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  • Convert PDF to Word
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  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint

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  • Convert PDF to PNG
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  • Convert PDF to Text
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Convert PDF to HTML/XML

  • Convert PDF to HTML
  • Convert PDF to XML

Export PDF to PDF/A

  • Save PDF as PDF/A ISO standard-compliant files for easy archival and retrieval of information

Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Formats with OCR

  • Convert Scanned PDF to Word
  • Convert Scanned PDF to Excel

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FAQs For Converting PDF

1.What is UPDF Converter?

UPDF Converter is a robust Windows and Mac desktop software that converts PDF documents into other editable formats such as RTF, Excel, Word, HTML, Text, PDF/A, XML, PPT, image and others. The software helps convert multiple PDF files with a few clicks.

2.Is UPDF Converter free?

You can use trial version of UPDF for free, but it comes with various limitations. You can only convert a page per document, the trial version last for 7 days and if a PDF file has a permission password, you have to enter it.

3.Can I convert multiple PDF files at once using the batch conversion feature?

Yes, UPDF PDF Editor provides a batch conversion feature, allowing you to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. This saves time and effort by automating the conversion process for a group of files.

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