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Key Tips to Follow When Working on a Marketer Resume

Marketing has become an ever-evolving field with the world's digital transformation. Whether you are a copywriter, social media marketer, brand manager, or involved in any other marketing career, you have been skilled in crafting persuasive narratives to attract targeted audiences. However, before you begin marketing for any business, you have to market yourself to those organizations with an eye-catching marketer resume.

For marketers, the marketing resume is not just an ordinary resume. It's their first sample work with the employer. Therefore, it should be a perfect blend of font, neatly formatted layout, and concise yet impactful content. This article will cover all the essentials of the digital marketing resume, including the key steps to craft a standout marketer resume and how to create one easily with free and customizable resume templates with UPDF.

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Part 1. What Are the Qualities of a 9/10 Marketer Resume?

Marketers must put more effort into making their resumes shine like no one else, as they represent the industry that is part of constantly emerging trends. Therefore, some of the exceptional qualities of a 9/10 marketer resume are as follows:

  • Visually appealing layout
  • A brief, well-polished resume summary or resume objective
  • Balanced length-to-experience ratio
  • Results-oriented statements reflecting the impact of your past marketing campaigns
  • Consistent formatting with proper font choice and the right proportion of headings and bullet points
  • Precise demonstration of relevant skills
  • Free from grammatical errors
  • Targeted approach for the specific job description
  • Use of industry-specific terminologies and keywords

A digital marketing resume with all the above qualities can make an impactful impression on recruiters, leading to increased chances of getting a call for the next round of evaluation.

Part 2. How to Write Marketer Resume Step-by-step

If you are beginning your career as a digital marketer or want to refresh your resume with a fresh perspective, the below steps will help you write a perfect marketer resume:

how to write a marketer resume

1. Understand the Job Requirements

Before you begin creating the resume, it is important that you go through the job requirements thoroughly. Note down qualifications, experience, and key skills they expect from you, as it will help to incorporate those aspects in the resume.

2. Pick the Resume Format

Now you have to pick what resume format you want to use. There are multiple resume formats to choose from, such as:

  • Chronological Resume: It lists the work experience on top in reverse order, i.e., the most recent job is listed first. It is the most common type of resume format.
  • Functional Resume: It focuses on skills and expertise. It is mostly used by people who are changing careers or have less employment history.
  • Combination Resume: It combines a chronological and functional resume, i.e., highlighting skills while providing chronological work history.

So, pick the resume format that aligns with your expertise and job requirement.

3. Brief, Compelling Profile Summary

From here, the actual writing part begins. After writing your name and contact details on the top, the first main thing to write is a strong profile summary that draws attention to your unique value as a marketer.

While keeping it concise, start with a title, years of experience, and a few specializations most relevant to the job posting. Afterward, you can briefly highlight your industry-specific details. Or, if you are targeting an entry-level job, you can emphasize your skills, passion, and relevant coursework.

4. Accomplishment-Driven Professional Experience

After the profile summary, the recruiter will look at your experience. This section should be bullet-point based and less wordy, mostly emphasizing your compelling accomplishments, such as 150% ROI on average, 40% increase in sales conversions, etc. In case you don't have statistical data to present, you can emphasize the positive impact of your role.

5. Add Relevant Education

Now incorporate your relevant educational background, detailing the degree name, institute, city, and completion year. If you are applying for an entry-level job, you can place the education section right after the profile summary section.

6. List Key Skills

Since most recruiters are today using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to shortlist qualified candidates, you need to make your resume ATS compliant. For that, you need to list all the key skills and keywords mentioned in the job description.

Avoid just writing simple generic words, like "SEO marketing". Instead, emphasize the deeper roles you managed, such as brand awareness, content strategy, copywriting, Google analytics, etc. Therefore, craft a perfect list of skills that the recruiter wants to see in your resume.

7. List Certifications

Certifications are very valuable in the marketing field, as there are various certifications marketers can pursue to uplift their marketing skills. A resume with a dedicated list of certifications, such as "Certified SEO Expert", "Professional Certified Marketer", "Certified Digital Designer", and others, can make a big difference. Therefore, if you possess any relevant certifications, it's essential to include them in a dedicated section on your resume.

8. Additional Sections

The above seven steps include all the essential sections that should be present in your digital marketing resume. However, depending on the job role or your specific experiences, you can add a few more. Below are some additional sections you may consider including:

  • Awards and achievements
  • Strengths
  • References
  • Languages
  • Hobbies

You should only include these sections if you think the recruiter will be interested in knowing about them.

9. Proofread and Optimize

Once you finish writing all the resume sections, the last step is to give your resume the final touches. Proofread your resume to remove any grammatical errors or typos and optimize its font, layout, and other aspects to make it well-structured, appealing, and polished.

Part 3. Free and Customizable Resume Template in UPDF

If you have felt overwhelmed by the task of designing a standout digital marketing resume from scratch, then you are not alone. Many digital marketers struggle with the challenge of creating a resume that perfectly showcases their expertise and experience. To help assist those aspiring digital marketers, UPDF provides a one-stop place to choose from 100s of free and customizable resume templates.

UPDF resume templates

UPDF offers hundreds of professionally designed resume templates for marketers to showcase their professional journey or expertise elegantly and modernly. From clean and minimalist designs to creative and bold layouts, UPDF's marketer resume templates cater to every marketer's unique style and preferences.

Marketers just have to choose and download the resume template and then use the powerful editing features of UPDF to customize the template with their information. UPDF includes all the editing capabilities, from adjusting font styles to modifying section layouts/colors, helping marketers transform the template into a personalized masterpiece seamlessly.

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Crafting a perfect digital marketing resume is crucial, as it only gets 7 seconds to make an impact. So, if you are pursuing a digital marketing career or aiming to grab a prestigious marketing role in a reputed brand, a neatly formatted and well-written digital marketing resume is your key. By following the above steps, you can create a well-structured marketer resume. Alternatively, if you prefer a pre-designed option that still casts an impactful impression, then the free and customizable resume templates of UPDF are here for you. With its extensive template library and powerful PDF editing features, you can select and customize a template that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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