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Fill Out PDF Forms on Mac

Form filling has been made exceptionally easy on UPDF by highlighting and making all the form fields editable, as in word processing software.

As you launch UPDF and open a fillable PDF form on your Mac, it will open in the "Reader" mode.

UPDF will automatically recognize the fillable fields in the PDF form and highlight them for a clear differentiation of things that can be edited in the form.

While you stay in the "Reader" mode, click on any of the empty fields using your cursor and fill out the necessary details. Tap on the checkboxes to mark them according to the information held.

fill out the form on mac

Once it is done, lead to the "Save as Other" tab and select "Save" to save all the changes in the PDF form. If you wish to save it as a new document, click the "Save As" option and proceed.