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Top 5 Free PDF Writers Online in 2023

PDF is notoriously difficult to edit, which is why the best thing to do if you want to change a huge portion of the document would be to convert the file to an editable format like Word. But with the right tool, you may still be able to write on a PDF and alter the text.

These tools are however very few and finding a reliable PDF writer online can be very hard. After testing a few, the following 5 tools can help depending on what you want to write over the PDF. This article also introduces a PDF writer on desktop - UPDF.

The Ultimate List of Top 5 Free PDF Writers Online

1. iLovePDF

If your goal is to edit all aspects of the document, particularly the text iLovePDF is a good choice. Although it is deployed completely online, this is one of the most complete online PDF writers you will find. You can use it to add and remove text from the document and even select large blocks of text to change the font and color of the text.

pdf writer online free ilovepdf

If you want to write over the text that is already on the PDF, iLovePDF also offers you a wide range of annotation tools designed for that purpose. You can add comments, highlight the text, underline text for emphasis, and even add notes. It also has a lot of other PDF editing tools such as the ability to convert, merge, split, and compress PDF files.

2. Soda PDF

We have included Soda PDF on this list, not only because it is perhaps the easiest online PDF writer that you will find on the market, but also for the sheer number of editing tools that it has. It allows you to make changes to the text and pages on the document in significant ways. The simple user interface allows you to simply click on an area on the document and type in the text you'd like to add.

pdf writer online soda pdf

It is also one of the best ways to make changes to the images on your document, including being able to crop the images already on the page or move them to a separate section of the document. Soda PDF can also be used to convert PDFs to other formats.


PDF2GO is one of the best ways to make small changes to a PDF document. When it comes to editing text, it will not offer you too many options, but it may be the best way to go into the document and add a missing word here and there. One of the main reasons we think this tool deserves a mention is that it is so easy to use. Uploading the document to it is as simple as dragging and dropping the file into the main program.

pdf writer online free pdf2go

But PDF2GO can do so much more than just add and remove text. You can use it to add a password to the document, add a valid signature to the document and even compress, split, and merge PDFs. It may however not be useful if you want to convert PDFs to other formats.

4. Docfly

Docfly is one of the most complete online PDF editing tools you will find on the market. With this tool, you can edit all aspects of the PDF document including the text and images. It particularly offers more options for editing PDF documents than any other PDF writer online, allowing you to add and remove text from the document as needed and even change the font size, font type, and color.

writing on pdf file online docfly

It also has superior annotation features allowing you to erase, highlight and even add notes to an existing PDF. It is also one of the best ways to create and convert PDFs to a variety of other formats. But unlike other online tools, Docfly is not a free program. You will only be able to edit 3 documents a month for free.

5. LightPDF

LightPDF is a simple and highly effective online solution that can be used to manipulate PDF documents in a variety of ways. Unlike most tools, this one is very easy to use. You can find all the tools you need highlighted on the main webpage and all you have to do is select the specific tool you want to use. You can also apply more than one editing tool to the same PDF, for instance, edit the text and then compress the same PDF.

online writing on pdf lightpdf

Editing the text on the PDF document using LightPDF can be done in a few simple clicks. You can add text to any section of the document, delete text and even extract text to export to other documents.

Disadvantages of Using Online PDF Writer

The main benefit of choosing to use the tools above is that they are convience. But there are a few problems with choosing an online solution, including;

  • There safety and security of the PDF document you upload to these sites are not guaranteed.
  • A slow internet connection can affect the way you edit the document.
  • Online solutions may not be a good way to edit protected PDFs or confidential files.

The Best PDF Editor - UPDF

If using one of the online tools above gives you pause, we recommend trying UPDF Editor. This is a desktop PDF editor. It is the most ideal solution since you can use it to do so much more than make small changes to a PDF.

write over pdf online updf

The following are some of the things it can do;

  • It is the best tool to read a PDF document as you can annotate the document in several ways including adding highlights, strikeouts, notes, shapes, stickers, stamps, and so on.
  • It allows you to edit your PDF documents very easily, just as you would on a Word editor. You can add and delete text as well as edit all images on the document.
  • It is one of the best PDF converters in the market, allowing you to convert PDFs to a variety of formats including Word, Excel, HTML, TEXT, and images.
  • You can also use it to protect your PDF by adding permissions and passwords.
  • You can use its e-signature features to add a handwritten signature to the document.


Using online PDF writers is more convenient, you just need to open your browser to use it. But if you have a bad network or no network, you will not be able to use online tools. An offline desktop-side tool would be more convenient than an online tool, which does not rely on the network to function. UPDF is such a tool, but it can do more than just write PDF, it can also convert, annotate, compress, organize PDF, etc. It can be done easily.