Annotate PDFs with UPDF to Collaborate on a Better Scale

UPDF annotator feature makes it easy to add notes or annotations within a PDF document.

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Make Your PDF Documents More Engaging and Interactive

Add Commmets

Markup Text

Pencil Annotations

Insert Shapes

Add Stickers

Add Stamps

Annotate Your PDFs

  • Insert sticky notes to include annotations, reminders, or other relevant information t
  • Utilize text boxes for longer annotations, explanations, or additional text content
  • Insert text comments at desired locations to provide feedback, comments, or explanations

Enhance Your Text with Special Effects

  • Highlight or underline specific parts of the text to emphasize key content
  • Draw strikethrough lines over the text to indicate deleted or no longer valid content
  • Customize different colors for marking

Add Freehand Drawings to Your PDF Pages

  • Insert handwritten notes, sketches, or other freeform shapes in your PDF
  • Customize line thickness, opacity, and colors for your drawings.
  • Erase or adjust your annotations using the eraser function.

Easily Add Shapes to Your PDF

  • Insert various shapes into your PDF, such as rectangles, ovals, arrows, and lines
  • Customize the properties of these shapes by changing their style, thickness, border and fill colors, and opacity

Get Creative with PDF Annotations

  • Access a rich library of stickers, including emojis, icons, images, labels, and more
  • Add the selected sticker to any position and resize it
  • Add text notes on stickers

Add Stamps to Ensure Document Compliance

  • Provide different types of stamps such as date stamps, signature stamps, etc.
  • Support custom stamps by uploading images or designing custom text
  • Move, resize, or delete added stamps at any time

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FAQs For Annotating PDF

1.What is PDF Annotator used for?

A PDF annotator is used to emphasize some content on your file, add comments, and review the document to collaborate with others. It is widely used by students, teachers, lawyers, realtors, and anyone that uses the PDF format.

2.How can I access the annotate function in UPDF PDF Editor?

To access the annotate function, open UPDF PDF Editor and open the PDF document you want to annotate. Look for the toolbar or menu option related to annotations, which often includes icons or tools specifically designed for annotation purposes.

3.Can I customize the appearance of annotations in UPDF?

Yes, UPDF PDF Editor allows you to customize the appearance of annotations. You can change the font, color, size, opacity, and other properties of text annotations. For drawing annotations, you can adjust the line thickness, color, style, and fill options.

4.Can I share annotated PDF documents created in UPDF PDF Editor with others?

Yes, you can share annotated PDF documents created in UPDF PDF Editor with others. The annotations you add are typically saved as part of the PDF file itself and can be viewed by others using PDF readers that support annotations.

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