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Providing healthcare facilities with the option of expediting and digitizing complete medical forms, health records, and patient reports with UPDF.

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Reducing and Shifting the Physical Loads of Clinical Procedures to Digital Systems


A Shift to Solve the Physician Shortage Problem and Reduce Clinician Burden

Perceiving a Paperless System for Hospitals For the Benefit of People and Environment

Healthcare institutions are facing major issues with handling physician shortage problems. Ever since COVID-19 hit the world, the problem has aggravated and reached the high end. While old-fashioned systems emerged from the competition, transitioning to digital systems became essential. The need to embrace digital transformation became important for healthcare institutions. By reading this whitepaper, you will know how:

· The treatment process is simplified and made productive.
· How paper and storage costs are saved to design a secure system.
· How is the data managed by the healthcare institutions.

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Review and Collaborate on Medical Documents Seamlessly

Make use of the annotation tools such as highlighters, shapes, and notes while checking patient cards or records. Review and change the smallest of details across medical research documents.

Complete Patient Consent Forms Faster with Secure eSigning

Use the power of electronic signatures with the help of UPDF for signing medical records, consent forms, and other healthcare documents to save time and effort.

Digital Assistant for Healthcare Professionals

UPDF provides the option for editing records and medical certificates of patients, adding passwords for protecting patients' confidentiality, and making the perfect utility of the PDF/A feature for archiving important healthcare documents.

Designing Medical Documents and Reports

Find the option of editing text, images, and links with UPDF to create professional healthcare documents.

Secure and Archive Documents Easily

Maintain patient's health records safe with a password and well archived in PDF/A format

More Features with UPDF

Read PDF

Read Medical Reports

Get a clear view of the medical reports with the different reading modes offered by UPDF.

Rearrange PDF

Rearrange Pages in PDF

Manage your healthcare reports, documents, and forms by rearranging them with ease. Rotate, replace, and perform other organizing actions on them.

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to Various Formats

Get the option of converting your PDF documents into other formats for better accessibility.

Ocr pdf


Scan important healthcare documents and convert them into searchable and editable PDFs to manage all the data with ease.

Share Pdf

Share PDFs via a Link

Share lab reports, medical documents, and forms with UPDF by sending in a link to the other user. They can easily access the document without needing any PDF editor.

Flatten PDF

Flatten PDF

Adjust all layers of a healthcare form and convert them into a single-layered document to avoid its editing. Remove all forms of interactions from a healthcare document to ensure privacy.

UPDF works with all Industries


UPDF has made studying exceptionally easy for students after the pandemic. With the option of making notes and writing complete documents, the tools enhance the workflow of students.


Conversion and processing of different file types are easy with UPDF in the manufacturing industry. All important forms are created and retained as a PDF document and signed with the help of UPDF.


Find the perfect platform to protect your confidential and sensitive information with a single click. Annotate your important legal PDF documents and protect them with passwords to avoid data breaching.


Create and edit financial statements, salary slips, and monthly reports with the help of a simplified PDF editor. Sign important financial reports and documents and archive them as PDF/A securely with UPDF.


Digitize all patient forms and insurance documents with cohesive assistance from UPDF. Review and expedite the medical documents seamlessly with this PDF editor.


Manage and organize complete insurance forms in no time. Use digital tools of UPDF to effectively process these documents without having them printed.

1 M People Trust UPDF

The interface is the first thing to be noticed when a person tries software for the very first time. UPDF offers an intuitive, beautiful, and clear interface with explicit and informative icons.

- L'atelier Neweb, CNET >>

UPDF by Superace Software is one of the market's most comprehensive PDF editors, with dozens of features and hundreds of editing options.

- Pocket-lint >>

UPDF is a fast, full-featured PDF editing tool that's particularly easy to use because it's designed with a simple and clear user interface that won’t confuse anybody.

- DAVID SNOW, Cult of Mac >>

UPDF provides consumers with a compelling alternative for reading, annotating, and editing PDF documents while boasting user-friendly features and affordable pricing.

- How-To Geek >>

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