image desc

read pdf

Read PDF

Immerse in seamless PDF reading.

Cloud pdf

UPDF Cloud

Access documents across different devices.

annotate pdf

Annotate PDF

Enhance PDF collaboration with annotation.

convert pdf

Convert PDF

Transform PDF to/from diverse formats.

Ocr pdf


Make scanned PDFs searchable and editable.

organize pdf

Organize PDF

Simplify PDF page organization.

Batch pdf

Batch PDF

Batch convert, combine, insert, encrypt and more.

Password pdf

Protect PDF

Safeguard your PDFs from unauthorized access.

Compress pdf

Compress PDF

Reduce PDF file size to perfection.

Forms pdf

Fill and Sign

Seamlessly create, fill, and sign PDF forms.

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Supports Windows 7 or later

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Supports iOS 14.0 or later

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Supports Android 6.0 or later

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