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PDF Expert vs. Adobe Acrobat: Choose the Right One for You

PDF editor is a need for every student and businessman to get their work done on PDF files effectively. Many of you struggle to choose between popular tools, such as PDF Expert, Adobe Acrobat, and UPDF. They all have their values and preferences in the market, but you should choose the one that can give you the best results.

By the end of this article, you will be able to differentiate between PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat and also have an idea about what makes a PDF editor best than its competitors.

Comparison between PDF Expert, Adobe Acrobat, and UPDF

Pricing, Systems, and FeaturesPDF ExpertAdobe Acrobat Pro DCUPDF
SystemsMac, iOSWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Read PDFRead PDFs in Multiple Layouts
Add and manage bookmarks
Display a PDF as a slideshow
Annotate PDFHighlight/Strikethrough/
Underline/Text Comment/
Text Callout/Text Box
Advanced Shapes: Hexagon, Triangle
Squiggly line
Edit PDFEdit text in PDFs
Add, delete, extract, rotate, crop, and replace images
Add and edit links, headers, and footers
Add and edit watermarks, background
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
OCRTurn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs
Convert PDFConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, and Images (PNG, JPG)
Convert PDF to CSV
Convert PDF to BMP
Convert PDF to GIF
Save PDF as PDF/A
Organize PDFExtract, Rotate, Split, Remove, and Crop pages
Insert blank pages
Insert pages from another PDF file
Replace pages
Encrypt PDFAdd an open password to the PDF
Add a permissions password to PDF to prevent copying, printing, and editing
Redact sensitive information
Share PDFSend a PDF by Email as an attachment
Share PDF via a link
Create PDFCreate a blank PDF
Create a PDF from Captured Image
Create PDF from other file formats
Fill and SignFill out Forms
Create PDF Form
Edit PDF Form
Add Electronic Signature
Add Digital Signature
Print PDFPrint PDFs
Other FeaturesReduce PDF Size
Merge PDFs

Why Choose UPDF Rather Than Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert

Adobe Acrobat, UPDF, and PDF Expert are a few tools that can help you with PDF problems. Selecting one of them can be complicated, that is why here are some of the points which set UPDF for Windows and Mac apart from its competitors:


1. Easy on the Pocket

You must invest some money before using a good tool but getting the same features at a lower price is a better treat. If you are looking for a PDF editor that can offer diverse features at a lower price, you should go for UPDF. Adobe Acrobat is an expensive tool for which you have to pay a hefty price of US$239.88/year to use its paid version.

Spending this much money can be problematic for students and startups. As for PDF Expert, you have to spend US$79.99/per year before using its features. However, with UPDF, you can access it for US39.99/year, which is a very good deal for both students and official use.

2. License Compatibility

Everyone knows that before using a tool, they have to buy its license so it can work effectively for them. However, tools like Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert demand to buy a separate license for every device. In simple words, if you are working on a Mac, you have to buy a license, but somehow if you are switching to a Windows computer, you have to buy a new one again. In the case of UPDF, when you buy a license, you can use it on several devices without any restrictions and limitations.

3. Features That Set UPDF Apart from PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat

UPDF is a PDF editing tool built on advanced technology that can smoothly enhance your document's productivity. It has a vast feature set, and they all play their role in making it better than its competitors. Some of the features that set UPDF apart from its competitors are mentioned here:

  • Stickers to Improve Engagement: Adding stickers anywhere in your document can improve its engagement ratio with its user. You can insert stickers to express emotions and the context entertainingly. One can add stickers anywhere in a PDF file by using UPDF. There is no such feature present in Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert.
updf vs pdf expert vs adobe acrobat
  • Innovative Annotation Tools: Annotation features of UPDF plays an important role in making it better when compared with Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert. With the help of this tool, you can add shapes, text callouts, text boxes, and squiggly lines in PDF files. As for Acrobat, you can add text boxes and shapes, whereas PDF Expert doesn't have the aforementioned features.
  • PDF as a Slideshow: With the help of UPDF, you can run a PDF file as a slideshow. You can take the experience of slideshow without actually using a slideshow application. This tool allows you to present PDFs as a slideshow in different ways. However, PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat don't have this feature.
updf vs adobe acrobat vs pdf expert
  • Add Rich Text by Dragging: Adding rich text can reduce the hassle and effort of a person. You can simply open the web page on your browser to select the text for dragging it into your PDF document. However, if you are working with Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert, you first need to search for the information and then copy it. Following this, you must navigate through the PDF file and paste it into the desired place.
  • Conversion of PDF Files: Converting PDF files can be irritating if you are not working with a tool that supports multiple formats. UPDF is a tool that allows its users to convert PDF files into multiple formats, including HTM, XML, TIFF, BMP, CSV, PDF/A, GIF, and many more. At the same time, tools like Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert are limited to some formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, etc.
updf vs pdf expert vs acrobat
  • Encrypt PDF Documents: If you use a tool with exceptional security features, you can encrypt PDF files as per your needs. With UPDF, you can add an open password for restricting complete access to documents and a permission password in PDF files to prevent copying, printing, and editing. However, you can not do this with PDF Expert.
  • Cost-Effective OCR: One can convert scanned PDF files into searchable and editable formats by OCR. Adobe Acrobat, PDF Expert, and UPDF all support OCR features, but the difference comes with their pricing. With UPDF, you can perform OCR at a lower price, whereas you have to pay a high price for doing OCR with other tools.

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What Makes a Tool Better Than Other Tools in The Same Fields

Now that you have a clear idea about the best PDF editor, you may look forward to working with it. Regardless of the discussion that is covered, it is important to know what makes a tool better than its competitors. To get an answer, look at some points listed here:

1. Compatibility

Ensure your tool is compatible with different platforms, so you don't have to face any limitations. For Example, you can use UPDF on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and PDF Expert can be used only on Mac and iOS.

2. Interface

An interface is a basic part of any software or tool because it maximizes usability and improves user experience. The interface of UPDF is well-organized and well-structured, which makes it easy to use the tool. In comparison, Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert have untidy interfaces that can create difficulty for the users to use them.  

3. Features

The list of features of tools shows how much assistance you can take from any tool. The features of UPDF are very diverse in comparison with PDF Expert and Adobe Acrobat. That is why it is one of the most preferred tools for both academic and official use.

4. Pricing

If you are getting the same feature at a lower price, why would you spend additional money to use that feature? Students face pricing problems while finding the right tool, but with a cost-friendly tool like UPDF, there is nothing to worry about.


The discussion above indicates that UPDF is better than Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert in many ways. First, this tool is inexpensive and easy to use, automatically showing how it can maximize the productivity of PDF files. Moreover, some of the points mentioned in this article showed the criteria a good PDF tool should fulfill.


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