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Price Increase in UPDF: An Important Note

Dear Customers,

We come to you with a piece of great news that is meant for the good of the UPDF community. First, we thank you for being a part of the family from the start. We have been developing extensively, and the momentum tends to continue further. However, as we progress, some decisions need to be made.

The improvements and developments in UPDF are immense, with multiple introductions of features that many other PDF tools lack. To continue with this announcement, we come to you with the decided proposition of increasing the price of UPDF for the targeted development of the product in the market. To become the best, we need to invest more in our development.

We've always tried to hold this decision for as long as possible. But now, seeing the development that you can also observe, the time has come for us! To compete with the big players in the market for providing cost-effective PDF solutions, we won't be matching their costs but slightly increasing our value to cope with all the expenses that we need to cater to.

The Time and Date For Price Increase

UPDF will be changing the price of its subscription in the coming days. Seeing this, we believe that it is best to inform our users beforehand. The expected price increase will be functional on the 1st of March 2023, at 11:00 PM sharp. We hope that this scheduled release will be beneficial for you in all ways possible.

The new price expected for UPDF will change the Annual Plan to $39.99/year and the Perpetual Plan to $59.99, with a slight increase of $10 in both subscription plans. The change will be significant in the growth of UPDF and its development. However, UPDF has tried to put the least burden on its community.

updf price increase notice

The Reason Why We Need to Increase Price

You might be questioning the increase in the price of UPDF. Not only are we answerable to this, but we will also provide you with a comprehensive explanation of why we need to increase our price. UPDF has been significantly developed over the couple of years, which is not only evident, but you also have embraced it fully.

Seeing this development, we have continued adding multiple features that are hefty and strong in terms of the diversity of features in PDF editors.

1. Advanced Features Added in UPDF

Many advanced features, such as converting scanned documents to editable and searchable PDFs with OCR, PDF form-filling, PDF flattening, and batch process functions, are the new additions to UPDF. As these features make UPDF more valuable in the market, we need to adjust our value-for-money concept. Though we believe that UPDF offers the perfect value for money, the improvement in its features eventually leads to price improvements.

updf advanced ocr feature

2. Quality Provision

UPDF has never compromised the quality of the features performed on a PDF document. From sustaining the document's quality to helping users create quality content, UPDF has come a long way. To maintain quality, the product requires more advancements and developments.

For that, it is necessary to increase the price of UPDF, which won't burden your pockets. Instead, you will discover more value in the tool, which will monetarily benefit your purpose in using it.

3. To Serve You Better

To serve you better, an increase in the price is a necessity. Without that, UPDF will be unable to prosper in the market in becoming the best in business. As we have said before, to compete with the best, such measures are a requirement to fulfill. It is not to benefit our system but to benefit the users using UPDF daily and enjoying its services. To keep enjoying the services offered by UPDF, you will have to support us to serve better.

Is The Renewal Price the Same For Previous Purchasers?

If someone has bought UPDF with an older Yearly Plan, their price will be renewed under the old price label after the year passes. You need not worry about the renewal price for the previous annual users. UPDF has all planned for its users, and the company believes in an equitable environment.

The bottom line:

With all in highlights, you are now aware of why UPDF is looking forth to change its prices for the users. The price change will be a step toward excellency for the PDF editor, leading to more innovations and improvements in its model. UPDF will continue to bring more to the market, increasing its user base and creating a wholesome community.

Try UPDF now to enjoy the best features, quality, and speed.

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