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UPDF - Comprehensive AI-integrated PDF solution with full edit, annotate, convert, OCR, protect, sign and generative AI features.

Support: Windows · macOS · iOS · Android
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UPDF Pro Yearly

Auto-renew, billed annually

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All UPDF Pro features (edit, OCR, redact, etc.)

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UPDF Pro Perpetual

One-time fee, lifetime access

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All UPDF Pro features (edit, OCR, redact, etc.)

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UPDF Pro Perpetual

UPDF AI Standard Yearly

UPDF Pro: one-time fee;
UPDF AI: auto-renew at $36/year

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All UPDF Pro features (edit, OCR, redact, etc.)

All UPDF AI Standard features (Analyze up to 100 files/month)

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UPDF Pro Perpetual

UPDF AI Unlimited Yearly

UPDF Pro: one-time fee;
UPDF AI: auto-renew at $79/year

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All UPDF Pro features (edit, OCR, redact, etc.)

All UPDF AI Unlimited features (Analyze unlimited files)

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Tech Spec
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Supported Platforms

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Devices Allowed

One account works across all platforms. You can use UPDF Pro and its AI Feature on 4 devices (2 desktops+2 mobiles)

Supported Language

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and Korean

Key Features

Edit text & images & links in PDF, annotate PDFs, merge&split PDFs, create PDF, convert PDF to other formats, protect & redact PDF, create & fill forms, sign PDF with digital signature or handwritten signature, organize pages(rotate, remove, extract, insert, copy&paste pages) and more features which can be found here.

Generative AI
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Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
PDF Expert
Mac, iOS
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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The Perfect PDF Editor Alternative to Adobe!

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edit pdf on mac with updf

PDF Editing Made Easy

Drag. Drop. Edit. That’s it!

Edit text, images, and links, and put in watermarks, backgrounds, headers & footers across PDFs. With UPDF, everyone can.

  • edit text in pdf on mac with updf Edit Text
  • edit image in pdf with updf for mac Edit Image
  • edit links in pdf with updf for mac Edit Links
  • edit header and footer with updf for mac Edit Headers&Footers
  • edit pdf watermark on mac with updf for mac Edit Watermarks & Backgrounds
  • organize pdf pages on mac with updf for mac Organize Pages
updf for mac pdf editor mac pdf editor updf

Explore the Power of Generative AI Right Inside UPDF

Intelligent. Creative. Amazing

updf ai for mac
ai pdf editor mac updf

"What does “tedious” mean?"

"Hi! Summarize the whole PDF in bullet point."

ai-powered pdf editor mac updf
ai updf for mac avatar

"Check the text for grammatical errors."

"Translate Page 2 into Portuguese please."

ai pdf editor mac avatar
ai ask pdf mac avatar

"I want you to write an imaginative story for my five-year-old child about dinosaurs."

"Check the PDF for plagiarized content. Write a list of sentences that do not pass the plagiarism check."

ai translate pdf mac avatar

Or you can ask any questions in your mind.

Translate PDF

Translate any language to what you need.

Summarize PDF

Summarize long PDFs or simplify complex data charts in seconds.


Chat and ask any questions on PDF content. Get explanations for selected text.


Chat with your AI assistant with proper AI prompts.

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Your Go-to for PDF Reading and Annotating

Highlight and mark up PDFs with ease. Experience the seamless PDF reading on different devices.

updf pdf annotator for mac

10 GB

cloud storage to sync files across devices

14 Markup Tools

to review PDFs thoroughly

5 Page Display

modes to view PDF flexibly

Light / Dark

read modes
updf scan to pdf ios mac

Simplify Your Workflow with Smart PDF Tools

Create. Fill. Sign. All in one app.

UPDF provides tools to make your workflow securely and efficiently. Fill and sign your documents in a flash.

  • Create Forms

  • Fill Forms

  • Sign PDFs

  • Protect PDFs

  • Redact

  • Bates Numbering

Convert PDF with OCR Effortlessly

Transform your PDFs to or from editable Word and other popular formats with AI-powered OCR technology better than ever.

14 formats

that you can transform PDF to or from

38 languages

text can be recognized and extracted with OCR
from images or scanned PDFs
Customer Reviews
Questions and Answers

Dan Dalal

As a 30+ year user of PDF technology

As a 30+ year user of PDF technology, and using Adobe products, I find UPDF a fresh change from the norm, Adobe. The UI is clean and simple, and the AI and summary features just shoot it out of the park in terms of being useful and productive. There are a few UI tweaks I would recommend, but they are not showstoppers. Good job, UPDF!

