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iLovePDF vs. UPDF: Which One Should You Choose?

PDF files are diverse and preferable formats for digital documentation. Every industry and institute working with PDFs needs to customize them by editing, organizing, or converting them. The list of PDF editors on the web is diverse, and users mainly struggle to select the best among them. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss a detailed comparison of iLovePDF vs. UPDF, two of the best options available in the market. If you haven't installed UPDF yet, please click the button below to try it.

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By the end of this discussion, you will know which tool is the best and most reliable. All the features, security policies, and pricing plans will also be discussed throughout it.

Comparison between iLovePDF and UPDF

ArticlesfunctionsiLovePDF OnlineUPDF - Editor
 work in systemsWebWindows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Empty PDFAdd bookmarks in PDF
 Find text in PDF
 dark mode
 PDF slideshow  with speaker notes
Annotar PDFAdd text boxes to PDF
 Add shapes or draw on a PDF
 Highlight, underline or strikethrough text in PDF
 Add stamps, signatures and stickers to PDF files
 Manage annotation list
Edit PDFEdit text in PDF
 Add, resize, rotate and delete images in PDFs
 Crop, extract and replace images in PDF
 PDF Watermark, Add Page Numbers to PDF
 Add background, header and footer in PDF
OCRConvert scanned PDFs to editable and searchable PDFs in 38 languages
 Convert scanned PDFs to Word, Excel or other formats.
Convert PDFConvert PDF a Word, Excel, PPT, JPG
 Convierta PDF a HTML, XML, Texto, RTF, CSV, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG
organize PDFInsert, rotate and delete pages
 Crop, replace, extract and split pages
encrypt PDFAdd a Password to Protect PDFs
 Add a permissions password
Create PDFCreate a blank PDF
 Create PDF from other file formats
Print PDFPrint PDF
Fill and SignFill and create PDF Forms
Edit PDF Forms
 Sign PDF
Other FunctionsOptimize PDF - Reduce File Size
 Save PDF as PDF/A
 Flatten PDF
 PDF union

Things That Make UPDF More Promising Than iLovePDF

The list of points that makes UPDF a better PDF editor than iLovePDF is not limited to small numbers. These basic terminologies are enough to clarify the higher functionality ratio of UPDF, which are listed below.

1. Advanced features that iLovePDF Lacks

First in the list of comparisons between these two PDF editors are the features. There are many advanced and called-for features that iLovePDF lacks, which have also been mentioned and explained briefly below:

  • Better Reading Experience: When it comes to UPDF, you can view and read PDF files, insert bookmarks into PDF, and display PDF as a slideshow. The Mac version even supports switching to dark mode. However, with iLovePDF, you can't view and read PDF files.
  • More Annotation Tools: Annotation features like highlighting, strikethrough, or underlining are a need of every user, which UPDF supports, but iLovePDF does not. Adding text comments, text boxes, and sticky notes is also a limitation with the iLovePDF editor, but not in the case of UPDF. Another assisting thing about UPDF is that it allows users to add stamps and stickers in PDF files to make them interactive, while iLovePDF does not support this.
annotate feature ilovepdf vs updf
  • More Flexibility for Editing: By using iLovePDF, you cannot edit the existing text in a PDF file or insert rich text. As for the images, you cannot add, extract, delete, rotate or crop images in a file with this tool. Inserting and editing links and watermarks are some more features that this tool does not support. You can perform all these features using an innovative PDF editor named UPDF.
  • Advanced OCR Feature: Converting scanned PDF files into searchable and editable format is what an OCR tool does. Users with a business profile need OCR PDF files from time to time, so UPDF supports this feature. However, there is no such option available in the iLovePDF editor, so you cannot perform OCR on PDF with this tool.
ocr feature ilovepdf vs updf
  • More Conversion Options: If you are a student, you must require converting a PDF file into many other formats like Images, Rich Text, XML, HTML, and PDF/A. UPDF supports all the wide-ranging and demanding features to make the conversion work more efficiently. Whereas, if you are working with iLovePDF, the converting formats will be limited to Word, PPT, and Excel files.
  • More Options to Organize PDF Pages: With the help of the UPDF, you can insert, extract, replace, crop, split, rotate, and remove pages in a PDF document. However, iLovePDF doesn't support the features to replace and crop PDF pages.
  • Encrypt and Share: If you are working on a private and confidential PDF document, you may need to encrypt it so only official personalities can access it. For this reason, you can use UPDF to set open or permission passwords to prevent printing, editing, or copying of PDFs. You can also share the encrypted PDF file via link and email. But with iLovePDF, you can only add an open password to a PDF, which is very restricted.
  • The Ability to Create a Blank PDF: While working on a financial report for your company, you need to create a special report without any defaulters, and PDF is the right format for this purpose. You can take assistance from UPDF because it can create a blank PDF file or create a PDF from photos or capture. In the case of iLovePDF, you have to face limitations as you can only scan documents at maximum to create a new PDF.
  • Print PDF: You can print PDF files without a problem with UPDF. This does not go well with iLovePDF, as the particular feature does not come in support of this tool.

