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The UPDF PDF editor has always been dedicated to making your office experience better and helping you work more efficiently

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The UPDF is here to help all workers become more efficient and make shine their work brilliantly

Edit PDF with UPDF is as easy as Word, you can edit the text, images, and links, and put in watermarks, backgrounds, headers & footers across PDFs with the most efficient UPDF PDF editor

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UPDF AI : The Most Powerful AI Assistant for Handling PDFs

Summarize, translate, explain, rewrite, ideate... Get your PDF work done faster with UPDF AI - your new launchpad for productivity and creativity.

AI integrated into UPDF for Windows & Mac

Innovative Tools
Unleashing Learning Productivity
UPDF is universal across all platforms, allowing you to fully utilize the productivity of all your devices, and to make a leap forward with good tools to make learning more brilliant
13 Annotation Tools
Ready for A Great Note-taking Session
UPDF provides you with diverse annotations, including highlighting, multiple underlining, text annotations, accompanying notes, pencils, graphics, and hundreds of stickers. Each note is an unparalleled artistic creation
Keep A Smooth Reading
Every time you read documents and monographs, you can enjoy a smoother reading experience
UPDF opens large documents in seconds, slides documents instantly, with no lag or frame drops, with "bookmarks", "keyword search" and other tools, reading more colorful
Support OCR Service
Make PDF Editable in Seconds
Unable to copy the text from the image?
UPDF provides three OCR modes to make non-editable documents editable in seconds. With cutting-edge OCR technology, the recognition accuracy rate up to 99.99%
convert sanned pdf
pdf converter with ocr
ocr ocr
Secure Your Documents
Every document is worth protecting
To protect your documents, we have considered your usage scenarios, which is why we offer "document open password" and "document permission password" options