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How to Convert Password Protected PDFs

PDFs that are protected by permissions passwords can be converted directly in the paid version. In the trial version, you will need to enter the password to proceed with the conversion.

Step 1. Launch UPDF Converter. Add Files to the queue.

Step 2. Restricted PDFs will have a padlock icon against the file name. If you are a paid user, just click Go and the app will help you unlock and convert automatically.

convert password protected pdf

If you are a trial user, you need to click the padlock and enter the Permissions password and click Unlock. And then proceed with the conversion.

convert locked pdf

All PDFs that are locked with an Open password will require the password to be entered prior to converting them. This requirement is the same for both the trial and paid versions of UPDF Converter.

  1. Launch UPDF Converter
  2. Add Files to the queue
  3. Locked PDFs will have a padlock icon against the file name - click the padlock
  4. Enter the Open password and click Unlock
  5. Proceed with the conversion
convert protected pdf