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PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI: Which is the Best ChatGPT-Powered PDF AI Assistant Tool

With AI technological advancements, working with PDFs has become a lot more efficient and advanced. Today there are AI-powered PDF tools that can analyze the PDF content and then assist in summarizing, explaining, translating, or doing other human-like conversations with the PDF. PDFelement AI and UPDF AI are two such PDF AI assistant tools that make it super-easy to handle PDFs and do all imaginable customizations. Both tools are reputed for their feature-rich offerings, so picking one of them becomes a tough choice. Therefore, this article explores in detail PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI, highlighting their key features, pricing, and differences. By the end of this article, you can decide which tool seems the ideal choice for you.

Part 1. Comparison Table Between PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI

Before we introduce PDFelement AI and UPDF AI and talk about their features, let's quickly look at this comparison table to have a basic understanding of their differences.

FeaturesPDFelement AIUPDF AI
LimitationFile SizeFree Trial: 50 MB/PDF;
Free Trial: 100 MB/PDF;
Paid: 2GB/PDF
PDF PagesFree Trial: 3 PagesFree Trial: 30 Pages/PDF;
Paid: 1000 Pages/PDF
QuestionsFree Trial Plan: 5000 tokens;
Paid: 2 million tokens 
Free Trial: > 5000 tokens;
Paid: > 2 million tokens
Purchase Plan for Windows & MacSeparate1 paid account for 4 operating systems
Ease of UseAI chat box assistant
Direct selection of text from the document to summarize/explain/rewrite
Built-in PDF Editing/Annotating
Supported FormatsPDF
Chart AnalysisGeneral Chart Analysis
In-Depth Chart Summarization
PricingPricing Plan$29.99/quarterly; $79.99/yearly; 129.99/lifetime$9/month (UPDF AI only);
$59.99/yearly (UPDF Pro + AI); $75.99/lifetime (UPDF Pro + AI)
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CompatibilityCompatible OSWindows & MacWindows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Part 2. What is PDFelement AI?

PDFelement AI, or Lumi, is an intelligent AI robot for PDFs that provides an intuitive way of chatting with PDFs. Being powered through ChatGPT, it can efficiently summarize, explain, rewrite, proofread, and do other human-like chatting with PDFs.

PDFelement AI can accurately analyze the content of the PDF and then provide to-the-point information with its AI technology. It provides a dedicated chat box to ask PDF questions or do other talks. Alternatively, you can also select a text and summarize, explain, rewrite, proofread, or detect AI content.

pdfelement ai vs updf ai

Besides chatting with PDFs, PDFelement AI also provides other PDF editing features, such as editing text/images, annotating, converting, organizing, compressing, and more. In short, you get a whole package of AI-driven tools with PDFelement.

Although PDFelement AI seems the perfect solution for almost all PDF matters, if you want access to all these capabilities for an extended trial period and larger PDF files, you should try UPDF by clicking the download button below. It provides similar features but with support for large-size files and cost-effective paid plans.

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Pros and Cons of PDFelement AI


  • Fast document processing
  • Summarize/explain/translate/rewrite/proofread/AI detection
  • Free 20 GB cloud storage
  • Built-in PDF editing capabilities


  • 50 MB file size limit in the free plan
  • Costly premium plans

Overall, PDFelement AI, or Lumi, is a feature-rich and convenient AI assistant that interacts with PDFs and extracts relevant details seamlessly.

Part 3. What is UPDF AI?

UPDF AI is another ChatGPT-powered AI assistant tool for PDFs that provides a concise and accurate response to prompts about PDF document content. From the summary, translation, and explanation to the rewriting, proofreading, ideating, and more, UPDF AI can respond proficiently to all such requests.

UPDF AI separates its AI assistant capabilities into two modes, i.e., Ask PDF and Chat. The Ask PDF mode is dedicated to asking anything about the PDF. When you enter into this mode, it automatically provides the summary of the PDF, even for a 100+ page PDF. Afterward, you can use its chat box to carry out human-like chats about the PDF content and even ask for translations of the text into different languages. On the other hand, Chat mode provides a ChatGPT similar way to chat about anything outside the PDF. Click the button below to try UPDF AI now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

pdfelement ai vs updf ai sunnmarize pdf

UPDF AI also provides direct summarization/translation/explanation of the selected text. Moreover, you also get access to plenty of other powerful PDF editing capabilities, such as text/image/link editing, annotating, converting, OCR, batching, compressing, organizing, signing, etc.