Atakan Durmaz

Cross Platform Support is Essential

When I saw the UPDF has cross-platform support and a perpetual subscription option I didn't hesitate to buy it. The Ipad user ınterface is really awesome.


I am a graphic/web designer

I am a graphic designer, and I use UPDF for all my PDF related tasks. The UI is the best I've seen, so it's very easy to work with. I can create new PDFs and do anything I want with them. I can edit existing ones and convert them. I can also protect my PDFs and share them. It's more affordable and feature-rich than Adobe Acrobat Pro and other similar applications.


Very powerful OCR software than abbyy and adobe

"I'm glad to share my thoughts on using UPDF software. UPDF is a powerful and user-friendly PDF editor with a variety of useful tools, such as adding or deleting pages, merging or splitting PDF files, and editing PDF text and images. In addition to the features mentioned above, I found UPDF's OCR functionality to be very accurate and reliable. It was able to recognize text even in low-quality scans and produce editable text that was almost identical to the original text. This saved me a lot of time as I did not have to manually type out text from scanned documents."

Anton Paul

Top Choice for PDF

"I have been using Acrobat for many years. And I will say that UPDF is faster, easier to use, and of course much more affordable!UPDF has a simpler dashboard and a cleaner UI/UX that makes it a pleasure to use.I tested on my laptop, desktop, and mobile devices. Tested conversions to and from different formats, and tested some document editing.Everything was fast and flawless!I recommend UPDF to everyone. Specially to students, educators, entrepreneurs, and marketers."


The best all-in-one PDF editor

"I recently started using UPDF to edit some PDF documents, and I must say that it is the ultimate PDF editing tool. UPDF's wide range of features is exceptional, and it enabled me to edit my documents precisely as I wanted. I could easily edit text, images, and other elements in my PDFs. The software even allowed me to split and merge PDF documents, which was a big help for me. What impressed me the most about UPDF was the speed and accuracy of the tool. It was incredibly fast in processing and making the changes I needed, and the output was exactly what I was looking for. Overall, I highly recommend UPDF to anyone who needs to edit PDFs. It is a fantastic tool that has made my PDF editing tasks much more manageable. And you can have it for a very affordable price. The only drawback for me is that the lifetime price does not include future upgrades, only minor updates."

Diego Murillo

The best PDF editor for Mac out there.

I ditched Adobe because of its subscription-based, steep pricing. I do work a lot with PDFs, and UPDF has every feature I need. It looks and feels great. And they are constantly updating it. They even offer a cloud product now.

David Fish

So good I cancelled my Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

"Over the last several years, I have tried a number of PDF annotation editors. Disappointed with what they could do for me, I resorted to the good old Adobe Creative Cloud. If I could purchase Adobe Acrobat without a subscription it would be OK. About a month and a half ago, I purchased UPDF and began using it EXCLUSIVELY for my PDFs. I have now cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription. UPDF does what it says it does. Highly recommended!"

Enrico Anghileri F.

Very good application, with some improvement would be wonderful

"User friendly and easy to use interface to manage PDFs The AI support lets you summarise and analyse the PDF very efficiently I have appreciated the possibility to chat with the document and retrieve informatiion about its content. The AI translation module could be improved. The translation itself is accurate, but you can translate only one page per tme. It would make a big um and gain full rating if you could translate the whole document alltogether"

Karim S.

An all-in-one PDF Solution; That you can Perpetually Own.

"UPDF is an all in one PDF solution. One of the main reasons I looked at UPDF was the option to own" the software by paying a one-time perpetual-membership fee, I've gotten sick of all software becoming subscription based and wanted something I can pay for once and own for a lifetime. The UI is very modern and minimalist, and the software lets you do all the basics with some added features such as AI and Cloud Sync. It also allows multiple devices to run on the same singular license; this makes it clear that your experience is a priority and not just monetary gains."

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5. Is UPDF safe?

6. What's the difference between Individual and Enterprise Plans?

7. What's included in UPDF Pro?

8. What's the difference between the Yearly and Perpetual Plans of UPDF Pro?

9. What's your Refund Policy?

10. Does UPDF Pro include an AI add-on?

11. Does UPDF have a free trial? Do I need a credit card to start?

12. Does the UPDF AI Add-on have a Free Trial? Do I Need a Credit Card to Start?

13. How many devices can I install and activate UPDF Pro?

14. How Can I Reach Customer Service?

15. My company is interested in purchasing UPDF in volume. How do I get started?

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