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10 Back to School Tips for College Students in 2024

This time of the year is exciting for many students since they will start their new semester or class. However, this excitement can become stressful if you are unprepared. Preparing for going back to college can set a strong base for the coming days where you can perform well in your studies and life. So, while preparing for this time, the 10 back to school tips we discuss here will greatly help you.

10 Tips for Back-to-School for College Students

Every student wants to perform well throughout the semester, but many fail due to a lack of organization and planning. So, the 10 tips we discuss here will help you prioritize your tasks and responsibilities. This way, you can stay organized with your studies and maintain a good balance in your student life.

1. Selecting Correct Tools to Improve Productivity in College

The first and most important tip for college students is to use the right tools that help improve their productivity. These days you don’t need to do everything manually since there is a tool for everything. Here are the top 3 tools that every student must have.

1) UPDF – Taking Notes and Editing PDF

These days most college students study on their laptops or iPads with PDF books and other PDF files. You need to take notes or edit something in several instances, but none of those features are available in basic PDF viewers.

UPDF can help you with all your PDF editing requirements as some of its pros include:

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One of  back to school tips - Using UPDF to improve your productivity
  • Add annotations in PDF.
  • Add text comments.
  • Use pencil feature for underlining and marks.
  • Organize bigger books into smaller PDF files.
  • Convert and export PDF into other formats.
  • OCR features.

So, students can use all these features on their PDF textbooks, notes, etc., to study efficiently. Using the right tools can have a huge impact on your academic performance. See how the right tools can help you here.

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2) Grammarly – Checking grammatical errors in essays

You will write many assignments, pages, and essays throughout college. Most of them will have a significant impact on deciding your final grades. So, you would never want to have errors in something that important.

While you type the content, you can check grammatical, punctuation, conciseness, and content delivery mistakes with Grammarly. A free version is available, but you must try the paid one for the best results since it gives all the suggestions. The premium version also gives you a plagiarism check option, ensuring you never get any deduction due to unexpected, plagiarized content.


3) Chegg – Coursework and help

Sometimes a problem seems almost impossible to solve, and that usually happens with programming or mathematical courses. Even if you have the right concepts and knowledge along with study material, you still fail to solve the problem. Chegg is the platform that can help you with such situations. It not only provides the right answer but shows the whole process as well.

One of the best things about Chegg is that it explains every part of the process. So, you not only solve problems with Chegg but also learn to solve them by yourself by getting the concepts right.


2. Check your College Class Schedule

Before your classes begin, you will get the class schedule from the college. You need to check it since the schedules change every day. Depending on the different classes, you may need to bring different things, including stationery and equipment for that subject.

So, it is essential to check your class schedule. It will help you prepare a plan for the whole week about what you will be packing in your college bag.

3. Set Goal for New College Semester

You are excited about returning to college since it is a new semester, and you can maintain a good academic performance. However, without a clear vision, it will only be a dream. So, to change it into reality, you need to set your goals for the new semester.

Those goals can be giving an extra hour of study daily, researching extra material about what you study, or doing practical work as a practice to improve your grip. Along with these small milestones, you need to set a goal for every class: score a specific grade, maintain a specific attendance percentage, etc.

4. Create a Plan for College Study and Life

Once you know all the class schedules and goals, you must create a routine plan. This plan must include everything you need to study in a day and other activities you need to do. Most students suffer from academic-personal life balance since they don’t keep track of things, making them miss out on many. So, they can't pay much attention to personal life activities when prioritizing academic duties.

UPDF brings the solution to this situation. It offers free planner templates that you can download and use. You can print them, but for a better experience, use UPDF for editing to keep track of your daily plan on all your devices. Here are the steps to follow in the UPDF app:

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  • Download the planner template and open it in the UPDF desktop application.
Open file on updf windows
  • Go to the Edit PDF option in the left menu and select text from the top. Customize every section of the planner template as per your requirements.
Edit pdf text on UPDF windows
  • As you keep completing the tasks, you can open the comment option from the left side and use pencil tools to mark things done. This way, keeping track of progress will be easier.
Comment on PDF planner template using UPDF
  • You can click on the save button from the right-side menu to save PDF.

UPDF allows you to edit files multiple times and share them across all your devices with UPDF Cloud.

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5. Stay Ahead

Staying ahead is an important back to school tip. It can help you a lot in achieving your goals. If you ask successful students, many practices stay ahead since it greatly helps to study. It only needs a little effort from your end. For instance, as your classes start, you will get a tentative study plan explaining all the topics you will study.

So, before you take a class, research what you will be studying. It will create a state of mind where you will better comprehend what your professors say. Similarly, always prepare for upcoming quizzes and complete assignments before the deadline.

6. Stay Engaged in Class

More than half of the credit for a good grade goes to you for staying engaged in the glass. Most of the learning is complete when you stay attentive during the lecture and ask questions to improve the concepts. So, it is essential to stay engaged in class, and if your queries are not resolved during the class, you can always ask the professor during your free time, which will surely help.

7. Ask When Confused

Asking during lectures alone is not enough. When you return home and revise what you studied earlier, you may face several confusions. The right way to succeed in studies is by clearing any confusion. So, you need to ask your teachers, fellow students, and seniors, and you can even ask for an explanation from search engines.

8. Have A Good Sleep Schedule

Getting an adequate amount of sleep daily is essential for students. However, many students stay up late, and as a result, they don’t get a good sleep which poses the following problems:

  • They are always late for class
  • They often skip classes
  • Even when they are in class, they can't stay focused
  • One day of a bad sleep schedule means all classes of that day will be ruined.

So, set your limits and go to bed according to your sleep schedule since you will benefit from your studies and overall health.

9. Keeping Exercise

Physical exercise is one of the good back to school tips as it benefits students by keeping them fit and improving their general health. Maintaining an exercise outline keeps your mental health good. Additionally, it helps you push your limits in every aspect of life. So, when you are healthy and ready to push limits, your academic performance automatically improves.

10. Talking with Classmates, Friends, and Family Regularly

One of the biggest problems students face is being so surrounded by technology that they forget about the humans around them. It seems fun initially, but lack of human exposure in life can lead students towards stress, anxiety, and depression. It is especially common among students who attend college far from home.

So, ensure you always communicate with your friends and classmates during the day. While you are having some personal time, call your parents and share everything with them. It will help you stay positive and motivated for your goals.


You should never go back to college without the right preparation. Considering the competition and academic pressure these days, you won't get the best grades if you are not very well prepared in every aspect. That’s where our back to school tips can be very helpful for every college student. From the right practices to the right tools, everything matters a lot.

Speaking of tools, one tool that can help you stay organized in your daily routine, study all your digital books, and help you excel in your studies is UPDF. It is the only PDF editor you will need since it covers all the student's required features.

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