Compared to PDFelement AI, UPDF AI provides more value to users in terms of its free plan benefits. For instance, you get extended access to UPDF AI in the free plan, unlimited chatting, 100 MB file size support, and many more. Moreover, its paid plan is also more cost friendly than PDFelement AI. In short, UPDF AI provides a more powerful and feature-rich experience tailored to meet all kinds of users' needs.

Pros and Cons of UPDF AI


  • Cover all features of PDFelement AI
  • Fast, concise, and accurate document processing
  • Summarize/translate/explain/rewrite/proofread
  • Direct summarize/translate/explain the selected text
  • In-depth complex chart summarization
  • Free for up to 100-page PDFs
  • Cost-friendly paid plan


  • No online web-based version available
  • No support for AI content detection

Overall, UPDF AI is one trustworthy, feature-rich, and value-to-money AI tool to interact with PDFs.

Part 4. PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI: Detailed Comparison

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI offer many similar functionalities, making it difficult to project which one leads the race. Therefore, let's do a thorough PDFelement AI vs. UPDF comparison and evaluate their distinguishing elements:

1. Limitations

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI offer exceptional PDF chatting functionalities. Although they give a glimpse of complete and reliable tools, they have some limitations. A few of their main limitations are as follows:

  • AI assistant access: PDFelement AI - 5000-50,000 tokens; UPDF AI >5000 (free trial) & >50,000 (paid plan)
  • File size: PDFelement AI - 50 MB/PDF; UPDF AI - 100 MB/PDF
  • Purchase plan for Windows & Mac: PDFelement AI - Separate; UPDF AI - 1 paid account for 2 systems

Looking at the above limitations, PDFelement AI offers less value for money than UPDF AI. Overall, UPDF looks like a tool more centric towards user satisfaction.

2. Ease of Use

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI provide a click-based, intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone to use tools to chat with PDFs. However, talking about the performance speed of the tools, UPDF provides faster action to requests, whether it's analyzing the PDF, generating a response, converting the PDF, etc.

3. Features

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI are very identical in the number of features they offer. Both tools offer:

  • General chat
  • Summarize
  • Translate
  • Explain
  • Rewrite/Write
  • Proofread
  • PDF edit/annotate/convert/organize/compress

PDFelement AI also supports the AI detection function, which is missing in UPDF AI. Overall, they are almost identical from the features aspect.

4. Supported Formats

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI support multiple formats. They can convert different format files into PDFs for chatting and can also convert PDFs into other formats. Few of the main supported formats include:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Text
  • Image
  • RTF

Besides the above formats, UPDF AI also supports CSV and Visio formats. In short, their support for various formats makes them easily convert documents into PDF and do document-related chatting.

5. Chart Analysis

If a PDF includes charts, PDFelement AI and UPDF AI can both analyze and provide key insights from the charts. However, UPDF AI takes the lead here by providing deeper and more accurate chart summarization.

For example, we used the Apple company financial report and asked PDFelement AI to "summarize this PDF within 100 words, including 5 points". The tool provided a summary of the chart but failed to present it in five points.

pdfelement ai vs updf ai chart analysis

Similarly, we asked UPDF AI the same question, and the response was more precise. It provided the summary in the exact 5 points as requested.

pdfelement ai vs updf ai summarize

Overall, UPDF AI provides more accurate and precise chart summarizing results than PDFelement AI.

6. Compatibility

PDFelement AI and UPDF AI are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. They also offer dedicated apps for iOS and Android, but the features are limited in those apps.

7. Pricing

PDFelement AI is more costly than UPDF AI. If we put its free trial aside, we get to access its paid services for $29.99/quarterly, $79.99/yearly, and $129.99/lifetime. In contrast, UPDF AI is available separately for just $5/month, while you can get the whole UPDF toolkit for $59.99/yearly or $75.99/lifetime. In short, UPDF is more cheaper than PDFelement AI.

Conclusion – Who's the Winner: PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI

After conducting a detailed comparison on PDFelement AI vs. UPDF AI, one thing is evident that both provide many identical features, as both are powered through ChatGPT. However, what distinguishes them is the value for money they give to the users. This is where UPDF AI takes up the lead.

UPDF AI provides faster responses and precise outputs, especially for in-depth summarization requests. Besides that, it provides free access to up to 100 MB PDFs. Moreover, its paid plans are more cost-friendly than PDFelement plans. To sum up, if you are looking for a powerful PDF AI assistant and want more value for money, UPDF is the best choice. You can download UPDF AI free trial version via the below button and test it.

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