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Foxit vs. Adobe Acrobat vs. UPDF: Which is the Best PDF Editor?

Having a great PDF editor is a must when dealing with PDF files. However, it can be difficult due to the sheer number of available editors especially when you encounter the "Foxit vs. Adobe" problem when you make a final decision.

To make this easier for you, we have discussed Foxit vs. Adobe vs. UPDF, the top 3 PDF editors. The article will help you understand which tool is best and why it is best by comparing features, pricing, compatibility, pros, and cons. To make an informed choice, stick with the article to the end.

Part 1: Feature Comparison: Foxit vs. Adobe vs. UPDF

Adobe is one of the oldest PDF editors available, providing users with an array of PDF editing, annotating, organizing, and protecting PDF documents. Plus, users can even prepare PDFs to meet accessibility standards. You can share and review the PDFs with the help of add comments features. However, this tool comes with a heavy price tag and has a very complicated interface, especially for beginners.

Another PDF editor that users consider greatly is Foxit. This tool is much like Adobe but has a more user-friendly interface. Included in its diverse services, this PDF editor assists users in editing and readily converting PDFs to different formats. Users can even conveniently change the text color, style, and alignment. The downside of this tool includes the lag, especially when performing OCR on scanned PDFs. Moreover, the macOS version of Foxit is not optimized like Windows, which can hinder the daily document management of MacBook users.

Heading to the best PDF editor, UPDF offers much more user-friendly and lightweight compared to both the tools discussed above. Editing PDFs is quite easy using UPDF as all tools are easily accessible with just a single tap. Moreover, users can even prepare forms, use UPDF AI to chat with PDFs, and easily store files on the UPDF cloud. Also, using this tool, you can create PDFs from other formats for editing. Download this software to see how amazing it is.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Systems and FeaturesFoxit PDF EditorAdobe Acrobat Pro DCUPDF
Read PDFRead PDFs and create bookmarks
Search text in PDFs
Display a PDF as a slideshow with Presenter View
Annotate PDFHighlight/Strikethrough/Underline/Squiggly line/Typewriter/Text Box/Callout/Sticky Note/Shapes/Pencils/Stamps/Signatures
Manage the annotation list
100+ Beautifully-designed Stickers
Edit PDFEdit text, images, links, watermarks, background, header & footer in PDF
Replace image in PDF
Add rich text by dragging and dropping
OCRTurn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs
Convert PDFConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, RTF, HTML, XML, and Images
Save PDF as PDF/A
Convert PDF to CSV and GIF
Organize PDFInsert, Replace, Extract, Rotate, Split, Remove, and Crop pages
Encrypt and ShareProtect PDFs with passwords
Flatten PDF
Share PDF via a link or email
Redact sensitive information
Create PDFCreate a blank PDF
Create PDF from other file formats
Print PDFsPrint PDFs
Fill and SignFill out Forms
Create PDF Forms
Edit PDF Forms
Sign Digitally
Sign electronically
Other FeaturesOptimize PDF - Reduce File Size
Combine files into one PDF

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Part 2: Pricing and Performance Ratings of Foxit, Adobe and UPDF

Foxit PDF EditorAdobe Acrobat Pro DCUPDF
Check pricing in detail >>
SystemsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android

(You need to purchase separately for Windows and Mac devices)
Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
(One purchase for all platforms)
Rating for UI Design3.8/54.0/54.8/5
Rating for Performance Speed4.2/54.5/54.9/5

Based on the results in the table, UPDF turns out to be the best with high-end UI design and performance among the other tools. Even the top-notch UI design helps users to work efficiently at any time of the day. Even beginners can quickly start using this tool without any complexity. Moreover, the faster performance speed helps users to ensure that urgent tasks are completed efficiently with an enjoyable experience.

Part 3: Why UPDF is Better than Foxit and Adobe

After testing and trying all three tools, we believe UPDF to be the winner of the UPDF vs. Foxit vs. Adobe comparison. It holds many strong advantages over the other two tools, making it a clear winner. The advantages range from software size and performance to the number of features available compared to cost. Below we have summarized a few strong points that make UPDF a better PDF editor. But first, let's download it first and be ready to try out its wonderful features introduced below.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1.1 Pricing: The Most Pocket-Friendly Tool

The first instinct is to always get the best deal at the lowest price whenever you have to buy something. In this regard, UPDF is a blessing for you as it costs even less than a third of what you will have to pay for Adobe Acrobat or Foxit. It also supports all the necessary features present in other tools, with some extra ones.

