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Simple PDF Tools


Use across:

Yearly Perpetual

  • Auto renew, billed yearly

  • Pay once, use forever.

  • Full access to all PDF tools including edit, convert, annotate, OCR PDFs, and more. (AI is not included)

  • 10GB cloud storage

    2GB cloud storage

Advanced AI PDF Tools

UPDF with AI AssistantStandard

Use across:

UPDF Pro /Perpetual

AI Assistant(Standard) /Year

    All features in UPDF Pro, and AI benefits:

  • Analyze 100 PDFs with AI

  • Get answers to 1000 questions/month

  • 10GB cloud storage

🔥 Unlimited AI PDF Tools

UPDF with AI Assistant Unlimited

Use across:

UPDF Pro /Perpetual

AI Assistant(Unlimited) /Year

    All features in UPDF Pro, and AI benefits:

  • Analyze unlimited PDFs

  • Get answers to unlimited questions

  • 100GB cloud storage


  • Analyze 100 PDFs/mo

  • Ask 1000 questions/mo

  • 10GB cloud storage


  • Unlimited access to AI

  • 100GB cloud storage



Auto-renew, billed yearly. Cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

Auto-renew, billed quarterly. Cancel within 15 days for a full refund.

Use across:

AI powered by GPT-4



UPDF with AI Standard

UPDF with AI Unlimited

Top Features

AI Assistant

Summarize, translate and chat with PDF with Generative AI in the desktop, mobile app or web. Learn more >

Analyze 3 files
Ask 30 questions

Limited tokens

Unlimited tokens

UPDF Cloud Storage

Sync files across differenct devices.

1GB, 10MB max per file

10GB, 2GB max per file

2GB, 2GB max per file

12GB, 2GB max per file

102GB, 2GB max per file

Edit PDF

Edit text, images, links, and more in PDF.

Trial watermarks added

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to Office formats, images, text, html and more.

Convert 2 files/day


Turn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.

Annotate PDF

Add highlights, shapes, stickers, stamps, notes on PDF.

Trial watermarks added

Protect PDF

Protect PDFs with password, watermarks or redact
sensitive information.

Trial watermarks added

Organize PDF

Add, delete, reorder, rotate, extract, split, replace or
crop PDF pages.

Trial watermarks added

PDF Forms

Create, fill and sign forms.

Trial watermarks added

Compare PDFs

Compare two versions of a PDF to review all differences.

AI Assistant

Total Files Limit

3 PDFs

100 PDFs/mo.


Total Chat Questions

30 questions

1000 questions/mo.


Pages Limit Per File

Up to 100 pages per PDF

Up to 1000 pages per PDF

Up to 1000 pages per PDF

Maximum File Size Limit

10MB per PDF

2GB per PDF

2GB per PDF

Cloud Storage for AI




Edit PDF

Edit Text, Images, and Links

Edit Watermark, Background, Header and Footer

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Images, Text, HTML, XML, etc.

2 free conversions per day




Create PDF from Word, Excel, PPT, images, etc.

Annotate PDF

Highlight, Underline, Strikeout, Squiggly

Sticky Note, Text Box, Typewriter, Text Callout

Pencil, Eraser, Shapes, Stamps, Stickers

Sign PDF

Batch Process

Batch Convert, Combine, Print, Encrypt, and Insert

2 files in a batch




PDF Forms

Fill PDF Forms

Create PDF Forms

Edit PDF Forms

Protect and Share PDF

Redact Sensitive Info

Add Password to PDF

Share PDF via Link and Email

Organize PDF Pages

Insert, Replace, Reorder, Extract, Split, Rotate, and Remove Pages

Crop Pages

Other Tools

Compress PDF

Measure PDF

Flatten PDF

Save as PDF/A

Save 2 files/day




Manage Bookmarks in PDF

Slideshow PDF

See All Features

Frequently Asked Questions

If you buy UPDF or AI assistant, you can use UPDF or its AI features on 4 devices: 2 Desktops (1 Windows + 1 Mac, or 2 Windows or 2 Macs) and 2 Mobile Devices (1 iOS +1 Android, or 2 iOS, or 2 Android). Reinstalling when you replace a new device is allowed. Furthermore, AI Assistant is also available online. You can use AI features by visiting updf.ai.
For a better understanding of the differences between a yearly plan and a perpetual plan, the following aspects should be kept in mind:

1. Yearly plan means that the selected package will auto-renew automatically annually. However, the perpetual plan is a one-time fee.
2. Yearly plan users will receive unlimited free updates and upgrades if they pay for the package annually. On the other hand, perpetual plan users can also enjoy the new updates, but we reserve the right to charge for the big upgrades.
3. Yearly plan can get 10GB of cloud storage and the perpetual plan can get 2GB of cloud storage.
Being a free user of UPDF, you might face some limitations while using its trial version:

1. The free version automatically adds a trial watermark when saving the document.
2. PDF conversion is limited to up to 2 times a day.
3. Batch processing can only handle two files in the free version.
4. OCR can only be tested but the content cannot be saved or copied.
5. Only one template can be added on the watermark, header and footer, and background separately.
6. The UPDF Cloud trial version includes 1GB of storage space with a limit of 10MB for a single file. (The premium account has 10GB storage space with 2GB max per file for uploading.)
If you want to test AI Assistant, there are some specific limitations while using its trial version, which is mentioned as follows:

1. You can only upload and analyse up to 3 PDFs and a maximum of 100 pages/PDF.
2. The file size is limited to 10MB per PDF file.
3. Free questions are limited to a maximum of 30 times.
AI Assistant Standard gives you the benefits of analyzing 100 PDF/month and asking 1000 questions/month. You can get 10GB cloud storage. On the other hand, with AI Assistant Unlimited, you can analyze unlimited PDFs and ask unlimited questions. You can get 100GB cloud storage. Both plans have the same upload file size limit of 2GB and 1000 pages/PDF.
Yes. If you have already purchased AI Standard, you can purchase AI Assistant Unlimited directly from UPDF's pricing page.
After you purchase the Unlimited version, please cancel the subscription for AI Assistant Standard from the account center to avoid auto-renew. Then, contact our customer support by emailing to [email protected] to make a refund for your AI Standard subscription. Please note the refund should be in compliance with our refund policy, i.e., mainly dependent on the benefits consumption situation.
In case you only buy the AI Assistant, you will still be a free user of UPDF, limiting your access to tools like editing, annotating, and converting PDFs. However, you can try and use all the features of UPDF but with certain limitations such as trial watermarks being added.
If you only purchase UPDF without the AI Assistant, you can only analyze 3 PDFs with AI or ask 30 questions for testing. Should you require additional tokens, you will need to purchase the AI Assistant additionaly.
If you have any questions, we recommend you contact the customer support team by emailing [email protected]. Moreover, you can visit the User Guide and FAQs page to learn more about UPDF and AI Assistant.
AI Assistant is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web. When you purchased AI Assistant for your UPDF account, you gain access to it on all five platforms. You can access the AI feature on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices by downloading the UPDF program. Alternatively, you can use AI features directly on your browser by visiting updf.ai.

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