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The Latest Update to UPDF - AI-Powered OCR

No need for Human interaction when verifying documents as you can now do it with AI-Powered OCR, The Next Evolution in Image to Text Processing.

Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd. has done it again by adding the OCR functionality powered by advanced AI that can read text from image/scanned files into text from up to 38 languages.

updf release the ocr feature

Have you ever wondered how you can compete with big companies that process data verification and extraction for a living? Well, now you have the answer and the best solution as Super Software; their latest update to UPDF gives you the option to convert and extract information in 38 languages from image files. With this latest addition, you can easily extract information from thousands of posts online daily from your favorite social media platform when assessing your product's market.

What Exactly is AI-Powered OCR?

Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader helps you to identify alphanumeric recognition of text, even handwritten images, at blazing speeds from a single scan. With the power of AI coming into the mix, you can enhance this recognition even further and convert them to editable text, which you can then translate into any language. The best part about this technology is that it removes the need for human intervention once it knows what to do.

Benefits AI-Powered by OCR

  • Reduce human errors as the software is backed by excellent AI algorithms
  • High accuracy when extracting data for multiple document processing like processing forms etc., making them much faster and easier
  • Human input is minimized, which will save time
  • Enhance document and data processing productivity for facilitating data retrieval at a moment's notice
  • Perfect for Data processing businesses and allowing for reduced cost and enhanced security
  • All your important documents will be text searchable and can be accessed with a simple search function

Features of AI-Powered OCR

  • Higher Accuracy - With our expert coding, UPDF can help you process millions of documents and enhance your data entry to a whole new level
  • Document Support - No matter the document type, whether its an ID card, Passport, or a handwritten recipe, UPDF can now perform various post-processing functions when needed
  • Language Support - As long as your output is a text-based document, UPDF can help you extract data from 38 languages
  • Multiple Platform Support - UPDF software is available on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. And its OCR feature now is available on desktop only
  • AI Training - Each time AI-powered OCR processes a document, it enhances its understanding to serve your company and employees better
perform ocr with updf


The latest AI-Powered OCR function is available to users already subscribed to UPDF for free.

  • Freemium - For beginners, which allows a single processing daily and converts up to 5. Opening and reading all you want.
  • Subscription Plan – For entrepreneurs and aspiring businesses, giving you the freedom to choose $14.99/Quarter for only $4.99/month and US$29.99/Year for only $2.49. This version gives you unlimited access and processing on any platform we support for your documents.
  • Perpetual License – If you don't want a subscription plan and want to reap all the benefits of it, then pay $49.99 once. You won't get any significant upgrades in this version but can use all our functions.

Who Will Need AI-Powered OCR for Productivity?

  • Any company or individual  that plans to do away with paper documents and use OCR for data entry
  • Any company or individual who wants to reduce paper trash while transferring all their documents to digital
  • The banking and Financial sectors process thousands of documents daily
  • For companies who want to extract information and data from images and social media posts

Visit the main UPDF page for more cool features, and contact us today to get you set up for the best PDF processing solutions.

About Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd.

We at Superace are committed to providing the best tools and services for a fraction of the cost of our competitors with a one-stop solution for most PDF processing needs. Our developers and software engineers have been churning hard work for over ten years to what you see as a fantastic PDF management tool where new features are added regularly.

We believe in providing world-class solution options to professionals with our products, and enhancing the productivity of professionals is our main mission. To learn more, check the interview of Peng Lan, CEO of Superace Software.

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