A yearly Foxit PDF Editor Pro license will cost you US$149, while Adobe Acrobat will cost you US$239.88 per year. That is a lot of money, and if you are a student, freelancer, or small business owner, you might not be able to afford it. UPDF, on the other hand, offers all its premium features at an unbelievably low price of US$35.99 per year or US$55.99 for a lifetime. Additionally, UPDF offers an AI add-on feature, and users can purchase its bundle plans at a discount of up to 55%.

UPDF pricing

1.2 Usability: The Best Tool for All Platforms

Nowadays, no one uses a single device for work or other activities. That's why whenever you buy a tool, ensure that it is compatible with the maximum number of operating systems. UPDF again tops this metric as it is available for all platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You will only need to buy one license, and you can use UPDF on all your devices.

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is only available for Windows, with its most expansive variant, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, being available for all platforms, but you still have to buy a separate license for every device. Although available for all platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, Foxit PDF Editor Pro will require you to buy a different license for each device.

updf vs. foxit vs. adobe acrobat platforms

1.3 Interface: The Most User Friendly

If a PDF editor you have paid for has a confusing interface crammed with features, it will affect your productivity. Most people aren't professional editors or need extremely advanced tools. They need all the necessary tools available in a way that is easier to access and use. UPDF provides an excellent user-friendly, and clean interface.

Its tools are arranged properly and are one click away from being used. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Foxit PDF Editor Pro provide an interface crammed with tools and can be overwhelming for new and non-technical users. The procedures required to perform specific tasks are also complex and longer than UPDF.

updf vs. foxit vs. adobe acrobat interface

1.4 Innovative Features: The Tool with the Most Features

Being the top tools in the PDF editor market, all three PDF editors offer a wide variety of features in their premium versions. Despite being the lightest and cheapest software, UPDF offers all the same features as Adobe and Foxit with many improvements. It also offers some extra features to enhance its useability; a few of these are discussed below:

  • Add Rich Text by Dragging: When editing PDFs by taking material from other sources like the web, UPDF allows you to simply drag and drop the rich text to your PDF. You no longer need to copy the content and then paste it into your document. It increases your productivity and makes PDF editing easier.
  • Stickers: UPDF provides a great range of stickers to annotate your PDF document. They are a great way to beautify your PDFs and enhance their outlook. This feature is extremely helpful in presentations as it helps you make your presentation more colorful and appealing.
  • PDF as Slideshow: Are you tired of scrolling or pressing the next page button when viewing a PDF file? UPDF allows you to view your PDF files as a slideshow. You can easily set up the duration between each slide and read your PDFs while enjoying a refreshing drink with snacks.
  • Better PDF Converter: You can convert your PDF to more formats than Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Editor. It allows you to convert your PDF files to CSV, BMP, and GIF formats aside from other standard formats like Word, Excel, Text, Image, etc.
updf vs. foxit vs. adobe acrobat feature

If you want to see more detail about UPDF vs. Foixt, and UPDF vs. Adobe Acrobat, you can click the below links to see more information:

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Part 4: FAQs about Foxit and Adobe Acrobat

With our comparison of UPDF vs. Adobe Acrobat vs. Foxit reaching its conclusion now is the time to answer your FAQs regarding this issue. Hopefully, the answered FAQs below will resolve all your queries and help you reach a final decision.

1. Is Foxit the Same as Adobe Acrobat?

Both Foxit and Adobe Acrobat are premium PDF editors that offer many same features. Foxit PDF Editor lacks some features compared to Adobe Acrobat, like replacing images, fewer conversion options, redacting PDFs, etc.

2. Is There a PDF Reader Better than Adobe?

UPDF is a better PDF reader compared to Adobe. It costs a lot less and has a more user-friendly interface than Adobe. Unlike Adobe, where you have to buy all major features to use, UPDF allows users to try all the features in the free version.

3. Is Foxit Cheaper than Adobe?

Adobe Acrobat is the oldest and probably the most expensive PDF editor in the market. While Foxit is comparatively cheaper, it will still burn a hole in your pocket. The Adobe Acrobat variant with the most features is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, costing $239.88 per year. Foxit's variant with the most features is Foxit PDF Editor Pro, which costs $149 per year.

4. Which PDF App is the Best?

The best PDF app for you to get is UPDF. It is cheaper, has more features, and is more user-friendly than other premium tools. You will get all the premium tools like OCR, flatten PDF, compress PDF, etc., at the lowest cost without any quality or performance drop. It also offers many unique improvements to other common PDF tools.


It is now clear that UPDF is a much better choice for a PDF editor than Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Editor. In our UPDF vs. Adobe vs. Foxit comparison, UPDF has topped all the metrics by a strong lead. So, if you need to buy a PDF editor, UPDF can be an asset for you as it offers all the necessary premium features at a very low cost. Try it out for free and experience the features you want!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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