2. Safety, Stability, and Limitations

Data protection policies are important in setting up standard criteria for any PDF editor. As this article covers the detailed comparison of iLovePDF vs. UPDF, the data policy of UPDF is more reliable. Moreover, if you are working with the free version of iLovePDF, you will not be able to access it on mobile or desktop. Implementing tasks like signing documents, personalized branding, and an audit trail is also not possible in the free version.

With this tool, you also have to face limitations such as the free plan supporting files of 200MB and the premium plan supporting only 4GB file size, which shows a downside of its functionality. However, with UPDF, you can avoid facing such great limitations even with the free version. This tool can work efficiently without the internet as it is an offline tool, so you don't have to face issues with slow internet.

3. Economical Price

It is not fair if you have to pay lots of dollars to use some standard features that a tool should allow its users to use for free. iLovePDF is an expensive tool that costs US$7/month and US$48/per year. Comparatively, UPDF offers two pricing plans, including an Annual for US$29.99 and a Perpetual license for US$49.99. This clearly shows that UPDF is a very cost-effective PDF editor when compared to iLovePDF.

General FAQs About iLovePDF

1. Is iLovePDF Free?

Yes, iLovePDF is free, but there are many limitations. Only the online version of this tool is free, but you have to face many limitations with this version. From file size to batch processing, every feature has restrictions to follow. And there are many limited features such as PDF/A, e-sign, and OCR conversion features, etc., which are not allowed to use in the free version.

2. Is iLovePDF Safe?

You have to upload your PDF files to the iLovePDF website and iLovePDF will save your file for two hours after you are done editing it. The files may be stolen during these two hours. Why not use a safer desktop tool like UPDF? It will guarantee the safety of your PDF documents and you don't need to upload files to other places.

3. Is iLovePDF Fast?

iLovePDF is not fast, and sometimes it takes a lot of time to upload PDF files. The desktop version of this tool is fast compared to the online one, but you have to buy it for a high price. Furthermore, if your internet connection is not fast, the processing speed of the online tool will become slow automatically. On the other hand, UPDF provides a really fast speed to deal with your PDF documents. You can open a large PDF file in seconds!

4. How Do I Choose Between UPDF and iLovePDF?

The comparison mentioned above gives detailed and effective reasons which show why UPDF is better than iLovePDF. From the user interface to processing speed, every single feature in UPDF is very smooth and efficient in UPDF. Besides, this tool has a very good reputation from many Authoritative sites, for example, the UPDF review in Pocket-lint.


Conclusively, when it comes to iLovePDF VS UPDF, UPDF is the winner for many reasons. The features of UPDF are diverse, and all of them give reliable outcomes. You can enhance the outlook of a PDF file better by using this tool. This PDF editor can be used for editing both formal and informal PDF files.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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