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Annotate and Sign PDF on iOS

UPDF allows you to add text, annotations, and electronic signatures to PDF documents. Combined with the ability to import files from a diverse range of sources, this effectively gives you complete mobility to handle any document workflow easily from your iPhone or iPad.

1. How to Annotate PDF

  • Open a PDF by tapping it on UPDF app.
  • Select an annotation tool - marker, highlighter, eraser, outline tool, etc. You can change the color of the pen, and you can set the style of the pen.
  • Apply your annotation to the document.
  • Tap Done to automatically save and close the file.
annotate pdf on ios
draw on pdf
freehand drawing updf

2. How to Sign a PDF

  • Tap a PDF file to open it.
  • Tap the Pen tool icon on the top right.
  • Tap the + symbol and select "Signature".
  • Then add your written signature of yourself and click "Done".
  • Your signature will be added to the PDF files. Then you can move the position of it and adjust the size of it by clicking the blue border.
sign a pdf on iphone
sign pdf on ios
add signature on pdf