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Top 5 AI Sentence Rewriters in 2024

An AI sentence writer tool can improve your productivity when you want to write professional content. Suppose your target audience uses English language primarily but you are unable to write impressive content yourself. In that case, you can write your sentences and the tool will rewrite it with better words and sentence formation while understanding the context of your text. Hence, it will save a lot of time and cost thanks to artificial intelligence.

Since there are lots of options available online, this article reviews the top 5 choices that you can pick from according to their features, free/paid plans and other factors that meet your needs.

Part 1. 5 Best AI Sentence Rewriter Tools

Here are our top 5 picks for AI sentence rewriting tools as per the experience and value they offer you.

1. UPDF - No.1 AI Sentence Rewriter on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

The best AI rewriter tool that will work on all your devices with its native application is UPDF. UPDF brings UPDF AI that has all the sentence rewriting features that you need. It is not like other rewriters where you don’t have control over text since you can generate or rewrite content as per your requirements by giving prompts.

If you are not satisfied with the first draft that UPDF AI makes for you, you can get it rewritten as many times as you want to ensure that you get compelling and attractive content for your business or other needs. UPDF does not restrict its content to its app only so if you are using some social media app for promoting content or want to add it in another draft on a different app, you can click the copy button.

Things get even better because you can try the premium UPDF AI feature for free for 30 different questions and even if you want to get premium access it is much cheaper as compared to other AI rewriting tools available out there.

In addition to its rewriting features, you get many other features like translating, explaining, reviewing, and even generating content from scratch as per your prompts. UPDF also brings extensive PDF editing features to meet all your document needs. So, if you have to work with multiple documents and texts all you need is UPDF that you can download on your devices for free. In fact, you can purchase UPDF PRO to unlock access to all the premium features and get other benefits.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF brings so many features and benefits to meet requirements of different users. So, if you are feeling confused about how you will utilize the maximum capabilities of UPDF AI, here are a few examples:

  1. You can use it to rewrite your written content to make it more concise and get better vocabulary to convey your ideas better.
  2. You can rewrite your old content in case you are updating your business social media profiles or website.
  3. It can help you optimize your website's content to get better SEO results without losing any meaning while you can add more value to the content.
  4. UPDF AI can help you generate new ideas for your next posts by knowing the context of your business.
  5. One content copy is not good for all platforms including email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So, you may use UPDF AI to generate different copies of the content while maintaining the same meaning.

So, you may utilize one of these use cases or explore new heights by combining UPDF’s AI features and your use case. Download UPDF to explore more of what it can do and how it can improve your productivity in different scenarios. Read this How-To Geek review of UPDF to understand what value it offers you and here is a video review explaining everything you can do with UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Quillbot - The Best Free Online Sentence Rewriter

Quillbot is an online tool designed for rewriting sentences, widely recognized for its efficiency and ease of use. It provides a range of options to meet various rewriting requirements. Standard, Fluency, Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand are some of its rewriting modes. Users who choose the free mode may rewrite text at a basic level that is perfect for most uses.

Premium membership is required for extra functionality and control over the rewriting process and it also increases the word limit that you can rewrite. You may create many versions of the rewritten content by clicking the "Rephrase" button. In professional writing this feature is very helpful for attaining the appropriate tone and style and for preventing plagiarism. Its wide range of rewriting features and easy-to-use interface make it a great choice.

3. - The Online Sentence Rewriter Tool is known for its AI-powered capabilities that facilitate creative and effective rewriting of sentences paragraphs and even larger blocks of text. Basic rewriting tools are available to free users on, making it simple for them to rewrite sentences. For casual writing requirements like creating emails, social media postings, or basic text, these free tools are often more than enough.

The free edition comes with certain restrictions such a monthly rewrite limit and limited access to more advanced rewriting modes and styles. has subscription services for users that need more powerful rewriting capabilities. With these plans, you may access more services including more extensive language selections, complex writing styles and limitless rewriting.

4. - The Online Sentence Rewriter assists users in creating blog articles and business content. It helps professionals by creating unique content and revising it to meet user-specific requirements. Based on input prompts or important points, its AI tool may generate interesting and engaging text for bloggers and content producers quickly for higher productivity. may help users write more quickly, but users should still check that the text the AI generates fits their own tone and style, since it could not be entirely personalized. It is available in both free and paid editions; the free version is limited to 2000 credits per month. A paid membership is required for unrestricted access as well as other features like enhanced grammar and plagiarism checks and human-like writing.

5. - The Online Sentence Rewriter Tool is an AI-powered writing tool that offers a range of templates, including the AIDA framework, ad headlines, and product captions, using the free version for various writing purposes. One noteworthy tool that lets you rewrite existing blog entries to update their content is the content paraphraser.

The free plan has some restrictions like not getting unlimited custom templates and other premium features like SEO document templates, higher AI credits so you can rewrite more text. It also lacks the one-click blog generator Hemingway readability improver tool and a higher number of languages to generate content.

Part 2. Which Sentence Rewriter is Better?

With lots of overlapping features and qualities it can be difficult for you to pick one. If you want the best productivity and a great experience from day 1, you must pick the best tool and the comparison table below will make the comparison much easier for you by comparing all the important aspects.

ItemsUPDF with
Customer Rating: (G2) found on G24.7
Platforms SupportedWindows, Android, Mac, iOSWebWebWebWeb
Free Version LimitationAll PDF editing features with watermark.
30 questions to ask and 3 PDF files to upload for UPDF AI features.  
Paraphrasing up to 250 words.
Summarizing up to 2000 words file.
Up to 2000 words in chat.14 days free trial for all features.3 days free trial.
Price (annual)AI: $55
UPDF with AI: $29.99
$49.95$432$29 (monthly)$228
Rewrite Sentences
Rewrite Per Your Requirements (Premium) (Premium)
PDF Editing

UPDF is your best pick among all the options as it checkmarks everything that you will need and much more. It comes with great customer reviews and offers extremely cheap price making it the best value for your money. You not only get amazing rewriting features with UPDF AI but it brings a lot of other PDF editing and document storage features which will make it a one-stop solution for all your documentation and content generation needs.

Final Words

Generating compelling content can be a hard task especially if you are not fluent in the language of your target audience. So instead of writing everything by yourself you can get AI to rewrite things for you. An AI sentence rewriter tool makes the job much easier for you where you can take content and AI will rewrite it for you. With our comparison of the best rewriting tools, UPDF is the clear winner and it is the only tool that you need to download on all your devices to get your work done on the go.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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