5 Easy-to-Use Employee Productivity Tracking Software for 2023

After hiring your staff, monitoring their screen activity is necessary, which isn't possible if you've such a large team. Although you can use a productivity monitoring tool in this regard, what to do before starting implementation of this tool into your business workflows? This article comprises all the answers with 5 top productivity tracking tools, including UPDF, the best document productivity management tool.

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Part 1: Before You Do Productivity Monitoring

Define Your Business Goals

Productivity monitoring is essential to determine what your employees are doing on their screens during job hours, which automatically helps conclude their productivity. But before integrating a productivity tracking tool into your business, you need to gather, collect, and analyze data based on crucial parameters surrounding your business goals.

Define Effective Strategies

Every business has a different niche and orientation, so you need to find core activities based on your business. For example, your core activities would depend on software development, testing, and deployment if you have a software agency. Once your core activities are ready, you need to plan and define strategies on which you're going to measure the employee's productivity. However, you must ensure the strategies are fair and helpful for your employees.

Part 2: Pros and Cons of Productivity Tracking

Although implementing employee productivity tracking in your business may look like a beneficial facility for an employer, it may also be on the negative side for an employee. Let's find the pros and cons of productivity tracking tools:


  • As an employer, you don't need to physically visit every employee in the department to determine the update on the project they are working on. With a simple click, you can access all his data.
  • An employee will get report-based feedback on their performance in a specific period. This will help the employee to overcome inefficiencies and improve overall.
  • Time management of employees will significantly improve as they will learn how much time they take to complete specific projects.
  • Employees will get motivated and confident when they know they have performed well in the previous month, following their performance insights.


  • Employees may feel uncomfortable because of the private data being exposed to the employer, which is not good.
  • Unfair evaluation of work quality is also possible, certainly in project tasks requiring creativity and logical thinking, as everyone doesn't think the same.

Part 3: Top 5 Productivity Tracking Software

By using productivity tracking software, you can effectively streamline your employee monitoring process with the minimum of hassles. This way, you will not only save your crucial time dealing with other business matters but also save costs. The following employee productivity tracking software are undoubtedly going to help you:

1. Document Management Tool: UPDF

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updf document productivity tracking

Known as the best PDF document management tool currently available, UPDF is precisely what you need to simplify important business document tasks conveniently. This PDF editor allows you to edit, manage, convert, and organize your business documents in a one-stop solution in the way you want. Don't worry about your document's layout or style getting changed because UPDF keeps everything in its place while processing.

For employees that are required to handle and manage the company's official documents, UPDF is a perfect partner for them. With its attractive GUI and non-complexed tool navigations, everything is simplified. You can download UPDF software on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Key Features

  • Edit essential business documents with the UPDF editing facility that allows editing text in PDFs, editing images, and links, and you can also add the company's watermarks or associated color backgrounds.
  • Improvise your PDF document with UPDF organizing service by which you can replace, crop, rotate, extract, add, delete, or even re-arrange your PDF pages as per business requirements.
  • Make your business files more authentic with the annotation facility at UPDF. So, you can add essential business comments or do highlights and underline text. You can also add official signatures to PDF documents.
  • Convert the company's official paper documents into searchable and editable PDFs by using the OCR functionality of UPDF, which also provides 38 languages support to make your company globalized.

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2. Project Management Tool: ProofHub

ProofHub is your trusted solution to plan, organize and manage all your projects in a simple and organized way. After all, this project management tool is backed with the latest tools and technologies that enable your teams to work collectively on a project, irrespective of geographical location. This means you can work with anyone while sitting in any part of the world.

Interestingly, this tool is also an ideal employee productivity tracking software. Since it allows the manager to track who is working on which project and what's the current progress. There is also an option for direct messages.

productivity monitoring proofhub

Key Features

  • Customize the access settings as needed. For example, set restricted access for employees, limited access for the manager as admin, and full access to the employer as owner.
  • Make the project feedback less confusing with the availability of customizing markup tools. This way, you can quickly implement reviews and changes.
  • With a range of language options, hire staff for your projects from multiple cultures and origins without facing language barrier issues.

