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How to Download Pictures from iPhone to Computer

How to download pictures from iPhone to Computer? - So many of us have struggled with this dilemma.

iPhones have always been known for their excellent cameras. However, despite being used to snapping photos and watching videos on our smartphones, we often need to copy photos from iPhone to PC or Mac. For example, we may use this to create a backup, free up space on our iPhone, edit the photos, and more. It is a tough choice about which pictures should go on your phone and which ones should stay at home? If so, we have the perfect solution.

Follow the quick guide on UPDF iOS Appwhich can help to efficiently download pictures from iPhone to Computer!

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how to download pictures from iphone to computer

How to Download Photos from iPhone to Computer

A full-featured file manager UPDF iOS app is what you need on iPhone to manage all your files. The UPDF file manager app has everything you need for office and personal productivity tasks. You can effortlessly download videos and audio files all in one place with this powerful yet easy-to-use program!

We all know that feeling. As you scroll through the photo gallery on your phone, you see a beautiful sunset or a photo of your best friend. However, you do not want a bunch of photos cluttering up the storage space on your phone. So, what do you do? You download the picture to your computer, of course!

Read on as we demonstrate how to download pictures from iPhone to Computer using UPDF iOS App without encountering any problems!

Steps on How to download pictures from iPhone to Computer

iPhone storage is a limiting factor, especially if you have lots of pictures and videos on your device taking up all the room. Transferring these files from iPhone can free up space for use in other key activities!

UPDF iOS App is the best way to download pictures from iPhone to Computer without cables. This can be accomplished by linking both devices through Wi-Fi and following these steps:

 1: Click + symbol

how to download photos from iphone to computer

2: Choose Import from "Computer"

iphone how to download photos to pc

 3: Once Connected, a URL is generated on your iOS device

how to download photos from iphone to pc

 4: Enter this into the address bar of a browser tab on your computer and hit Enter.

 5: You can view your iPhone's UPDF folders

 6: Download the Pictures into your Computer

how to download pictures from iphone to pc

7: You can also click the "Upload Files" button to import files from your computer


1. Keep the UPDF tab open during the import process and leave your screen unlocked.

2. To make this transfer successful, connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network

CONCLUSION: Look no further than UPDF App if you are looking for an iOS app that can do it all. It supports every file management action, from open to secure documents. And it is easy to use; so, whether you are a business professional or student, you will be able to take advantage of everything UPDF has to offer.

UPDF iOS App will remove clutter, facilitate timely backups, and solve the problem of constantly reaching your storage limit. You will be able to free up space on your iPhone and Computer as you optimize your storage. You can quickly download pictures from iPhone to Computer by using the UPDF iOS App as you have seen above. Its user interface is simple yet provides tremendous easy to use.

Like the proverbial icing on the cake, the UPDF iOS app also enables best-in-class file management actions on iOS devices, including Search, View, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Compress, Decompress, Organize, Share, Secure documents.

So, in conclusion, if you are trying to free up some space on your phone, try this amazing app. We think this will ease the lives of busy people on the go!

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