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Top 5 Rich Text Format to PDF Converters Online (With Guide to Use)

Finding an effective converter that works online and lets you convert RTF files to PDF format for free is extremely hard these days. Since there could be multiple scenarios where you need to convert your documents on the go and you need an online solution, having a bunch of rich text format to PDF converter online tools on your list can be very helpful. So, we gathered the top 5 options that work free and perform very well online that you can use for RTF to PDF and many other file conversion requirements.

Part 1. 5 Best RTF File to PDF Converters Online

Here is our list of 5 RTF file to PDF converters that you can use online for free. We will introduce these tools with their comprehensive user guide so picking the right tool becomes easy for you.

1. Zamar - No1. Free Online RTF to PDF Converter

Zamzar is one of the best online tools for quickly converting file types. This free platform is known for its user-friendly interface which makes the converting procedure simple for everyone. Apart from RTF to PDF conversions, Zamzar provides a wide range of other file conversion solutions for different use cases. It allows uploading files from offline storage and cloud storage as well. However, the free edition of Zamzar does have some limits, such as file size restriction of 20MB.

How to Use This Online RTF to PDF Converter?

Step 1: Open Zamzar RTF to PDF converter in your browser and click "Choose Files" to upload a file from PC. You may click dropdown next to it for uploading file directly from cloud or URL.

Step 2: Click "Convert Now" to begin this conversion and shortly you will get "Download" button to save that file in your offline storage.

2. Convertio

Convertio is a powerful online tool for converting documents and media files to other file formats. It's a free and easy-to-use platform known for its simple converting process. While Convertio is known very well for its RTF to PDF conversion capabilities it also supports a wide range of other file converting options to meet a variety of digital demands. However, the free edition of Convertio has several limits like the maximum file size of 100MB.

How to Use This Online RTF to PDF Converter?

Step 1: Open Convertio RTF to PDF converter in your browser and click one among "Choose Files" "Dropbox" or "Google Drive" buttons to upload the RTF file from your storage source.

Step 2: Click "Convert" button and immediately your file will be converted with the status "Finished" and a blue "Download" button adjacent to it for saving it in offline storage.

3. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is a famous online file format conversion tool that can convert RTF  files to PDFs. This utility is publicly available and is praised for its simple and efficient conversion reliability and being free. Online2PDF also has a number of file conversion and editing features in addition to RTF to PDF conversion.

Despite its versatility the free edition of Online2PDF has some limitations such as a limit on the number of files that can be converted at once being 20 and file size limits per conversion must not exceed 150MB. Moreover you cannot upload one file bigger than 100MB for conversion.

How to Use This Online RTF to PDF Converter?

Step 1: Go to Online2PDF website in a browser and click "Select Files" for uploading RTF file from your offline storage.

Step 2: Choose "PDF" in "Convert to" dropdown and click "Convert". You will have to wait for a few seconds and then the converted PDF file will automatically download on your PC.

4. PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools is a comprehensive tool well-known for its ability to easily convert between file formats. This free platform is popular because of its simple design and speedy converting procedure. Aside from PDF conversions, PDF24 Tools provides a plethora of extra services, such as PDF editing and administration. This online tool, however, does not seem to have any limitations.

How to Use This Online RTF to PDF Converter?

Step 1: Go to PDF24 Tools RTF to PDF converter website on your browser and click "Choose Files" or you may drag and drop your RTF file in its interface.

Step 2: After file completes uploading you will get a "Convert" button that you can click to get "Download" "Preview" "Restart" and "Erase" buttons. You may click "Download" to save that in offline storage or pick one of the online sharing and saving options under "Download" button.

5. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is one of the best online document converters. It is free to use and offers comprehensive experience with a user-friendly interface. Apart from RTF to PDF conversion, you can do a lot of document conversions with this tool. Converting RTF To PDF here gives you different options like selecting specific pages for conversion, creating PDF/A, and adding a Password to converted PDF. Its limitations include 25 daily conversions.

How to Use This Online RTF to PDF Converter?

Step 1: Open your browser and open CloudConvert RTF to PDF converter website then click "Select File" for uploading RTF file from offline storage. Alternatively, you may choose from a variety of cloud storage options or URL by clicking the dropdown button. Edit conversion customization options below if required.

Step 2: Click "Convert" and CloudConvert will convert then display a sample of PDF file converted. You may click "Download" to save that PDF file on your computer.

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Part 2. Bonus Tip: How to Edit PDF After Creating from RTF

After you convert your RTF file to PDF format, you may need to edit the PDF file and for that case, the tools discussed above will not work. It is because those are file format conversion tools, and you need a complete PDF editor tool for this purpose and there is no better choice than UPDF. UPDF brings lots of PDF editing features for both normal and scanned PDF documents and even images.

Additionally, you can use its Annotation features which include highlighting text, adding comments, or adding stickers in your documents. On top of everything, UPDF comes with its UPDF AI feature that assists users by improving their work efficiency through ChatGPT integration in UPDF. Download UPDF to explore all these features and their effectiveness in your use case.

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After you have downloaded UPDF on your device you can use the following steps for editing your documents:

Step 1: Double-click UPDF application icon on desktop to open this software on PC then you can click "Open File" button for locating and opening a PDF document that you have just converted from the RTF format. Click "Edit PDF" to access all PDF editing features.

Step 2: Double-click any text  in PDF document to select it and start editing it. You can change options for text in popup menu that appears above selected text. You can edit images and links in PDF with a similar process.

UPDF has been giving serious competition to PDF editors and other tools out there for decades with its intuitive features. Read this wccftech review of UPDF to get in-depth insights about how UPDF makes the best PDF editor choice for everyone. To learn how UPDF works and how you can benefit from it, you can watch the below video review tutorial about it. Although UPDF is free to test, there are some premium features that you can access for cheap by purchasing UPDF Pro. Getting these features will significantly enhance your overall experience. Download UPDF here to test all the features now.

Here is the review video of UPDF:

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Final words

RTF files are very useful for people who work on a versatile environment with different people using different tools and operating systems. These files can be easily used with the text processing tools across multiple computers. However, sometimes you need to get that RTF file in PDF format and for that, you will need a reliable rich text format to PDF converter online.

Hopefully with the options discussed here and their detailed guides you can decide which of the RTF to PDF converters makes the best option for you. Remember that if you ever need to edit PDF after converting it from RTF, then, UPDF will be your best choice as it can be downloaded on both your computers and smartphones and has many editing and other fetaures you need. Download UPDF via the below button to have a try now.

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