3. Time Management Tool: DeskTime

Managing project timelines is now easier and smarter with DeskTime, a perfect time management tool. Hence, by using this time tracker, you can effectively enhance your employee productivity by up to 30%. After all, there is an integration of an automated time tracker that records project time from start to end. In fact, you can also set hourly rates for your employees, and everything is perfectly monitored, meaning no more problems with un-billed hours.

Meanwhile, using this employee productivity tracking software is easy and convenient because it has simple tool navigation. Meanwhile, there is a 14-day free trial period available to get started.

employee productivity tracking time management tool

Key Features

  • Easily monitor your employees' work progress while viewing the total hours they have worked till now. 
  • With the option to offer shifts with shift scheduling, you can avoid absentee issues by setting up a remote working platform.
  • Different time trackers are available, including automatic timers, offline timers, document title timers, private timers, and web timers.

4. Performance Monitor Tool: PerformYard

Enhance your performance management to a whole new level, all possible with PerformYard, your single-stop performance monitor tool. Meanwhile, this tool allows you to effectively assess your employee's working quality and standards in a well-organized way. With dedicated support for reviews and check-ins, employers can review and leave feedback on employees' performance in real time.

The availability of goal management facilities allows for setting up goals well in advance, after which you can devise strategies and bring your team on board to achieve them. This productivity-tracking software can also track employees' performance and dedication toward goal management.

productivity monitoring software performyard

Key Features

  • You can easily customize the software to create a performance management process that aligns with your business objectives.
  • Through reporting and analytics support, review and track your employee's A to Z performance data within a specific time or role. For HR, this facility is a great helping hand.
  • PerformYard is backed with GDPR compliance as well as AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit key authentication. Thus, all important and confidential business data is safe.

5. Employee Monitoring Tool: MoniTask

Make your remote business tracking totally hassle-free, thanks to MoniTask employee productivity tracking software. This monitoring software captures instant screenshots to provide a complete overview of your employees' screens, by which you determine whether an employee is working or not. You can also monitor the performance of your employees using time tracking and task tracking facilities, which are all available on your simplified dashboard.

Simply create projects and let your remote employees work on them in a streamlined environment. In addition, there is also a facility to record employees' attendance by reviewing their logins and logouts, and this helps determine their efficiency.

productivity tracking software monitask

Key Features

  • With the employee hour tracker, measure the project timeline based on the work hours logged. This way, employers can know how much time an employee works based on performance monitoring.
  • This monitoring tool provides cross-platform support as you can use it on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebook, and macOS operating systems in a simple way.
  • You can get detailed insights into every aspect of the employee's performance, efficiency, and productivity on a given project through reports and statistics.

Part 4: FAQs on Employee Productivity Tracking

1. Can you monitor employee productivity?

Every employer can monitor employee productivity within their company. For this purpose, using a productivity monitoring tool is essential, and UPDF is the right answer as a document management tool.

2. Is it legal to track employee productivity?

In USA and Canada, it's totally legal to track the performance of your employees, but it's essential that tracking is only based on business goals, as per the laws. Moreover, employers are also required to provide notice to their employees before starting to monitor them. Regardless, every country has different rules on data privacy, so you need to check whether your country's law allows employee tracking.

3. How do you track employee daily productivity?

Employee productivity could be tracked using employee productivity tracking software. In this article, we introduce all kinds of productivity tools to help your employee increase productivity. Using UPDF is the best solution in this regard because that provides well-detailed and organized results within document management.


With the rising technology and rapid emergence of entrepreneurship opportunities, more and more business entities are entering the market, which means more staff hiring is also occurring. To make things smoother and more streamlined, employees are now looking to embed productivity monitoring software into their businesses.

Before implementation, there are some matrices to consider, and this article has ideally assisted in that. Also, you discovered the 5 most popular productivity tracking software, among which of them was UPDF, the next-gen document management application.

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